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Active members 0 through 9 and misc[edit]

  1. .cosme. (talk · contribs) Hope to work on and expand the biographies of select Mexican authors.
  2. 2112 rush (talk · contribs) I am trying to help out with the assessment of biography articles as I have time.
  3. 23skidoo (talk · contribs) – I've created and contributed to a wide range of biography articles. I do not support the assessing of article subjects based upon their perceived importance. That is POV and has no place in Wikipedia.
  4. 97198 (talk · contribs) – mostly film/TV bios

Active members A thru H[edit]

  1. Aa1232011 (talk · contribs) – Interested in contributing to and expanding existing biographies of French luminaries and translating articles in French and Spanish into English.
  2. Aaron1975 (talk · contribs) – Interested in working on Australian Military Biographies - to start with, by developing a template for use in building the best visual experience for Australian VC Winners. There is a lot of argument, but there has to be a way to allow votes to be cast/totaled.
  3. AaronY (talk · contribs) I'll specialize in sports figures, and criminals. See my user page for details on my works.
  4. Abcassionchan (talk · contribs) – No comment.
  5. Abebenjoe (talk · contribs) – Mainly interested creating and adding information to biography articles associated with Canadian politicians or trade unionists in the Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Politics and government. I fact check dates/historical timelines in these types of biographies.
  6. Aboudaqn (talk · contribs) – particularly American Communism's history, literature, and arts
  7. DarthWyyrlok (talk · contribs);- general assessment
  8. Aboutmovies (talk · contribs) – Mainly write about judges and Oregon people, but also do a lot of assessing Bios.
  9. Abraham, B.S. (talk · contribs) – Mainly work on military biographies, particularly Australian and British, some American.
  10. AbhiSuryawanshi (talk · contribs) Interested in creating articles about Innovators, and biography articles related to Innovation field.
  11. Abyjohn1991 (talk · contribs) Interested in creating articles about Film Actors and Models
  12. Aclayartist (talk · contribs) Interested in biographies, particularly Jewish people to note.
  13. Adamantadam (talk · contribs) Mainly filmmaker biographies
  14. AdelaMae (talk · contribs) – Mainly |biography articles associated with WikiProject Neopaganism, but also doing some general assessment.
  15. Adh30 (talk · contribs) – Mainly interested in medical or bioengineering biographies, particularly related to the circulation.
  16. Adraeus (talk · contribs) – I'm interested in esoteric figures who satisfy the criteria for inclusion.
  17. Aerolegende (talk · contribs) – Interested in biographies individuals connected with business and industry
  18. Agendum (talk · contribs) – Interested in biographies individuals connected with journalism and publishing, as well as of evangelical Christian figures of the 18th and 19th century. I would like to replace those articles which still rely heavily on the text of the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica.
  19. Aichikawa (talk · contribs) – Asian pop culture biographies.
  20. Ailemadrah (talk · contribs) - I'm especially interested in working on biographies of actors and writers, but I'll happily contribute to any biography article in any way I can.
  21. ajsinclair (talk · contribs) Scottish biographies, esp. those authors and publishers connected with 19th century 'Famous Scots Series'.
  22. Akihironihongo (talk · contribs) 10:14, 9 January 2012 (UTC)
  23. Alan Holyday (talk · contribs)
  24. AlanM1 (talk · contribs)
  25. Albeiror24 (talk · contribs) translating biographies from Spanish.
  26. Albert_Wincentz (talk · contribs) I am currently working on a couple of new biographical articles, and I am looking forward to contribute to this project to the best of my ability.
  27. Alex43223 (talk · contribs) Mostly celebrity bios, but will assess all-around.
  28. Alexander Gieg (talk · contribs) I'm a Philosophy undergraduate student in Brazil. I like contributing to biographies of philosophers I'm currently studying, as well as personal favorites too.
  29. Alexlist (talk · contribs) – Pioneers in information technology and telecommunications
  30. AlexNebraska (talk · contribs)
  31. Algabal (talk · contribs) Creating biographies on 19th/20th c. cultural figures.
  32. Ali (talk · contribs) – So far, editing existing biographies that need work (adding sources, images, copyediting, etc)
  33. AliceConnorFan (talk · contribs)
  34. Aliciawoo (talk · contribs) -Editing modern visual art artists biographies
  35. Allens (talk · contribs) – Category:Biography articles without living parameter backlog removal
  36. Allison.c.chang (talk · contribs) - 20th century artist/activist Arthur Szyk & contemporaries
  37. Allreet (talk · contribs) Cultural and historical figures
  38. Alpedio (talk · contribs) Interested in helping research and edit pages for living and historical figures
  39. Amadscientist (talk · contribs)Living people and some historic persons of ancient times
  40. Amerindianarts (talk · contribs) philosophers
  41. AnonymousAnimus (talk · contribs) – A passion for film, television and everything challenging to the mind.
  42. Anarchia (talk · contribs) philosophers
  43. Anas Salloum (talk · contribs) Creating biographies and rewriting and expanding stubs.
  44. Anbellofe (talk · contribs) Interested in World War II historical figures and likes to read and edit pretty much any biography
  45. Andranikpasha (talk · contribs) – creating new biographies, rewriting and expanding stubs
  46. Andrew Dalby (talk · contribs) – interested in ancient and medieval people, and especially medieval women; also historians and translators
  47. Andrew Hendo (talk · contribs) – Mainly interested in creating new biographies about Scottish or British people, especially footballers. Although I do create biographies to do with actors, journalists etc.
  48. Andries (talk · contribs) mainly religious figures for which little can be said with certainty e.g. Sathya Sai Baba due to lack of reputable sources
  49. AngelnSistars (talk · contribs) Help correct personal data on friends/myself in our actting fields along other works.
  50. ANKMALI (talk · contribs) Help improve the quality & information available on different topics
  51. AnnaKucsma (talk · contribs) – most interested in American-history and Medieval bios; will probably do more in patrolling and tagging than in active writing, though.
  52. AnnaZed (talk · contribs) – public figures in music, dance, literature, film, television and fine arts
  53. ansumang (talk · contribs) – Writer, Poet, Freedom Fighter and peoples related Odisha.
  54. Antonin1841 (talk · contribs) – Professor of Music (music theory, woodwinds),interested in 20th C. music, saxophone, fin de siecle Vienna, English/German, some French, Czech.
  55. AntonTchekhov (talk · contribs) – General interest in biography.
  56. Anubhab91 (talk · contribs) – Mainly interested in writing Biographies of Indians
  57. Anonymous101 (talk · contribs)
  58. AppleRaven (talk · contribs) – helping categorize uncategorized biographies and provide initial link to Biography Project
  59. Araucana (talk · contribs) – working mostly on ecologists, especially American plant ecologists
  60. Arbitrarily0 (talk · contribs) – just here to help out!
  61. Arcayne (talk · contribs) – interested in American politics, neutral and unbiased grammar and references, controversial historical figures. I strongly advocate revisions of NPOV policy in regards to politicians running for office, and preventing dirty tricks from damaging WP's reputation
  62. ArielGold (talk · contribs) – Space related biographies, among others.
  63. Arteyu (talk · contribs)
  64. Arthistorygrrl (talk · contribs) interested in contributing to articles on artists, especially women artists
  65. Arthur Roberts (talk · contribs) – Specialise in Royal Navy personnel 1800 to 1900 Napoleonic War and North West Passage explorers; stub expanding, corrections, research interests etc.
  66. Artlover2011 (talk · contribs) – creating new biographies of European school painters, improving art/painting stubs
  67. Artoasis (talk · contribs)
  68. Arunbandana (talk · contribs)
  69. Arunsingh16 (talk · contribs) – Just about everything that interests me.
  70. Ascii002 (talk · contribs) ndash; Mostly existing biographies of Nepalese writers, politicians
  71. AskMollyJones (talk · contribs) – Focus on all things Americana, including music, geography, cultures and sub-cultures,people, events,and grammar
  72. AspieNo1 (talk · contribs) – a few corrections of errors and primary on Damon_Matthew_Wise admin.
  73. Assawyer (talk · contribs) – New Hampshire related bios
  74. Astonmartin777 (talk · contribs) – theologians
  75. Astro interest (talk · contribs) – academics, primarily in physics and the natural sciences.
  76. Athangjain (talk · contribs)
  77. Athulbnair (talk · contribs) Biography about Indians.
  78. Aungthurahein (talk · contribs) – Have been working on new biographies.
  79. AuthorAuthor (talk · contribs) – Interested in improving existing biographies, particularly literature and the arts (authors, writers, artists, musicians and actors).
  80. Avb (talk · contribs)
  81. Avraham (talk · contribs) – Assesment, template updating, and some BLP patrol.
  82. Awinger48 (talk · contribs) – Have been working on new biographies as well as main body additions, bibliographies, and citations in current biographical articles of authors, academics, and Evangelicals.
  83. B_cubed (talk · contribs)
  84. Badbilltucker (talk · contribs) – Just about everything I do is biography-related anyway. Oh, and I'm not a bad person. Don't let the name fool you. Or the machete. Or the Uzi. Shutting up now.
  85. Badluckprince (talk · contribs)-I love writing biographies. I just recently helped fillout the Pete Wentz biography page. Hope to help more.
  86. Bci2 (talk · contribs)-I like biographies of scientists and actors. Have recently helped fill out and edit many biography pages on Wikipedia in several languages.
  87. Bearian (talk · contribs) – mostly Upstate New Yorkers and musicians, but others as well
  88. Beatlesmaniac (talk · contribs)Assorted musicians who I am interested in.
  89. Belril (talk · contribs) – I adore assessments.
  90. Bender235 (talk · contribs) — Some ancient Greeks and Romans.
  91. Ben_Kenobi151 (talk · contribs)
  92. BenFranks1776 (talk · contribs) – I'm working on adding and updating the bios of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.
  93. Bentong Isles (talk · contribs) – I'm currently entering information about Philippine writers.
  94. Benzocane (talk · contribs) – I'm currently working on the bios of various artists--Pound, Malevich, etc. I also want to stop the vandals.
  95. Bernardino Rakha (talk · contribs) - Indonesian notable persons/groups especially politicians, clergymen, bishops, cardinals, and entertainers
  96. Betempte (talk · contribs) Am interested in artists, entertainers, politicians---special focus on presenting balanced portraits of historic figures, iconic personages with warts and all.
  97. BethNaught (talk · contribs) My main content area is biography, mostly British MPs and athletes.
  98. Betsythedevine (talk · contribs) Biographies of academics, especially but not only scientists.
  99. BGinOC (talk · contribs) In researching history, I find a lot of people that should be listed.
  100. Bharathprime (talk · contribs) 03:58, 8 November 2008 (UTC)
  101. Billertl (talk · contribs) – Politicians, especially former members of the Wisconsin Legislature.
  102. Bill william compton (talk · contribs) – Sports personalities, Politicians and Television Actors.
  103. billinghurst (talk · contribs) – old British biographies, transcription project DNB at WikiProject DNB
  104. BizMgr (talk · contribs) – primarily business, political, and historical biographies.
  105. bldfire (talk · contribs) – focused on lesser known musician talent that is noteworthy.
  106. BlissfulGirl (talk · contribs) – want to focus on bios on notable Canadian Environmentalists.
  107. BlackImperial (talk · contribs) – just want to keep it simple.
  108. Blacksmith (talk · contribs)
  109. BLM Platinum (talk · contribs) Politicians; both national and Virginia
  110. Blow of Light (talk · contribs) Chinese/Asian-American people.
  111. Bmatthewshea (talk · contribs) Haven't created many pages.. but would like to help.
  112. BMcCJ (talk · contribs) – Industrialists, Entreprenuers, Founders, Sports founders.
  113. Bob Burkhardt (talk · contribs) – I have been adding biographical articles from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica to Wikisource and occasionally I use information in them to supplement Wikipedia articles. I have also contributed some stubs on people German history using material gleaned from Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie. These are mostly people related somehow to Carl Schurz's Reminiscences.
