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Welcome to the Big Brother USA Task Force, a task force working under WikiProject Big Brother to organize, expand, clean up, and improve various articles related to Endemol's American version of Big Brother. If you would like to participate, you can simply start by joining the project below and/or contribute to the discussion on the talk page. Be sure to also check out the to-do list for some of the project's ongoing tasks.

To indicate that an article falls within the scope of this task force, please add "|USA=yes" to the {{WikiProject Big Brother}} talk page template. For example, {{WikiProject Big Brother|USA=yes}}



  • To create well-written and properly organised encyclopedic coverage for all relevant television series, one off specials, participants, presenters and other notable areas within the Big Brother (USA) series
  • To create a consistent style for Big Brother (USA) articles and related topics
  • To streamline navigation between Big Brother (USA) articles
  • To be a community of editors who like to focus on the improvement of articles relating to Big Brother (USA)
  • To indicate articles in need of improvement using our "to do" list


  • This task force aims primarily to improve and organize articles relating to the Big Brother (USA) series. It attempts to organise and coordinate the efforts of editors and create standards for constructing good articles.
  • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a fan site. Accordingly, we do not need articles that can be considered fancruft, or of an inappropriate level of detail. Our criteria for inclusion, as it is on the rest of Wikipedia, is notability in the real world, not in the subject itself.

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Big Brother/Big Brother USA:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

Article Structure[edit]

For more details on this topic, see the structure of articles

Besides the usual policies and guidelines, please make sure you are aware of the specific guidelines related to television and Big Brother related articles. Also ensure that you are familiar with the following topics:

  1. The five pillars of Wikipedia: A quick rundown of the five key rules you need to start editing.
  2. Notability guideline: Notability defines inclusion on Wikipedia.
  3. Manual of Style: The Manual of Style Wikipedia articles should use.
  4. Simplified ruleset: Fifteen rules of thumb to help you avoid problems.
  5. List of policies: A comprehensive list of the 42 official policies with very quick summaries.

Season articles[edit]

Note: An article for a season of Big Brother should not be created until commercials are airing on television and/or press releases are made available by the broadcaster. Season articles that are created too early and lack a sufficient amount of sources may be subject to deletion. For information regarding the templates used for Big Brother articles see Big Brother USA#Templates

Big Brother 1[edit]

The structure of the first season of Big Brother USA should follow the guidelines/article structure outlined by the BBUK task force due to the different format the first season followed. Key terms that was used in Big Brother 1 USA should be kept in the article. Terms used in the first season are:

  • Banished: Banishment was used instead of Evicted, when writing about a HouseGuests eviction the term Banishment should be used instead of Evicted.
  • Marked for Banishment: Marked for Banishment means HouseGuests that face the public vote/nominated, when writing about a HouseGuest being nominated for eviction the term Marked for Banishment should be used.

Current Format[edit]

All articles beginning from Big Brother 2 (U.S.) to present should follow the following format and guidelines.



  • Articles that are about a Big Brother season should include {{Big Brother housemates}}. This template creates a table where quick HouseGuest information can be read. The table, when HouseGuestes' names are added, automatically creates links to each HouseGuest's section; so the names of the sections should match the names used on the template.
  • After a season has ended, the template should be replaced with {{Big Brother endgame}}; this can be done by changing the third word in the template from "housemates" to "endgame", so that the first line of the template reads "Big Brother endgame". At the moment, this template requires that sections are linked to manually.


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State of the task force[edit]

Relevant templates[edit]

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