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Welcome to the Big Ten WikiProject, a collaboration area and group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of the Big Ten Conference.

(For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProject and the Guide to WikiProjects).

  • The goals of this WikiProject are:

1. To expand coverage of the Big Ten conference and related areas. 2. To create a foundation of all Big Ten information possible.

  • The scope of this WikiProject is to expand all articles necessary, and make all colleges and rivalries associated with the Big Ten Conference as good as they can be. Note that this WikiProject is not just about Big Ten Athletics, but also about the schools themselves.



Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

  1. Wizardman (colleges, football articles, rivalries)
  2. Lordmontu (football, basketball, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  3. Football79 (football, University of Minnesota)
  4. Kermitmorningstar (Penn State University)
  5. JakeApple (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  6. CrayolaTwo (University of Wisconsin)
  7. Johntex (football, mascots, University of Michigan)
  8. Stusutcliffe (football, basketball, University of Michigan)
  9. Ets5017(Big 10 Marching Bands) (Penn State University)
  10. Rkevins82 (Ohio State University, academics, history, anything needing citation, unpopular topics)
  11. iowacrusader (University of Iowa, basketball, football, limited academics)
  12. indianahighschoolgameday (Indiana everything, almost all current happenings)
  13. Patricknoddy
  14. Max (I attend Michigan State University but have love for all of the Big TEN!)
  15. Timpcrk87 (Indiana University Bloomington)
  16. N00bUser (everything about the University of Iowa)
  17. Ruennsheng (Talk) Anything maize and blue
  18. Carthage44 (football, basketball, Wisconsin Badgers)
  19. Botrain (Pennsylvania State University Athletics. Main interests are football, wrestling, and hockey
  20. Zonafan39 (UW)
  21. Strikerforce (University of Illinois)
  22. (talk) (Southeastern Conference, Rose Bowl Game, Committee on Institutional Cooperation, Texas Longhorns)
  23. Bnosnhoj (Michigan State University, B1G in general, Detroit)


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Article's related to the Big Ten that are rated GA on the quality scale If you know of an Article that is not on this list feel free to add it. this may grow to become a large collection of Big Ten Related Articles to help look at when working on related projects.


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