  114. BobClive (talk · contribs) Investigating since 1954 on the pre-Gandhian Freedom Movement in British India, I am author of a PhD thesis (Paris) on the subject, in addition to about 50 books and more than 300 articles. Practising about 6 languages of the Indian subcontinent (and about 4 European), I have consulted available archives in India, Europe and USA (as a Fulbright scholar). My reading of these documents has the privilege of having been guided by correspondence and interviews with several dramatis personae or their close associates or relations.
  115. Boguslavmandzyuk (talk · contribs) I like to edit articles on footballers and Ukrainian composers.
  116. Bonito10061993 (talk · contribs) – Active student leaders under the Student Government Program of DepEd-CSCA
  117. Boris426 (talk · contribs)
  118. Boson (talk · contribs) – Mostly German biographies (including translation).
  119. Bosstopher (talk · contribs)
  120. Bowmanreports (talk · contribs) Music, and performance artist biography.
  121. Breckham101 (talk · contribs) Biographies of terrorists.
  122. Brendandh (talk · contribs) – Ive created one or two Scots, Irish, Welsh historical and semi mythical bio-articles, and contributed to a bucketful.
  123. Brian0324 (talk · contribs) – creating stub or better quality biographies of Christian missionaries, especially related to Protestant missionaries to China
  124. Brian1979 (talk · contribs) – I've created several biographies
  125. Brocach (talk · contribs) - created or contributed to many biographies, mainly related to human rights, Irish politics and sports
  126. Bruceanthro (talk · contribs) Created a couple of start class biographies & thought I should join!
  127. BSTemple (talk · contribs) To help clean up articles etc. More into History and Literature (Authors etc)
  128. Btphelps (talk · contribs) – Interest in Bela H. Banathy, Mary Phelps Jacob (who patented the brassiere), Noah Phelps, Anson Phelps Stokes, Oliver Phelps, W.W. Phelps.
  129. Buchraeumer (talk · contribs) Expanding, sourcing Tudor biographies (nobility, politicians); generally interested in historical biography before 1700. Cleaning up a bit here and there, including rating unassessed articles, if I come across them.
  130. Bugtrio (talk · contribs) Mostly on Turkish biographies and English authors
  131. Bugcrusher (talk · contribs) – Improving the encyclopedia for Canadian musicians, especially west coast jazz musicians.
  132. Burnsie510 (talk · contribs) Mostly building and expanding articles.
  133. Burntfingers (talk · contribs) Interested in writers/authors of all nationalities, biographies of Scots in general, and can do translation from French, so will investigate the possibilities.
  134. Buskahegian (talk · contribs) Mostly working on 'forgotten' people in or from the American state of Maine
  135. Butvang (talk · contribs) Vietnamese woman, editor in chief of Anh Duong e-magazine ([1])
  136. Buyoof (talk · contribs) I'm working on expanding biographies of Russian businessmen and politicians. For many of them, there is a lot of information available in Russian, but very little in English. I hope to expand English-language articles by using reliable public information in Russian.
  137. bwcajp (talk · contribs) artist biographies, especially children's book illustrators.
  138. Byrappa (talk · contribs) Building and expanding of present articles, and building new ones.
  139. Caerwine (talk · contribs) I'm primarily interested in stub sorting, but I do engage in assessing and some improvement of biography articles I encounter while stub sorting. Given the large number of biography articles I am concerned that 4 priority levels may not be sufficient.
  140. Callanecc (talk · contribs) Interested in assessing most biographies in particular BLP & military.
  141. Camille32 (talk · contribs) I want to help in assessing articles.
  142. CanbekEsen (talk · contribs) Anything related to sports—mostly basketball, football, and soccer.
  143. Candelar (talk · contribs) I have just contributed to an existing article on my grandmother Alice Askew. My interest and present full-time occupation is researching and writing on my family history.
  144. Candlewicke (talk · contribs) Well I generally work on articles to do with people so I guess my name should be here.
  145. Candsastles1 (talk · contribs) Interested in assessing biographical articles and the research process entailed for expansion/accuracy.
  146. Canglesea (talk · contribs) (assessing military history articles)
  147. Cantcomeupwithnames (talk · contribs)
  148. Canyouhearmenow (talk · contribs)- I am an entertainment historian with a vast knowledge of popular culture in music and movies. I serve on several boards including, Cambridge and the Juilliard. I am also a advisor to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC.
  149. Caponer (talk · contribs) (authoring and expanding articles on the Founding Fathers of the United States and their families)
  150. Captain panda (talk · contribs) I just want to join an organization that will make it easier to help improve Wikipedia.
  151. Carl Francis (talk · contribs) Philippine Historical Personalities, Politicians and Actors and other personalities from World History and Literature.
  152. Carlofantom (talk) 11:25, 2 July 2013 (UTC) Canadian and American singers and musicians.
  153. Carlstak (talk · contribs) Amateur historian interested in general bios, but especially Spanish artists and historical figures, as well as persons important to Florida history, also translating Spanish articles into English.
  154. Carly Greene (talk · contribs) I sort of new and currently I've been writing and maintaining two articles (Adrianne Leon and Davetta Sherwood, American actresses and singer-songwriters) from stub to C-class status. I'm open to contributing to any article as long as it's either a Stub or Start class article in Arts and entertainment. I'm interested in Politics and government and will only participate in Assessments and Peer Reviews.
  155. Carolchriskevin (talk · contribs) Indian political Figures and Scientists.
  156. CaroleHenson (talk · contribs) Visual artists, Colorado, history, women, native peoples.
  157. Cassianto (talk · contribs) – I have been the main contributor of two featured articles and will hopefully have a few more by the time I edit this again.I mainly concentrate on those within English music hall, and Victorian and Edwardian musical theatre. I have had my first biographical article Stanley Holloway awarded WP:GA status and it's currently a WP:FAC. I have a keen interest in those who performed within English music hall era as well as English comedy actors 1900 - 1980.
  158. Cavarrone (talk · contribs) – Entertainment.
  159. Cazo3788 (talk · contribs) am interested in adding genealogical information to articles
  160. Cbrown1023 (talk · contribs) I have been assessing some bio articles and have created a couple also.
  161. Cefaro (talk · contribs) Military biography, and anyone who made history.
  162. Celithemis (talk · contribs) Working primarily on women writers and artists of the Paris expatriate community in the 1920s.
  163. Centaur81 (talk · contribs) Varied. classical music; historical figures (these so far, may expand to others)
  164. Centrisian (talk · contribs) I am currently working on organizing the Biographies of the Music and Choral directors of Georgia Tech.
  165. Ceoil (talk · contribs) Interested mainly in musicians and composers, but also art history.
  166. Ceranthor (talk · contribs) Extraneously engaged by American figures, authors, and playwrights
  167. Ceroi (talk · contribs) First of all, actors and artists, singers, also the financiers of the Russian Empire
  168. Cgilbert76 (talk · contribs) Have recently assessed class and priority ratings on a couple of articles, copy-edit, and assess feasibility of articles for creation.
  169. Cgingold (talk · contribs) I've edited a wide variety of biography articles.
  170. Larry laptop (talk · contribs) I'm joining because I think this is an important part of wikipedia. I tend to copyedit all and any articles that I come across. However I am increasingly concerned that our biography articles are not of the standard that they should be.
  171. Charles01 (talk · contribs) These days translations, mostly.
  172. ChemMater (talk · contribs)
  173. Chemprincess5 (talk · contribs)
  174. ChetanVengurlekar (talk · contribs) Interested in creating and adding information to biography articles
  175. Chewings72 (talk · contribs) – Interested in improving the quality biographies of lesser known people from the ancient and classical periods through to the late 19th century in European, North African and Asian history.
  176. Chrosby (talk · contribs) Interested in creating and adding information to biography articles
  177. Chunkylefunga (talk · contribs) Biographies about the little guys.
  178. Cindamuse (talk · contribs) Interest primarily focuses on contemporary entertainers, and ancient, medieval, royal families and peers.
  179. CJ3370 (talk · contribs) Interest in pre-Confederation Canadian people, particularly those of Upper Canada
  180. Cjwilky (talk · contribs) Creating and adding to footballer bios, those who played in England, mainly those who played for Doncaster Rovers
  181. cla68 (talk · contribs)- Mainly bios of World War II, Pacific War leaders and commanders.
  182. Cleo20 (talk · contribs)
  183. Cleo123 (talk · contribs) – My contributions are focused on biographies of television writers and celebrities. I am part of the counter vandalism department and have a particular interest in removing potentially libellous or defamatory information.
  184. Clevelander96 (talk · contribs) Working on selected people with Cleveland Ohio or Providence Rhode Island ties, e.g. Garrett A. Morgan and Annie Smith Peck
  185. (talk · contribs) I'm just starting on wikiproject biography. I'm currently working on Joshua Key, a former American soldier and deserter. It isn't up to snuff right now, but I'll work on it over the next few months.
  186. Cliotropic (talk · contribs) Mostly biograpies of women, mostly in the US; I've started Wikiproject Women's History, which is building substantial numbers of women's biographies and may warrant its own WP:BIOG task force if someone's interested in doing that.
  187. Clippership (talk · contribs) I use Wikipedia entries for individual lives A LOT and would like to start contributing as well
  188. Cloptonson (talk · contribs) Contributions focussed mainly on people with Shropshire associations, including military, sporting, political figures (especially British Peers and MPs). Regarding latter I have been flagging up potential records for Records of members of parliament of the United Kingdom.
  189. Cmbcmb999 (talk · contribs)
  190. CMDadabo (talk · contribs) I'm working for the Counter-Vandalism Department now, but once I have a little free time I'll help out with articles.
  191. Cobaltcanarycherry (talk · contribs) I am deeply interested in English literature and European art, and early American science fiction.
  192. Cocoaguy (talk · contribs)
  193. Codeman177 (talk · contribs) (Band of Brothers)
  194. Coemgenus (talk · contribs).
  195. Computerjoe (talk · contribs) Computerjoe's talk 11:26, 11 August 2006 (UTC)
  196. CookieMonster755 (talk · contribs) Interested in people from New York and Oregon
  197. Contributingfactor (talk · contribs)
  198. Coralmizu (talk · contribs) Working on general people that interest me, mainly in Hollywood/the media.
  199. Cowardly Lion (talk · contribs) Mostly literature, but that would also include actors who were famous for portraying roles in Shakespeare, etc.
  200. Curlymanjaro (talk · contribs)
  201. Curtaintoad (talk · contribs)
  202. Czesc26 (talk · contribs) Celebrity and Politics.
  203. Czpddz (talk · contribs) – Punk rock musicians (1979 - 1990)
  204. D C McJonathan (talk · contribs) wide range of diversity of biographical interests
  205. D. F. Salmon (talk · contribs) 19th and 20th century scholars of classical antiquity and religion.
  206. d2s (talk · contribs) Smaller edits including adding of infoboxes and fixing smaller errors.
  207. Danbarnesdavies (talk · contribs)
  208. Dan Koehl (talk · contribs) mostly persons from European medieval history
  209. Darthshak (talk · contribs) Generally look up figures in technology, business and history.
  210. Daukantas (talk · contribs) Interested in contributing to and expanding existing biographies of Lithuanian notables.
  211. (talk · contribs) I seem to have done mostly figures in the performance arts.
  212. Davidbaddison (talk · contribs) Currently creating and editing Adriel D. Johnson and Maria Ragland Davis as first anniversary of UAHuntsville Shootings approach. Also editing Gopi K. Podila as I come across additional information.
  213. Davecormier (talk · contribs) Educational and Historical biographies
  214. Davehart (talk · contribs) I edit biographies from time to time
  215. dbigwood (talk · contribs) I'll be adding and editing planetary scientists.
  216. Dbleyou (talk · contribs) Starting to edit biographies
  217. DCGeist (talk · contribs) arts and politics
  218. Deb (talk · contribs) – I've contributed to zillions of these over a period, it's probably my main interest.
  219. Decltype (talk · contribs)
  220. Deiz (talk · contribs) Like to see articles up with WP:BIO and WP:BLP
  221. Deltabaryon (talk · contribs)
  222. Denizz (talk · contribs)
  223. DENAMAX (talk · contribs)
  224. depthdiver (talk · contribs) – interested in philosophers and psychologists especially, and how people contribute ideas to history; like to help with minor edits and cleaning up expression.
  225. Deputydog23 (talk · contribs) Just joining. Interested in editing and review.
  226. Derwig (talk · contribs)
  227. DeSales (talk · contribs)
  228. Deuteronomy327 (talk · contribs) – theologians
  229. Devbug (talk · contribs) Interested in Italian businesspeople and influencers in the Italian society
  230. Deyyaz (talk · contribs) Nearly all my contributions have been focused on biographical articles. I'm very interested in the assessment process.
  231. dgorsline (talk · contribs) Interested in ornithologists, botanists, other scientists.
  232. Diamantina (talk · contribs) Interested in Brazil, California, Catholicism, women authors and women in history. Some translation of articles from Portuguese Wikipedia.
  233. Diamonddannyboy (talk · contribs) I have a great knowledge in all Martial Arts, and boxing and fighting, also Romani culture.
  234. diamonddannyboy (talk · contribs) I write articles on Boxers and fighters, I have a great knowledge of all Martial Arts.
  235. DiverDave (talk · contribs) writing new articles, etc.
  236. Diviness (talk · contribs) Interested in creating and maintaining biographical articles about lesser known historical and renowned African Americans, musicians, and women.
  237. Dixonsej (talk · contribs) Article Assessing
  238. Dj mike89 (talk · contribs) Articles about photographers, mostly from Romania.
  239. djblackwood (talk · contribs) Early settlers of Bells Corners, Ontario, Canada.
  240. Djrun (talk · contribs) Interested in expanding and improving sports-related biographies -- specifically baseball (MLB) and basketball (NBA) athletes from the 1980's and 1990's -- please see my contribution on the LeRon Ellis article to see a sample of my work
  241. Dkriegls (talk · contribs) I have been adding and editing American academic biographies; typically in circles I belong to or am deeply interested in like psychology and such. The pages of this project have been a great help and I thank all who developed them.
  242. dnsla (talk · contribs) Mostly musicians, songs, and albums from 1963 and on. Already an admin for List of Billboard Hot 100 chart achievements and milestones.
  243. Doc9871 (talk · contribs) Mostly musicians and actors, but various topics as well...
  244. DocOfSoc (talk · contribs) 20th century musicians, radio talk hosts, various others...
  245. duanedonecker (talk · contribs) Love reading Biographies of all tastes, however my specialty is navies and armed forces of other nations.
  246. Doortmont (talk · contribs) South African politicians and statesmen up to 1960, Ghanaians of Dutch descent 17th-20th centuries
  247. DOstendorff (talk · contribs) East African elite, political families, and family dynamics.
  248. Dotbrodu (talk · contribs) Indie bands of the pop/rock/shoegaze genres.
  249. DoubleAW (talk · contribs) Metadata mostly.
  250. Doug (talk · contribs)
  251. Dougatwiki (talk · contribs)
  252. DPdH (talk · contribs) Mainly work on military biographies, and minor edits when required.
  253. Drilnoth (talk · contribs) I'm probably going to work mostly on role-playing game designers, although I might work through some of the backlogs that the project has.
  254. DrL (talk · contribs) scientists, philosophers, chessplayers
  255. Dr SPWright (talk · contribs)
  256. Dsp13 (talk · contribs) Added categories (esp. birth & death year) to biographies, esp. female
  257. Dunning22 (talk · contribs) I work on articles about artists and industry leaders.
  258. Dureo (talk · contribs)
  259. DustFormsWords (talk · contribs)
  260. DutchTreat (talk · contribs) Mainly working on categories of living people, but would like to do more editing.
  261. Dwaipayanc (talk · contribs) Have edited some biography articles, would like to be involved more.
  262. EALacey (talk · contribs) Mainly interested in Roman imperial biography
  263. Ecce Nemo (talk · contribs) original contributions (no quotes).
  264. Ed Price (talk · contribs) I start and elaborate biographies of substantial musicians, authors, and actors.
  265. Edokoye (talk · contribs) I am an contemporary African historian with a particular interest in business and technology.
  266. Editor123123 (talk · contribs)
  267. Edwardx (talk · contribs) I have contributed to numerous biographies and started some, mostly to do with London. I am also taking and adding photos of funerary monuments in London.
  268. Egeymi (talk · contribs) Saudi royal family members, Arab politicians and additions to the existing articles about them.
  269. EileenSanda (talk · contribs) I have started and edited some articles mainly about people from the Faroe Islands or related to the Faroe Islands, sportspeople, artists, musicians etc.
  270. Eixo (talk · contribs) – Specialty is medieval England, but largely omnivorous. The assessment process looks like fun!
  271. Ejosse1 (talk · contribs) US Army, between ACW & WWI
  272. Ekphraster (talk · contribs) British writers & artists
  273. Eldredo (talk · contribs) philosophers, pre-1800 Europeans
  274. Electrawn (talk · contribs) I am interested in educating users about WP:BLP and defamation. I also help shape Wikipedia policies and guidelines. Occasionally I help copyedit and review biography articles.
  275. Electronic Music (talk · contribs) People associated with electronic music.
  276. Emperor1993 (talk · contribs)
  277. Emperork (talk · contribs) 07:58, 8 October 2006 (UTC)
  278. Enbionycacruz (talk · contribs) I am interested in artists, actors, musicians, models, films, music and places
  279. enfcer (talk · contribs) 04:18, 6 October 2011 (UTC)
  280. Ernst Stavro Blofeld (talk · contribs) – I am a member of WikiProject Film and am not only starting all films but will be starting thousands of new articles on actors, direcotrs, cinematographers etc. Currently adding Argentine cinema people to wikipedia but interested in the whole scope of biogrpahy.
  281. Errabee (talk · contribs) – primarily (Russian and Dutch) painters, writers and composers.
  282. Eremeyv (talk · contribs)
  283. Eruditescholar (talk · contribs)
  284. Esowteric (talk · contribs) Sufis, social scientists, writers
  285. Euroflux (talk · contribs) Aerospace engineers (French, German,...), French engineers and executives
  286. Ewashelli (talk · contribs) – Expounding on and clarifying biographies of notable individuals interred at Evergreen Washelli Memorial Park.
  287. Evaa (talk · contribs) I'm constantly improving biographies about artists, actors and authors and also translate biography articles from the German Wikipedia (mainly Austrian personalities).
  288. Ewj001 (talk · contribs) Interested in yoga and meditation related biographies.
  289. Ewooll (talk · contribs) – mainly art music but also other areas of interest
  290. EXIx2 (talk · contribs) – I am a musician looking at all art and artist pages.
  291. Extimes (talk · contribs) Just casually interested in biographies.
  292. extraordinary (talk · contribs) I'm forever visiting these project pages, mainly looking at music biographies...
  293. Fabrib (talk · contribs) – Interested in expanding all those stubs.
  294. Fairgeek (talk · contribs)- I write articles about influential women in history who have often been overlooked or forgotten.
  295. Faithlessthewonderboy (talk · contribs) – Most of the articles I create are biographies, and I'm particularly interested in baseball and football (soccer) players, chess players, and minor historical figures/politicians.
  296. Faizanalivarya (talk · contribs)- Public & notables figures, politicians and a person who deserve to be on Wikipedia and fulfilling policies of our beloved Wikipedia.
  297. Fanjimmy (talk · contribs)
  298. FeanorStar7 (talk · contribs) – currently working on living people articles; adding birth and death categories; also working on Ancient Egyptian biographies (update 11.30.2008); other bio cleanup as I find it.
  299. FeralOink (talk · contribs) Improving stub-class Science and academia articles and BLPs of women.
  300. FFF999 (talk · contribs) music biographies
  301. Fiddlersmouth (talk · contribs) Mainly masonic
  302. Fireflo (talk · contribs) – interested in authors and historical philosophers
  303. Fjarlq (talk · contribs) – Science and history
  304. Flatterworld (talk · contribs) – Mostly politicians
  305. Flaviusvulso (talk · contribs) – Ancient Rome
  306. Flickts (talk · contribs)
  307. Flypatnow (talk · contribs) Creating biographies on people having worked in the field of nutrition and fitness.
  308. Fourthords (talk · contribs)
  309. Francois-Pier (talk · contribs)
  310. Frederike frida (talk · contribs) Interested in contributing to and expanding existing biographies of female academics and translating articles in German into English.
  311. Freshbeats (talk · contribs) – Interested in authors and business figures.
  312. FunkyCanute (talk · contribs)
  313. FurrySings (talk · contribs)
  314. Fuzchia (talk · contribs) A fan of bios on historical figures, particularly with ties to California or the West Coast of the US.
  315. Fylbecatulous (talk · contribs) musicians most especially, but everyone from scientists to night-club owners...I love rescuing articles from neglect, decline or destruction, but don't create.
  316. Fys (talk · contribs) – Mostly UK politicians, also legal figures (including defendants) and Rhodesia/Zimbabwe people
  317. Gaia Octavia Agrippa (talk · contribs) – Most military biographies, but i add infoboxes to any biography i can.
  318. Gamemaster eleven (talk · contribs) specialize in creating soccer players career Biographies
  319. Gantenbrink (talk · contribs)
  320. Garbolia (talk · contribs) – Mostly celebrity bios
  321. Ganeshk (talk · contribs)
  322. George.Edward.C (talk · contribs) - Clearing listas and living backlogs.
  323. GetDaFacts (talk · contribs) – popular culture, artists, poets & writers, filmmakers
  324. GGolovchinsky (talk · contribs) Genealogy, Jewish immigrants from Germany to Chicago
  325. GimliDotNet (talk · contribs) - general edits, including keeping tack of BLP violations on BB articles.
  326. Gina.Hogue (talk · contribs) – focus on biographies of women
  327. Gitana127 (talk · contribs)
  328. Glamgirljaspreet101 (talk · contribs)-contributing to the current and past SSilver Ferns players, All Blacks,Black Caps and other New Zealanders
  329. Gmcbjames (talk · contribs) Studio potters/ceramists
  330. Go Phightins! (talk · contribs)- mostly politicians and athletes
  331. Gobonobo (talk · contribs) – US political biographies, women's history
  332. Gocartboy (talk · contribs) – Interested in LGBT/Historical Figures/Musicians/Writers/Artists
  333. Gohens84 (talk · contribs) – gohens84 - currently Maryland people, including historian J. Thomas Scharf.
  334. Goran.S2 (talk · contribs) – I have and like contributing to biographies of tennis players (also member of WP:Tennis) and some people from former Yugoslavian countries.
  335. Gothicfilm (talk · contribs)
  336. grahamearnshaw (talk · contribs) My primary interest is Chinese history, and particularly the role of foreigners. I intend to build out bio pages in that area.
  337. Great Legacy (talk · contribs) I love history! I'll see what I can do
  338. Green caterpillar (talk · contribs) I'd like assessing (especially classing) the most, but can do other stuff to. Green caterpillar 17:05, 4 September 2006 (UTC)
  339. Green451 (talk · contribs) – I'll help assess articles and work on film and video game-related articles.
  340. Greeves (talk · contribs)
  341. GregTStevens (talk · contribs) – Adding and improving on the article of the artist, Renata Bernal
  342. Greycap (talk · contribs) Sixteenth, seventeenth and nineteenth century history (particularly British and European) are specialities. Interested in helping out with pretty much anything, though.
  343. Grrrlriot (talk · contribs)
  344. gs44631 (talk · contribs) – Mainly persons from India.
  345. GWhitewood (talk · contribs) – I'm interested in European history, art history, and adding material on less well known American artists.
  346. Haberstr (talk · contribs) – I like to write and add to bios of U.S. old moderns like Stephen Crane and undeservedly obscure U.S. economists like Alvin Hansen.
  347. Hairchrm (talk · contribs) I'll do whatever there is, I would like to categorize articles as there are a lot of biographies that are yet to be categorized (rankings and importance).
  348. Halvorsen brian (talk · contribs) – I mainly work on sports (baseball) related bios.
  349. Ham (talk · contribs) Contributions on what you might loosely group as 'art world figures' – artists and architects but also academics, museum directors etc.
  350. HamatoKameko (talk · contribs) – Currently focused largely on the members of Lordi; other areas include the cast and crew of the children's show LazyTown.
  351. Hayesstw (talk · contribs) South African and Namibian history, Anglican and Orthodox church history. SteveH (talk) 04:41, 14 September 2008 (UTC)
  352. H.Brian Griffin (talk · contribs)- Actors and Actresses from 1920s-1970s and 1990s-Present (H.Brian Griffin (talk) 12:55, 1 January 2013 (UTC))
  353. Hconscious (talk · contribs) – Efforts so far limited to 1st CE/BCE. Created article Curtius Rufus and want to discuss merging with Quintus Curtius Rufus with someone.
  354. Heaven's Wrath (talk · contribs) – Musician articles. WP:MUSICIAN
  355. Hekerui (talk · contribs) Working mostly on U.S. politicians and musicians.
  356. Heiko Seemann (talk · contribs) ukrainian and russian musicans WP:MUSICIAN
  357. Hemmingsen (talk · contribs)
  358. Herm71 (talk · contribs) I am currently working for the family of Eddie Imazu in expanding the Eddie Imazu page. I am very interested in History, and a Biography is a "history" of sorts.
  359. Heuh0 (talk · contribs) Generally scientists, engineers, philosophers and entrepreneurs
  360. Hewittarch (talk · contribs) I am interested in working on American architects.
  361. bestman (talk) 12:12, 27 March 2013 (UTC) I am interested in any type of biography
  362. HisSpaceResearch (talk · contribs) a general interest category I like maintaining some articles on California politicians; 1960s people; SF Bay Area musicians; notable alumni of Marin County and Southern Alameda schools.
  363. Hitcher vs. Candyman (talk · contribs) I consider it a hobby to expand biographical article stubs.
  364. HitroMilanese (talk · contribs) Biography of sportster is my major:)
  365. Hjal (talk · contribs)--Hjal 07:34, 24 November 2006 (UTC)
  366. HopeChrist (talk · contribs) Mainly interested in Biography project on Christians of past and present
  367. Hoppyh (talk · contribs) I am reading a biography of each U.S. President and making concurrent contributions to WP articles; 19 done and 25 to go.
  368. HowardBerry (talk · contribs) – Interested in working on biographies of those involved in British television history.
  369. HResearcher (talk · contribs) Wikipedia:BLP Patrol
  370. Hucz (talk · contribs) – Maintaining and expanding Canadian television & radio personalities (18:49, 11 April 2011 (UTC))
  371. HughD (talk · contribs) - Mainly Chicago and Illinois politicians
  372. Hunterd (talk · contribs) – Interested in the same old films as Thefourdotelipsis.
  373. Hutcher (talk · contribs) – Random interests but I do like to work on poorly written articles
  374. Hurrmic (talk · contribs) – Notable Minnesotans; Notable persons connected with WP:NRHP properties; and anyone else worthy of inclusion.
  375. HyperSushi21 (talk · contribs)~Sushi 04:50, 19 September 2006 (UTC)

Active members I thru R[edit]

  1. I'll bring the food (talk · contribs)- Would love to help out. If you have any thing you want done, please message me and I'll try to get involved if it's possible--I'll bring the food 08:25, 2 August 2006 (UTC)
  2. I'm nonpartisan (talk · contribs) – I'm interested in biographies of living people in the field of breastfeeding, especially La Leche League. I'm learning how to write my first biography and would be most grateful for help and feedback.
  3. Iamthecheese (talk · contribs)
  4. Icelandic Hurricane (talk · contribs)-working on relatives and locals.
  5. idance18 (talk · contribs)-I love biographies, and I'll start working on anything!
  6. ijf3 (talk · contribs) – working (slowly) on biographies of physicists
  7. Ikhtiar H (talk · contribs)- working on stubs!
  8. IlliniGradResearchTALK - I'm interested in biographies of red linked articles not yet written for development to help fill in the gaps on notable but lesser known individuals IlliniGradResearch (talk) 01:15, 1 August 2009 (UTC)
  9. Imaginationac (talk · contribs)
  10. Inahet (talk · contribs)
  11. INeverCry (talk · contribs)
  12. IPashtun (talk · contribs) - I'm Computer Engineer by profession, interested in writing biographies.
  13. Ink Runner (talk · contribs) – I've currently working on Ayumi Hamasaki's page as of late; however, once her page is finished (to an extent), I aim to work on other Japanese singers.
  14. Innotata (talk · contribs) The odd biologist or obscure historical figure
  15. IPBiographer (talk · contribs) -- Biography of Isaiah Parker and other colonial through early republic New England religious figures.
  16. Irelandkm (talk · contribs) Biographies of musical theatre singers, songwriters, actors, composers and lyricists.
  17. Irelocus (talk · contribs) (properly 'ireLocus') Writer, Artist, Musician, Designer, interested in updating and expanding biographies on noir writers, contemporary transgressive fiction writers, hot rodders and musicians.
  18. Irshgrl500 (talk · contribs)16th - 21st centuries of political snd royalty figures, with a focus towards Western Europe and the USA; and history, in general. 20th & 21st Century Criminal Law figures.--Irshgrl500 15:03, 1 March 2010 (UTC)
  19. ISasha (talk · contribs) – interested in people related to Taganrog, also history of Russia, Imperial Russian Navy and Russian military ISasha 05:06, 11 September 2006 (UTC)
  20. Islescape (talk · contribs) – Biographies of scientists, politicians, etc.
  21. ITOWDOC (talk · contribs) We do documentaries of World War II Veterans. We hope to get these documentaries into schools so that our future generations can learn about history from the people who actually lived it.
  22. Itsnatashadak (talk · contribs) I work on the odd ancestor and/or pretty much anything on Russian Royalty. Also I work on other royals too.
  23. J.delanoy (talk · contribs) – I recently discovered I liked writing about people who lived a while ago, so I decided to join this project. J.delanoygabsadds 20:43, 18 May 2008 (UTC)
  24. Jack O'Lantern (talk · contribs) – Have edited a ridiculous number of biographies without mercy, and brought more than a few to GA status, with one FA any day now. On hand if anyone needs any help - anything done - mostly do actor/actress bios Mad Jack 05:51, 1 August 2006 (UTC)
  25. Jack1956 (talk · contribs) – biographies of people I have known or who just interest me
  26. Jackrm (talk · contribs) – Biographies of musicians and any others.
  27. Jameschipmunk (talk · contribs)
  28. James Cihlar (talk · contribs)
  29. Jane023 (talk · contribs)
  30. Janisterzaj (talk · contribs) Slovenian people.
  31. Jay Starz (talk · contribs)
  32. JayJasper (talk · contribs) Categorization, cleanup and copyediting. Main areas of interest are political, music, sports and literature bios.
  33. Jay2kx (talk · contribs)
  34. JasonDre (talk · contribs)-Just started editing wikipedia. Critical feedback is very welcome.
  35. Jcm.mudie (talk · contribs) – Biographies of Indian Civil Service officials
  36. Jeanne boleyn (talk · contribs) – I have created many biographical articles on historical personages (in particular, noble medieval heiresses); but have also created a few biographies on contemporary Italian celebrities and Troubles-related people.
  37. Jeegoo (talk · contribs) I want to expand on (or create) really well-cited articles about scholars, mostly living professors.
  38. Je_at_uwo (talk · contribs) I wish to contribute to the article on James Clerk Maxwell and hopefully help bring it to FA status.
  39. Jeromemoreno (talk · contribs) – Biography of Marine Le Pen
  40. Jerrch (talk · contribs) – Biographies of Taiwanese politicians and athletes.
  41. Jgilhousen (talk · contribs) I'm adding biographies of "missing persons" I discover as I browse articles in my rather eclectic mix of interest areas.
  42. Jhbuk (talk · contribs)
  43. JimCubb (talk · contribs) Mainly working in organization; currently resolving DEFAULTSORT conflicts and will continue to monitor that after it drops to near zero; will move on to pages without the listas parameter where I will probably spend the rest of my days becaus of the number of tags that use the listas parameter but do not have it. By this time next year I should be an expert on sorting by name in several languages and which tags use the listas parameter. Unfortunately, I will also be unfit for human companionship.
  44. Jirt (talk · contribs)
  45. Jmcgowan2 (talk · contribs)
  46. JMSwtlk (talk · contribs) For now, interested in New England colonials.
  47. Joaquin008 (talk · contribs)
  48. Jobrjobr (talk · contribs) I have created professional biographies of illustrators associated with the film industry.
  49. Jodyw1 (talk · contribs) Just getting started by working on the Brent Corrigan article. Will add more people, and not porn stars, as time goes on.Jodyw1 04:48, 9 September 2006 (UTC)
  50. JoeyD2010 (talk · contribs)
  51. John_Foxe (talk · contribs) I have contributed to a number of biographies about British and American evangelicals and fundamentalists, and I have also drifted over into Mormonism and general American biography as well.
  52. Johnwumeiden (talk · contribs)
  53. JohnM4402 (talk · contribs) I have been cleaning up biographies of local personalities in my area.
  54. Johntex (talk · contribs)
  55. Jokestress (talk · contribs) I have created hundreds of biographies, primarily from red links.
  56. JonnyKeen (talk · contribs) I have improved many biographies, mostly of little known footballers who meet notability requirements. I recently created Duncan Watmore.
  57. Jonyungk (talk · contribs)
  58. Joshua Issac (talk · contribs) 02:43, 12 November 2011 (UTC)
  59. Joyceprof (talk · contribs) I am interested in editing bio of our university staff.
  60. jrtayloriv (talk · contribs) mainly interested in political/corporate leaders, military officers, political philosophers
  61. jszack (talk · contribs) Working on biographies of prominent attorneys and parties in famous legal cases.
  62. jtdirl (talk · contribs) – I've written numerous biographies on politicians, religious leaders, writers, royalty, etc.
  63. Jtobler (talk · contribs) – I'm a simple defender of those unusual people who might be too easily be forgotten.
  64. Juanm (talk · contribs) Mainly italian politician bios
  65. Jubileeclipman (talk · contribs) I am interested in taking on UK celebrities with articles that are stubs or otherwise non-standard. Entirely rewrote Fearne Cotton to raise standard and remove fansite tag. I am working on Holly Willoughby which was merely a list plus trivia. Will also work on musicians, all genre, living or dead.
  66. JudyCS (talk · contribs) I am interested in working on (& eventually adding) "notable lives" biographies of all kinds.
  67. Julius177 (talk · contribs) – Targeting well-researched figures with inexplicably poor coverage on Wikipedia, especially foreign military and political figures
  68. Jumper4life (talk · contribs) – Interested in bios of professional equestrians. Very knowledgable in the subject. Also interested in bios of local successful business people that I do have existing relationships with.
  69. Jusdafax (talk · contribs) As of September 2009 I've been active with George Armstrong Custer but I'm sometimes likely to work on a wide range from political to music figures
  70. JustAGal (talk · contribs)
  71. JustDerek (talk · contribs) Most interested in historical figures, though I have chipped in on living people a bit too, and on quite a few in the Artists and Entertainers category. Jeez, could I be more vague?
  72. Justus Nussbaum (talk · contribs) – All sorts of culture people: writers, musicians, artists, researchers, journalists.
  73. Kaffeinkatmandu (talk · contribs) – Interested in writer biographies. Special interest in German, Russian, South American writers. Getting my feet wet now. Started with some writers I met as part of the Kaffe in Katmandu project.
  74. Kansas212 (talk · contribs) – No comment.
  75. Karanacs (talk · contribs) I am writing biographies on authors, especially those who write romance novels, musicians, and notable people from Texas A&M University
  76. Katecasares (talk · contribs) I verify, source and finish incomplete biographies.
  77. Katxo (talk · contribs) I have been cleaning up biographies of public figures.
  78. kazzi03 (talk · contribs) Baronets, Peers, English public schools and Zimbabwe/Rhodesia
  79. Kebbels (talk · contribs)
  80. Kbaughan1 (talk · contribs) Biographies of WW1 and WW2 casualties buried in the Hamilton Road Cemetery, Deal, Kent.
  81. KenBailey (talk · contribs) Some WWII PoWs, Trade Unionists, Scientists and others
  82. KenWalker (talk · contribs) — So far I have been working on current and past Canadian political figures, particularly BC (where I am) and Sask.--KenWalker | Talk 07:22, 10 August 2006 (UTC)
  83. Kerry Raymond (talk · contribs) Mostly Queensland pioneers and politicians, but easily get sucked into contributing to any bio page if I know something of the subject
  84. Kevinbrowning (talk · contribs)
  85. {{User|KFFOWLER]] - My background is in U.S. professional theater, acting, directing, producing
  86. KGV (talk · contribs)
  87. Khani100 (talk · contribs) Chiefly interested in Pakistani literature, especially Pakistani Literature in English, South Asian literary studies and literature, history and culture.
  88. Kierzek (talk · contribs) Biographies WWII figures and US History.
  89. Kimon (talk · contribs)
  90. King of the Apes (talk · contribs)
  91. Kingboyk (talk · contribs) 17:47, 30 July 2006 (UTC) I've written and contributed to many biographical articles so I may as well sign up.
  92. KingPenguin (talk · contribs) Italian history and football bios
  93. Kinsonstar (talk · contribs) Television and soap opera actors/actresses
  94. Kittybrewster (talk · contribs) Baronets, Peers, Zimbabwe and South Africa
  95. Kiwiboy1221 (talk · contribs) I mostly specialize in tony nominees and winners. I've created biographical articles for Matthew Sklar, Jeffrey Lane, Martin Sherman, Scott Wittman, Irene Mecchi, Jay Rifkin,,Tim Herlihy, Rick Ellice, William Hauptman
  96. Kmaster (talk · contribs) – Biographies of Influential hardcore punk musicians. Articles created Matthew Fox (musician), Matthew Fletcher (musician).
  97. Komchi (talk · contribs)-Biographies of famous inventors, scientists or celebrities.
  98. KrakatoaKatie (talk · contribs) I've created several biographies and I stand over all biographies with a ready sword to stave off the vandals that would do them harm... (*slaps herself back into sanity*)
  99. Kristamaranatha (talk · contribs) I have a special interest in biographies pertinent to Christianity and Philosophy.
  100. Krupski Oleg (talk · contribs) 17:55, 8 June 2012 (UTC)
  101. Ksvaughan2 (talk · contribs) I am mostly interested in biographies of herbalists and historical practitioners of plant medicine, Chinese medicine and ethnobotany. I have written a number of bios and contributed to others.
  102. KteachK (talk · contribs) I'll contribute and add to mostly Australian people.
  103. LagondaDK (talk · contribs) Mostly biographies regarding German World-War II Military, post war politicians and post war German society (with focus on 1950es and 1960es).
  104. Jennavecia (talk · contribs) I work mostly with references/citations. Ensuring they are adequate, accurate, and properly formatted, particularly for quotes and claims.
  105. Ladymanor13 (talk · contribs)-Just started editing wikipedia.
  106. LadyofShalott (talk · contribs) assorted people who interest me or whose bios catch my eye
  107. LadyRose2001 (talk · contribs) I do alot of actresses and actors bios. Mostly classic stars from 1930's to 1960's.
  108. LarryQ (talk · contribs) I am working on American Congressional biographies primarily. 12:07, 19 August 2006 (UTC)
  109. Laserbeamcrossfire (talk · contribs) 04:28, 1 August 2006 (UTC)
  110. Laurinavicius (talk · contribs) 00:49, 14 April 2009 (UTC) I focus mainly on improving articles of historical figures, particularly those of ancient and Antiquity individuals.
  111. LBCboyee (talk · contribs) I am heavily into reggae, ska, as well as Late Romantic composers.
  112. Ldallara (talk · contribs) – Photographer related biographies.
  113. Leahtwosaints (talk · contribs) I edit biographies of musicians and contact & convince photographers to switch licenses from copyright to Creative Commons and upload them for the biography articles. In spare time, I create infoboxes for random musicians work group articles in need of them.
  114. Leifern (talk · contribs) – Mostly Norwegian politicians, but will dabble in some American and Israeli folks who have a legacy of note.
  115. Leonard Griffin (talk · contribs) Adding to and improving the article on Clarice Cliff
  116. Lelandrb (talk · contribs) – Mainly expanding stubs and wikifying articles
  117. Leobold1 (talk · contribs) Mainly American Revolution, American Civil War, and World War II
  118. Leodmacleod (talk · contribs) U.S. and U.K. Post-War Pop and Counter-culture mostly. That Jack Kerouac article must be made a wikipick!
  119. Leszek Jańczuk (talk · contribs) I have written 8 articles and I intend create them more
  120. Joshua Scott (talk · contribs) aka Joshua Scott. Working mostly on referencing unreferenced BLPs from the backlog. Happy to help with other things.
  121. Lighthead (talk · contribs) My biographical interests range from person to person; don't box me in! JK!
  122. Lihaas (talk · contribs) Mostly political bios. My first every wiki page was a bio.
  123. Lihaas (talk · contribs) So far ive contributed to the political section with Francisco Javier Lopez Pena, but Ive got a few more politial bios to add
  124. Lionratz (talk · contribs) I mostly work on recent Japanese and Singaporean actors and filmmakers.
  125. Lioux (talk · contribs) Mostly work on musician bios, both for deceased and for BLPs.
  126. Lincher (talk · contribs) Re-edited biographical articles and added references to support the claims in many articles.
  127. LiniShu (talk · contribs) Have been working on bibliographies and citations in biographical articles of authors and academics.
  128. Lisztrachmaninovfan (talk · contribs)
  129. Lklundin (talk · contribs) Written a few bios, mostly in English, often related to WW2. Digs up original, Scandinavian sources that are often not cited before.
  130. Lord777 (talk · contribs) Wikipedia Editor since June 2004. I am based in Geneva: Switzerland and Mexico City: Mexico. Cheers!
  131. LordHarris (talk · contribs) I have written a few dozen biography articles. I am focused on expanding a few as well. Ive made lots of edits to James Callaghan and Steven Spielberg, as well as The Earl of Liverpool. Im also trying to get a biography article for every one of the First Sea Lords. Welcome any help on these!
  132. LAAFan (talk · contribs)
  133. Lostintherush (talk · contribs) Created some biographies and got them to DYK
  134. Lovelaughterlife (talk · contribs) Worked extensively on some biographies; reverted vandalism some others
  135. Lquilter (talk · contribs) Working to add biographies of notable female scientists.
  136. Ludahai (talk · contribs) Work on Taiwan and China related bios, many also a part of the Wikipedia: WikiProject China.
  137. Lulu of the Lotus-Eaters (talk · contribs) – Especially interested in academic biographies in the humanities and social sciences. Have created, rated, and improved a number of these (some artistic, natural sciences, etc. too; but pretty much all in "intellectual" fields).
  138. Lulu288 (talk · contribs) – Overall improvement of biographies, esp. actors
  139. Lixxx235 (talk · contribs)
  140. M. Buenviaje (talk · contribs) I am especially fascinated by historical figures who were misunderstood, "on the fringe" and generally outcasts in their time, but revered today.
  141. M3tal H3ad (talk · contribs) – Biographies of musicians.
  142. Macdonald-ross (talk · contribs) biogs of natural historians and biological scientists.
  143. Macgreco (talk · contribs) – Biographies of Brazilian scientists, writers, musicians.
  144. Madmedea (talk · contribs) Particular fondness for academic biographies and scouring the New York Times and other obits for information and people who should have an entry
  145. Magnoliasouth (talk · contribs) Able to help with general formatting, grammar and overall improvement of articles. I prefer historical biographies.
  146. Mahaveerji (talk · contribs)- Jain personalities. Jain piligrimage, Jain saints and Jain awards, currently working on Sanganer, Acharya Vidyasagar Ji and Ujjwal Patni
  147. Maias (talk · contribs) – mainly biologists, naturalists, explorers and wildlife artists, especially those with Asian or Australasian significance
  148. Mais oui! (talk · contribs) – WikiGnomist tendencies - especially English, Scottish, Swedish biogs; cartoonists and cyclists
  149. Maitraya (talk · contribs) Interested in Indian biographies.
  150. Majestic Pyre (talk · contribs) Interested in Writing Biographies for Productive celebs. I.E. Authors/Actors/Directors Ect.
  151. Malcbrad (talk · contribs) Very interested in writers, poets in particular, underrated ones especially. Am a new user, have started off the James Brockway entry, would like to expand it perhaps with some help, and to help also with other biographies that need development.
  152. Maltesedog (talk · contribs) – working actively on Maltese biographies
  153. Maniwar (talk · contribs) been working on infobox's here and there
  154. mar2194 (talk · contribs) – Scientists, latin american politicians
  155. Mar4d (talk · contribs) – Mostly interested in creating and improving biographies of notable Pakistani personalities
  156. Marek69 (talk · contribs)
  157. MarkMysoe (talk · contribs)
  158. Marrio (talk · contribs)
  159. MartUK2012 (talk · contribs) I see 'has issues'. I met him a couple times. Will do my best to find extra verifiable sources. Added it to my TODO.
  160. Martinscriminalcode (talk · contribs)
  161. Martin Phil S - using TV web / pc without curly brackets so had to leave them out - got involved as keen to improve Sunscreem (musicians - band) biography
  162. Mathetos (talk · contribs) I am a student of history an interested in improving the citations and references to historical figures.
  163. Matt Lewis (talk · contribs) Improving some stubs and starts. IMO, adding proper new sections (and starting them off if needed) greatly encourages input, as the paragraphs are less 'closed'.
  164. Matt Thorn (talk · contribs) Japanese manga artists (the older the better), prewar Japanese children's and women's magazine illustrators.
  165. Mattl2001 (talk · contribs) I work on fictional biographies and I fight vandalism.
  166. Mattwashdc (talk · contribs)— I have worked on military biographies to include notable service members and civilian leadership.
  167. Mavarin (talk · contribs) – just realized tonight I've worked on more than a few biography articles, mostly writers and not-so-current actors.
  168. Mbcoats (talk · contribs) I am usually working on Texas figures, with a focus on arts and politics.
  169. MChew (talk · contribs) Japanese military & literary figures, Russo-Japanese War military
  170. Mchuston (talk · contribs) 19th and Early 20th century arts and entertainment bios
  171. Melbourne3163 (talk · contribs) I have expanded dozens of biographies since February 2013 & continue to do so. I have also created several biographies
  172. Melromero (talk · contribs) Chilean historical figures, War of the Pacific & War of the Confederation military
  173. Menasim (talk · contribs)
  174. Mheaddem (talk · contribs) I follow current government officials, politicians and business/organization leaders
  175. Mheart (talk · contribs) Music for now.
  176. MiamiDolphins3 (talk · contribs) I am interested in creating and editing articles on academic subject experts, athletes, attorneys, business executives, physicians, and others.
  177. Michael J. Mullany (talk · contribs) I have initiated two biographies; Adrian Furnham and Michael Head. The first is of a living person and needs ongoing update. The second person is deceased, but obtaining information on him continues to be a challenge.
  178. Michael riber jorgensen (talk · contribs) I can help out with anything, but mainly (Northern) European stuff. I use the signature dllu.
  179. Michaelh2001 (talk · contribs) My main focus, as my recent edits show, will be the proper categorization of recent deaths. When someone with a Wikipedia page dies, often the early edits are sloppy or incomplete. I aim to fix that! :-) AlaskaMike (talk) 22:27, 20 January 2013 (UTC)
  180. MichaelQSchmidt (talk · contribs) Have helped with a few bios related to Wiki ProjectFilm. I sign as Schmidt, MICHAEL Q.
  181. Michkalas (talk · contribs) EU politicians, Greek politicians, Linguists.
  182. Miguelemejia (talk · contribs)
  183. Mike_hayes (talk · contribs) – Miscellaneous biographies, additions to various articles from other languages.
  184. Mike 7 (talk · contribs) I've been working on many biographies, ranging from television actors to Supreme Court Justices.
  185. MikeBriggs (talk · contribs) – Currently working on actors.
  186. MikeLynch (talk · contribs) – Politicians.
  187. MildredTheGrey (talk · contribs) Writers and scientists
  188. Million_Moments (talk · contribs) Mostly actors, particulary those in sci fi genre
  189. MindfulJen (talk · contribs) Copy-editing, source checking; the technical stuff
  190. Minicruller (talk · contribs) I work on adding material (and documenting) bios of instrumental musicians (mostly jazz, but also classical, pop, and rock.)
  191. Minute Lake (talk · contribs) Mostly writing articles on American and Russian subjects: music, politics, etc.
  192. Miraculousrandomness (talk · contribs)
  193. Mischa83 (talk · contribs) Starting or working on articles about current or historical figures; the more obscure, the better!
  194. Mishae (talk · contribs) - Originally from Moscow, Russia, have more then 300 articles related to biographies (both living and dead). I write on various subjects, starting from Generals and Heroes of the Soviet Union to Sculptors and various science fields.
  195. Missionedit (talk · contribs) Wikifying; formatting; copyediting: all improvements to already written bios.
  196. MissParker (talk · contribs) Adds or edits: people from Trinidad and Tobago, other entertainers
  197. Mister_Hockey (talk · contribs) I will be helping with sports biographies. Mainly CFL, NHL and MLB.
  198. MisterMorton (talk · contribs) every type of biography with a focus on the film and TV industry, as well as professional wrestling
  199. Mkettleson (talk · contribs) Fact- and source-checking, copy-editing, Wikipedia policy compliance on notability
  200. Mkthompson96 (talk · contribs) Editing biographies on Presbyterians, other Church History
  201. Mjjohansen (talk · contribs) Working on the Russian Liberation Army.
  202. Mjquinn id (talk · contribs) 2008/06 - Templates, Categories; Sports:Tennis, Media:US, WP:NPOV
  203. MLilburne (talk · contribs) – Busy writing entries on NASA engineers.
  204. Mocko13 (talk · contribs) Working on politicians, especially local and state politicians in Maryland, USA.
  205. Morphh (talk · contribs) – Working on Actors, Authors, Politicians, & Scientists
  206. Mprove (talk · contribs) – Working on computer and software pioneers
  207. mrjeremister (talk · contribs) military biographies, mostly Canadian. Also Canadian Politicians
  208. Mr. Yondris Ferguson (talk · contribs) Working on citing sources and dead and living persons.
  209. MrX (talk · contribs) Interested in obscure, lesser-known people and pioneers of Quebec, Canada. Also musicians.
  210. Mubkos (talk · contribs)I interest and like to contribute In writing more about politicians Biography, specially African politicians and Football Players biography,I concerned more about the Somali Politicians.
  211. Muffuletta (talk · contribs) – Have started a handful of biography stubs, expanded others, including some New Orleans-related ones.
  212. Muhammad Ali Khalid (talk · contribs)
  213. Murphyen (talk · contribs) Looking to help out where I can.
  214. Mus Musculus (talk · contribs)
  215. Musbaunow (talk · contribs) Biographies of Nigeria professional and politians and to help improve on existing biographies
  216. Mvzix (talk · contribs)
  217. Mwilso24 (talk · contribs) – Biographies of Peers
  218. Nadworks (talk · contribs) English/German Jazz philosophizer with strong Theatre/Film background.
  219. Nahcamuk (talk · contribs) politicians and prominent figures of 20th century Mongolia.
  220. Nat91 (talk · contribs) Contributed to biographies of tennis players, actors and voice actors.
  221. Nataev (talk · contribs) Working on biographies of Uzbeks
  222. Natsubee (talk · contribs) – usually working on biographies of Ghanaians.
  223. NBA Fan44 (talk · contribs) Mostly working biographies of former NBA players
  224. Navin Shetty Brahmavar (talk · contribs) I usually working on Kannada, Karnataka related biographies and articles.
  225. Nbowcutt (talk · contribs) Interested in working on the article of Elizabeth Abbot, a Canadian author
  226. Nehnehneji (talk · contribs)
  227. Neuralia (talk · contribs) Interested in science biographies
  228. NEWSLETTERS MAILBOX (talk · contribs)
  229. NerdyNSK (talk · contribs) Improving scientists's biographies
  230. Nerguy (talk · contribs) Improving Jewish biographies
  231. NestleNW911 (talk · contribs) Biographies of Writers
  232. Netoholic (talk · contribs) – working on the infobox and standardization of article layout
  233. Nightenbelle (talk · contribs)
  234. Nightngle (talk · contribs) – interested in biographies of Buddhist and other religious teachers.
  235. Nikita-von-rebeck (talk · contribs) Video, and performance artist biography.
  236. Nina928 (talk · contribs) – interested in early American historical figures, and people involved in medical inventions
  237. NinaGreen (talk · contribs) - Biographies of English historical figures in the period Richard II - James I.
  238. NinjaRobotPirate (talk · contribs) – Filmmakers, YouTube celebrities, activists, authors, tech stuff
  239. Nishitpatira (talk · contribs) - Biographies of Hindi film actors and actresses and other eminent Indian Personalities.
  240. Njcraig (talk · contribs) – interested in evaluation of unassessed biographies. Reviewing them and placing them as stub or start class while cleaning up their talk page.
  241. Nmajdan (talk · contribs)
  242. Noble Story (talk · contribs) – I'm working on assessing all sports biographies, and expanding US basketball stubs.
  243. Nogwa (talk · contribs)
  244. Noswall59 (talk · contribs) - I am interested in biographies of British politicians, businessmen and noblemen from the 18th-20th centuries. Joined on 28 April 2014.
  245. NoVomit (talk · contribs)
  246. Notjamesbond (talk · contribs) Interests in boxing and boxing biographies as well as British politicians
  247. NPswimdude500 (talk · contribs) My main focus is primarily hip hop artists.
  248. Ocarrollcian (talk · contribs) My interest is in European and Japanese artists and architects.
  249. Odisha1 (talk · contribs) Biographies from Orissa
  250. OCNative (talk · contribs) My main focuses are United States (with an emphasis on California) politicians, judges, and other government figures.
  251. Odhfan 01 (talk · contribs) (Lady Rose) I do alot of actresses and actors bios. Mostly classic stars from 1930's to 1960's.
  252. Ogram (talk · contribs) My interest is in 20th and 21st century animators and people from the 17th century in New England
  253. Ombudsman (talk · contribs)
  254. Only_Dan (talk · contribs)
  255. Osioni (talk · contribs) – created, expanded many articles/biographies on Irish history, turn of 19th/20th century.
  256. Ozgod (talk · contribs) Interested in actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood, but love working on articles that need fleshing out.
  257. Ozgurgerilla (talk · contribs) Interested in Musicians, Politicians & Scientists.
  258. padmacharan123 (talk · contribs) Interested in Scientists, Statisticians, Mathematicians and Writers
  259. P.B. Pilhet (talk · contribs)
  260. PAIRdoc (talk · contribs)
  261. Paleorthid (talk · contribs) Interested in natural scientists.
  262. Papa Green (talk · contribs) Interested in Colonial history.
  263. Parisinos (talk · contribs) Interested in football and basketball players.
  264. Parsedan (talk · contribs) Interested in microhistory.
  265. Parkwells (talk · contribs) 19th-century women and minorities, people on the frontier; have also worked on many other articles
  266. Party29 (talk · contribs) Sports Players and some actors
  267. Patricknoddy (talk · contribs)
  268. PaulGarner (talk · contribs) Writers, conservationists, musicians, etc.
  269. PaulLev (talk · contribs) Authors, songwriters
  270. Paumure (talk · contribs)
  271. (talk · contribs) Ukrainian figures
  272. pbl1998 (talk · contribs) Any Biographies, mainly people to do with Woking or England/United Kingdom.
  273. PC78 (talk · contribs) Some South Korean actors, but also anything else that takes my interest
  274. Pdcook (talk · contribs) – I am mostly interested in creating/editing biographies of scientists and professors who meet the criteria in WP:Notability (academics), but as a new page patroller I come across a great many other biography articles that I sometimes take under my wing.
  275. Penale52 (talk · contribs)
  276. pepe1958 (talk · contribs) – Primarily concerned with LGBT history and biography
  277. Peter G Werner (talk · contribs) Science and academia and Arts and entertainment workgroups, mainly; specifically, mycologists, photographers, and notable San Francisco Bay Area people, especially artists.
  278. Petercorless (talk · contribs) I have mainly been making biographical entry of Somali warlords and political figures, with occasional forays into other military and historical figures. By choice I'd like to do more with historical medieval figures.
  279. Peterkingiron (talk · contribs) My interest is mainly industrial and transport history. In that context, I have contributed or edited a few articles.
  280. Pfrishauf (talk · contribs) Interested in interesting people (!): architects, builders, entrepreneurs, investors, journalists, and writers.
  281. Phanstar (talk · contribs) Interested in academicians and scientists
  282. PhantomS (talk · contribs) My primary interest is people involved in films with a special emphasis in classic films.
  283. Phidauex (talk · contribs) – working on scientists, particularly neurosciencists of great importance
  284. Phileasson (talk · contribs) main focus working on and improving articles about Olympic athletes.
  285. Philip Cross (talk · contribs) Most of my contributions to WP are to biographies, so adding myself to this list seems perfectly natural.
  286. Philosopher (talk · contribs) – Politics and Government workgroup.
  287. Pinkadelica (talk · contribs) – I mainly work on editing & expanding the biographies of American actors and actress, particularly obscure/lesser known actors from the 1940s-1990s. I also work on bios for musicians and pop culture figures
  288. Pinkville (talk · contribs) – I've worked on quite a few biographies and was the principal contributor to the Featured Articles on Felice Beato, Pierre Rossier, and Adolfo Farsari. I'm interested in photographers, particularly those who have worked outside of Europe and North America, and also interested in working on a variety of biographies of people who have previously been marginalised for whatever reason.
  289. Piotrus (talk · contribs) I write a lot of bio articles, and I'll try to help with the B-class reviews.
  290. Pittsburghfactcheck (talk · contribs) Interested in literary figures, particularly US authors and playwrights, also religious and political figures.
  291. Pjoef (talk · contribs)
  292. Planetneutral (talk · contribs) – lesser Italian artists, particularly Florentines
  293. Plange (talk · contribs) – interested in people from Virginia
  294. pmcyclist (talk · contribs) Mostly people from the 1800-1900's in the New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts areas
  295. Pnswmr (talk · contribs) – I usually do minor edits to everything I see that needs fixing.
  296. Polluxian (talk · contribs) – Bio's of Sportspersons.
  297. PorterO'Shea (talk · contribs)} – It's my thing.
  298. Pramodjain3 (talk · contribs) I would like to join but Wikipedia should also believe in the word we use in editing. There should not be partiality for deletion of content
  299. Presidentman (talk · contribs)
  300. Primus128 (talk · contribs)
  301. User:Priyanku.PhukanPriyanku.Phukan (Talk) 11:21, 26 February 2013 (UTC) - Mainly create, patrol and edit biography articles from Assam, India
  302. Professornova (talk · contribs)- Working on tech biographies.
  303. Psdubow (talk · contribs)
  304. PSUSTATS (talk · contribs)- Working on sports biographies.
  305. Psychless (talk · contribs) – I am mainly interested in the assessment section. See here for my suggestion to get rid of the backlog.
  306. PtrHrngl (talk · contribs) Entertainment and Tech related Bios
  307. Purplebackpack89 (talk · contribs) – Improving American Bios
  308. Pvosta (talk · contribs) – working on biographies of Belgians.
  309. Prav001 (talk · contribs)-Musicians,Bollywood actors ,Playback singers,Physics related article,Biology
  310. Qqqqqq (talk · contribs) – Politics and Government workgroup.
  311. Qst (talk · contribs) Going to help clear out the massive backlog.
  312. Qtsc (talk · contribs) – biographies of mathematicians and scientists
  313. Quest786 (talk · contribs) Politics and Administration during British India.
  314. Quinobi (talk · contribs) I've only written one so far, but I'm also trying to thrash through the WkiProjects and portals to help reorganize them for better alignement to a stucture that makes more sense.
  315. QuintusPetillius (talk · contribs) I have written a few biographies on ancient Scots from the Clan Munro.
  316. Rachack (talk · contribs) (רח"ק‎) 22:17, 25 August 2006 (UTC)
  317. Rajmavrick (talk · contribs)Presently writing for Ziad K Abdelnour, Interested more in writing BLP's
  318. GreenOrca (talk) 21:10, 13 November 2013 (UTC) Interested in writing quality biographies
  319. Ramones Rock (talk · contribs) 19:18, 16 August 2007 (UTC)
  320. Randomkiwi (talk · contribs) Interested in New Zealand biography; particularly New Zealand politicians, senior public servants, and major foreign policy figures in New Zealand. Created about 20 articles to date. Most still in stub stage.
  321. RashBold (talk · contribs) – I have created and/or revised biographical articles related to war, crime and espionage, some of which became were featured in the Main Page as "Did You Know" articles. More to follow.
  322. Ravelair (talk · contribs) – Interested in everything.
  323. Raphnexx (talk · contribs) – Interested in governance,development and policy creation.
  324. Raychostanev (talk · contribs)- biographies of Satyananda yoga persons
  325. Rconroy (talk · contribs) – I write biographies of pianists and, occasionally, contribute to biographies of composers. Otherwise harmless.
  326. RebeccaColdwell (talk · contribs) – I contribute to articles on pop musicians.
  327. RedHotRageSlave (talk · contribs)- I am interested in articles related to music, and bass, ESPECIALLY TIM COMMERFORD
  328. Redmarkviolinist (talk · contribs)- As my name implies, I play the violin and edit violin-related articles.
  329. RedRollerskate (talk · contribs) – Dedicated to wikifying biography articles and adding WPBio tags to articles that don't have them.
  330. Reechard (talk · contribs) – Um, I'm a pianist, composer and writer.
  331. ReformedArsenal (talk · contribs) – I have a particular interest in Christian Biography and hold a M.A. in Church History from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
  332. Refsworldlee (talk · contribs) – I clean up biographies as and when necessary, but mainly write my own, which I don't Class-rate myself of course. Ref (chew)(do) 15:12, 21 January 2008 (UTC)
  333. Renaissancee (talk · contribs) – Assessment department.
  334. Rereward (talk · contribs) – Balkan authors and translators.
  335. Revcasy (talk · contribs) – Biographies of historical figures, particularly medieval.
  336. Revent (talk · contribs)&nbps;– Style, formatting, and layout (tho not really writing or copyedit). ONDB and DNB people ATM.
  337. Rewinn (talk · contribs) – I enjoy'd bio'ing a Revolutionary-era lawyer based on an original copy of his memoirs, and hope to find more such antique sources
  338. Reza 1389 (talk · contribs) – I'm interested to add more biographical pages for musicians.
  339. RHB (talk · contribs) – Generally famous britons and actors that I come across in the course of browsing, as well as some assessment.
  340. Richard Arthur Norton (1958- ) (talk · contribs) I enjoy rescuing people from obscurity, my sources are mostly online newspaper archives that have not been indexed by Google, because they are only archived as a raw OCR dump. My favorite activity is to find a notable person that has no Google reference at all. I am a paid subscriber to several archives. I have been criticized for adding people not considered notable, and of being an "inclusionist". I also like to add the image of an obituary to wikicommons, if it is now in the public domain, and transcribe the full obituary for wikisource, so people can check my facts.
  341. RichardMills65 (talk · contribs) – new here; general cleanup and looking for places for new content addition.
  342. Richardrox (talk · contribs) Contributed to, and created biographies on writers, musicians and artists.
  343. RicoCorinth (talk · contribs) Currently working on the Miss California USA Carrie Prejean="controversy" attack page.
  344. rlhardesty (talk · contribs) – varied interests, will be popping up hither and yon. Glacierman 19:59, 22 December 2006 (UTC)
  345. Ripper777 (talk · contribs) – Contributions consists of structural rewriting of American & European politicians; updating, source linking and expanding notable American sports players, Leagues and Teams; creating demographical wikis of prominent neighborhoods in North America; Assessment department
  346. RGFI (talk · contribs) I've got a particular interest in military biographies.
  347. Rklear (talk · contribs) – Will go anywhere, but my main focus is U.S. politicians, and especially those from Virginia, past and present
  348. RLamb (talk · contribs) – Minor persons and topics, usually 19th c., I come across while browsing.
  349. RobertJDunn (talk · contribs) I have one on one contact with some Canadian classical musicians.
  350. robertjohnsonrj (talk · contribs) particular fields of interest include military-related biographies, explorers, baseball players, auto racers, and some biographies from countries/areas which might not be otherwise included.
  351. Robertwhyteus (talk · contribs) I am creating pages for Australians, especially from Queensland, born 1945-1965, active in politics, culture and environment.
  352. RobJ1981 (talk · contribs)- I work on pro wrestler articles for the most part. I've added the Biography tag to many talk pages that need it as well.
  353. Robth (talk · contribs) — I focus on ancient Greek politicians and generals.
  354. Royalmate1 (talk · contribs) – I focus on American diplomats and politicians
  355. Ruby2010 (talk · contribs) – I focus on European royalty and nobility from the Middle Ages onwards
  356. Runner1928 (talk · contribs) - Americans in underrepresented regions of the country
  357. Rupert1904 (talk · contribs) – Any people that are not already on wiki or have poor, unreferenced pages. Especially footballers, or any atheltes, musicians, actors and local/national people from South Carolina and the Untied States.
  358. Rusted AutoParts (talk · contribs) – Actively beginning to contribute
  359. Rwberndt (talk · contribs) – Working on biographies of brass instrument manufacturers and virtuoso performers.
  360. Possum (talk · contribs) – have been actively contributing to biographies related to movie/tv stars and singers
  361. Rzafar (talk · contribs) – Mostly historical biographies related to Pakistan.
  362. Rtbhive (talk · contribs) – working on biographies of British women comics creators

Active members S thru Z[edit]

  1. S.dedalus (talk · contribs) I specialize in composers, but will do a musician or two in a pinch.
  2. Sabiona (talk · contribs) I work mostly with writers, specifically childrens and young adult authors.
  3. Salmon1 (talk · contribs) -Focusing on American abstract and figurative expressionism and the New York School of the 1950's.
  4. Sainsf (talk · contribs)Will write articles on which I search at Wikipedia and couldn't find.
  5. Samar (talk · contribs)
  6. Samir (talk · contribs) – physicians and Canadians
  7. Samirpshinde (talk · contribs) – I recently joined Wiki and looking at a new avenue for editing.
  8. Samuell1616 (talk · contribs)  – Already active and pitching in special interests - Business , Automobiles , Inventors , world and anything that directly or indirectly effect the Society.
  9. SamWilson989 (talk · contribs) - attempting to empty this category: - and keep it empty.
  10. Sapere aude22 (talk · contribs) – French and Italian revolutionary syndicalists
  11. Sarahj2107 (talk · contribs) – I'm mostly interested in scientists or science related academics
  12. Sardar898 (talk · contribs) Sardar Mohammed Obaid-El-Hakim Khan, World history, Political and Non-Political Biographies. Mainly Interested in Pakistan's, India's, UK's, Kashmir's and Muslim History. Contributed in Biographies.
  13. Sartaj (talk · contribs) – Muslim related bios
  14. Sassf (talk · contribs)
  15. SatyrTN (talk · contribs) – particularly LGBT folks
  16. Savoia (talk · contribs) – swiss huguenot biographies, protestantism, the enlightenment (18th Century) in switzerland
  17. Schmiteye (talk · contribs) – Actors and actresses interest me.
  18. Schrodingerkitty (talk · contribs) – All things John Perry Barlow
  19. Schwindtd (talk · contribs) – political bios
  20. Scott Free (talk · contribs) – Artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers.
  21. Scribblingwoman (talk · contribs) – Women writers (18thc UK) are my main interest.
  22. Scríobhaí (talk · contribs) – Researching the lives of people involved in 20th century Irish culture
  23. Scriptorscorpionis (talk · contribs) – British actors and writers
  24. SenatorSteve (talk · contribs) All things pop culture! Comics, actors, musicians, sports, politicians, history! Check back often!
  25. Sensei2004 (talk · contribs) can help with biographies of some Romanian authors and artists
  26. Sentient Planet (talk · contribs) Animal rights activists, murderers and musicians
  27. Sergiozaragoza (talk · contribs) Mexican politicans and history.
  28. SG (talk · contribs) – Primarily interested in post-Iron Age articles and biographies, mostly anything related to the Persian Empire.
  29. Sgfoote (talk · contribs) – articles and biographies related to Guernsey
  30. sharriso (talk · contribs)I will help update biographies as I come across additional information in my research - mostly U.S. History, with some British History.
  31. Shenhemu (talk · contribs) – biographies of Chinese public figures.
  32. Shirulashem (talk · contribs) Interested in bios of religious, political and military people.
  33. Shojo (talk · contribs) – physicists; also interested in field of politics
  34. Shruti14 (talk · contribs) am interested in several fields
  35. Shtove (talk · contribs) – wrote most of the articles in the category .
  36. Shubhangi194 (talk · contribs)
  37. Shunpiker (talk · contribs)
  38. DanArmiger (talk · contribs) I contribute mainly to actresses and actors biographies.
  39. Sigauri (talk · contribs)
  40. Sijtze Reurich (talk · contribs) Interested in writers and British pop groups of the Sixties.
  41. Silver seren (talk · contribs) I am and will contribute to paleontologists.
  42. Silverwhistle (talk · contribs) Mediæval (Outremer, Montferrat); 18C Scots military personnel. Have already edited, expanded and created some pages.
  43. Simmaren (talk · contribs) – I have various interests including eighteenth and early ninteenth century England, ancient Greece and Rome, law, science. I'm currently [1 June 2007] working on a replacement for the Jane Austen article.
  44. Sizzle Flambé (talk · contribs) – varied interests; recently wrote 7 out of 13 in the Baron Byron biographies from scratch, just to complete the series.
  45. Sjbodell (talk · contribs) – Historian, bioethicist; interest in helping improve pages without references/context.
  46. Sjhnumber1 (talk · contribs) – will help with musicians, and people linked to places.
  47. Sjones23 (talk · contribs) – I will help anywhere I can, especially those of musicians, composers, voice actors and actors.
  48. Skully Collins (talk · contribs) I've contributed to 2 FAs, both Formula One drivers (Damon Hill and Alain Prost.
  49. Skyerise (talk · contribs) - musicians
  50. SMA 97 (talk · contribs)
  51. SMcCandlish (talk · contribs) – main organizer of WikiProject Cue sports and do a lot of work on the bio articles in that field.
  52. Smith Jones (talk · contribs) – please go to this articlea nd help me work on it!!! Smith Jones 21:49, 8 July 2007 (UTC)
  53. Smmmaniruzzaman (talk · contribs) I am interested in the biographies of writers, artists, and film directors. Anyway I am ready to contribute to any biography if it needs my assistance.
  54. Smoth 007 (talk · contribs) Will help anywhere I can.
  55. Smuckola (talk · contribs) I started in Wikipedia by immediately writing a B class biography and have done several more, including artists and high profile celebrities. I'm working on a howto essay and would love to help people.
  56. Smruti2009 (talk · contribs) Its a pleasure to contribute to the World's Largest Encyclopedia.
  57. Snigdh.Chandra (talk · contribs)
  58. SnowWhite_N (talk · contribs) I'm primarily interested in Danish human right activists, history, and literature, but will contribute anywhere I can.
  59. Solar-Poseidon (talk · contribs) I'm focused on assessing articles.
  60. somearemoreequal (talk · contribs) i've started one biography and intend to do more soon.
  61. Spanky_dreamr (talk · contribs) I think the biography project is a very important part of wikipedia. I come across many biography articles are not up to Wikipedia standards, and contribute to them in ways I can (researching and adding references, links, images, copy editing, adding tage when appropriate for guideline issues.)
  62. Sogospelman (talk · contribs) – have created several biographies for members of the Southern Gospel community, famous Cherokee tribal members and Oklahomans.
  63. SpecialWindler (talk · contribs) Will be working on Rugby League Biographies in conjunction with WikiProject Rugby league.
  64. Spicemix (talk · contribs) Enjoy making articles more readable and more scholarly.
  65. SRF (talk · contribs) Happy to help.
  66. ssriram_mt (talk · contribs) S Sriram(talk - my page - contribs) 19:38, 26 November 2011 (UTC)ssriram_mt- Indian Politicians.
  67. Staeiou (talk · contribs)
  68. Staka (talk · contribs)
  69. Stanley011 (talk · contribs) I have an interest in pretty much everything, but I would especially like to help out with articles on politicians from any country, as well as athletes.
  70. Staranise (talk · contribs)
  71. Staxringold (talk · contribs) Learned quite a bit on bio NPOV in working up Wesley Clark to featured status, happy to help wherever (going to start with the backlog on assessment). Staxringold talkcontribs 23:20, 19 March 2007 (UTC)
  72. Sterry2607 (talk · contribs) Working on Australian writers and filmmakers
  73. SteveHopson (talk · contribs) – I want to support this effort to bring higher standards to Wiki biographies. I have a particular interest in biographies of photographers.
  74. SteveStrummer (talk · contribs)
  75. Stilltim (talk · contribs) – I'm working on notable people from Delaware and the US Congress in general.
  76. Stmullin (talk · contribs) I have an interest in notable people in education. Stmullin (talk) 17:16, 22 July 2013 (UTC)
  77. Strobilus (talk · contribs) – I've mostly edited musician biographies, but find myself tagging many other biographies, adding infoboxes, and copy editing.
  78. Studerby (talk · contribs) happy to do incidental WPBiography as I work through my other projects, since there's a lot of intersection
  79. Studiumactoris (talk · contribs) I would like to concentrate my contribution at WPBiography on personalities in the physical theatre area
  80. Sugar Daddy (talk · contribs) mostly interested in US sports figures, actors, musicians and various other cultural icons of the last 20 yrs
  81. SunCreator (talk · contribs) – 12:56, 10 September 2009 (UTC) Assessment templates
  82. Suriel1981 (talk · contribs) Have found myself editing and sourcing biographies.
  83. SwiftSCW (talk · contribs) Biographies of Filipino artists, musicians, songwriters, movie and music world.
  84. Symbolic_by_Nature (talk · contribs) Spirituality, Metaphysics, Mysticism, UFO, Alien, Canadian Content re:Canadian Psychics
  85. SympatheticResonance (talk · contribs) somatics, osteopathy, martial arts, movement therapies.
  86. Synthfiend (talk · contribs) Working on addition and improvement of notable designers, inventors, and artists related to synthesizers and electronic music.
  87. Sweet kate (talk · contribs) Have ended up working on theologians and professed religious, by happenstance
  88. Swiftscw (talk · contribs) I will be happy to help out on this project during my spare time
  89. Swa1111 (talk · contribs) Working on the Roger Morgan article
  90. Tachs (talk · contribs) Likes to work on biographies and India related articles
  91. Tadakuni (talk · contribs) can contribute bios of Japanese political and military figures of roughly 1000-1945 C.E.
  92. tanzeelahad (talk · contribs) I Will write articles, Muslim related bios, politicians bios etc etc
  93. Tattoodwaitress (talk · contribs) Interest in bio's re: crime, and/or alcohol/drug addiction and 12 step
  94. Taymaishu (talk · contribs) Working on cleaning and re-organising many Australian Political biographies, usually on current serving members and back-benchers/opposition members to raise profiles.
  95. Teambb1 (talk · contribs) – Trying to learn how Wikipedia works. Contributing to various music-related articles.
  96. Techistoria (talk · contribs) - I interview scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs working in the technology space and futurists. Working on adding more photos and information of people in technology- I just joined.
  97. Teckelberg7 (talk · contribs)
  98. Teleomatic (talk · contribs) – mostly interested in writers, artists and religious figures
  99. Tellervo (talk · contribs) Classical/Ancient Roman biographies. Biographies of historical Finnish persons. Planning to do a few biographies of Indian philosophers, - mostly Vedantins. Tellervo 16:44, 28 January 2007 (UTC)
  100. Temporary for Bonaparte (talk · contribs) – Interested in writing articles on the Bonapartes.
  101. Tencourt (talk · contribs) - mainly Italian writers and musicians
  102. Terrenjpeterson (talk · contribs) – Interested in sports and science/technology.
  103. TestTubeFiasco (talk · contribs) Artists and writers, the odd scientist in interest of cultural diversity, perhaps a spy or two :)
  104. Thebrycepeake (talk · contribs): Feminist scholars in anthropology & Media Studies
  105. Thecabbageburst (talk · contribs) Dubsteppers, Soccer players, thats basically it
  106. The Companion (talk · contribs) Writers in English.
  107. The Giant Puffin (talk · contribs) – I can help with many sports and politics articles, as well as others
  108. The Gnome (talk · contribs): Anything! Bring it on.
  109. The Haiku Master (talk · contribs) – Recently shifted to music bios after working on album/song articles.
  110. The Lilac Pilgrim (talk · contribs) – Will help wherever. May help to know I have a special interest in musicians, actors and actresses, TV shows and spies
    I will work on actual bios if I'm satisfied with the project's assessment progress.
  111. Thefourdotelipsis (talk · contribs)
  112. Theman244 (talk · contribs)
  113. Themcman1 (talk · contribs)
  114. Theoa (talk · contribs) – Worked on Nigel Foster (kayaker) and minor edits elsewhere.
  115. Thepoodlechef (talk · contribs)
  116. TheseDitoRS (talk · contribs) – US/World social and cultural history; spelling and other typos of non-quoted biographical material.
  117. Thesocialearth (talk · contribs) – Human trafficking field, notable personalities in HT
  118. TheVirginiaHistorian (talk · contribs) – primary interest in US history: politics and ideas, society and migrations, cultures and change
  119. Thewar364 (talk · contribs) – Interested in German-Swiss composers/ conductors/ Musicians between 1800-1960ish
  120. Thewinchester (talk · contribs) A man of infoboxes, monitors main page for biography articles and infoboxes them accordingly.
  121. Thusnelda (talk · contribs) – Interests include Midwestern figures and people affiliated with music and literature.
  122. TiMike (talk · contribs) Primarily concentrating on golf, Philadelphia, and colleges.
  123. Tim Ross (talk · contribs) I've done several bibliographic articles, involving very diverse but interesting Americans.
  124. Timlight (talk · contribs)
  125. TinaSparkle (talk · contribs) Wide range of historical and current biographical interests, especially Britain, South Asia, the Islamic world and women.
  126. Tinucherian (talk · contribs) – Mostly interested in writing and improving Indian personalities but can definitely help in Assessment as I do for multiple projects
  127. Toddj (talk · contribs) Many years of research into history and royal/noble genealogies with special interest in Medieval Europe and secondary interests in ancient Egypt and the ancient Middle East in general. I have a large library of reference materials and am acquiring more daily. I also have a developing interest in heraldry, onomastics and prosopography. I have an ambition to be a WikiGnome, and try to clean up spelling, grammar and minor factual errors and fix broken links whenever I see them.
  128. Toddisme (talk · contribs) Interest in biographies of artists working in emerging / new media
  129. Toddst1 (talk · contribs) Many colonial american biographies, american politicians and modern journalists
  130. TomCat4680 (talk · contribs) U.S. Presidents and politicians, historical figures, current members of the media.
  131. TommyBoy (talk · contribs), I have created multiple biography articles, mostly related to politics and government.
  132. Tomsv 98 (talk · contribs), I would like to see all members of the Grand Old Opry have good articles. It is a daunting task. I am starting by making sure they all have infoboxes.
  133. TonyBallioni (talk · contribs), I am willing to help in anyway possible
  134. Tonymartin (talk · contribs), American history. History of American slavery. Colonial and Civil War era.
  135. TonyTheTiger (talk · contribs), I have created numerous business, and business history bio articles. I have also dabbed numerous names after bio research clarified identities. I have overhauled the Category:Families section with 3 major Families by subcategories.
  136. Tovojolo (talk · contribs), Biographies of Actors and Actresses.
  137. Thruxton (talk · contribs) Intrested in famous British motorcyclists
  138. Trap The Drum Wonder (talk · contribs), The unknown bands prior to the mainstream groups.
  139. Trengarasu (talk · contribs) I like to contribute with Sri Lankan political figures biographies.
  140. Trevj (talk · contribs) – more likely to edit scientists' biographies than those of others
  141. Triviaa (talk · contribs) I work on editing and tagging biographies.
  142. Tutmosis (talk · contribs) Plan to help with rating articles.
  143. TwentiethApril1986 (talk · contribs) Interested in improving articles on British people who have or currently work for the BBC.
  144. Twiglet23 (talk · contribs) Plans to mostly edit author bios, but will assess all-around.
  145. Ultracobalt (talk · contribs) Interested in lesser-known but important people during the period of Nazi Germany and immediate post-war Germany. Have created several B-class articles of heretofore unknown people.
  146. Uncommon Ground (talk · contribs) Graduate public relations student in Chicago learning the ropes. I would love to help. Doing my thesis on notable publicists and strategy.
  147. Undead_warrior (talk · contribs) Historical people and music related people.
  148. UnDeadGoat (talk · contribs) Focus on historical figures of Ancient Rome, especially late Republic/early Empire.
  149. Unionhawk (talk · contribs) I'll help in any way possible.
  150. Urbashi (talk · contribs) -interested in writing biographies, specially from India
  151. Ursulanium (talk · contribs) Biographies are important to me because it is a record of life.
  152. Utilizer (talk · contribs) Notables in film and music history.
  153. Valdiazdelcarpio (talk · contribs)~Sushi
  154. Vaoverland (talk · contribs) I'm interested mostly in persons in Virginia, West Virginia, and land transportation history.
  155. Varnent (talk · contribs) Interested in people involved with the LGBT community.
  156. vbofficial (talk · contribs)
  157. Veduny (talk · contribs)I have edited a few biographies,mainly entertainers and royalty for now, and want to continue to improve Wikipedia biographies AND my own knowledge and contributions. Cheers.
  158. VegaDark (talk · contribs) I've written several already (mostly on sportspersons) and plan on writing more.
  159. Vensatry (talk · contribs) I have written several BLPs mostly on Indian actors
  160. Vernon39 (talk · contribs) Mostly interested in 19th C British persons, at present.
  161. Vibhabamba (talk · contribs) interested in helping out
  162. Vinsfan368 (talk · contribs)
  163. Visor (talk · contribs) – Working with missing biographies from Encyklopedia PWN.
  164. Voice99 (talk · contribs)-interested in cleaning up articles for tone and content when I notice one that needs it.
  165. vonfraginoff (talk · contribs) Editing and tagging.
  166. Wadewitz (talk · contribs) – I am endeavoring to increase the quality of wikipedia's entries on eighteenth-century British and American figures, particularly writers and artists.
  167. Wai Hong (talk · contribs) Malaysian biographies.
  168. Walter_Humala (talk · contribs) I'll be contributing on South America related bios.
  169. Warlordjohncarter (talk · contribs) – Work primarily with religious based biographies, may try to be helpful (emphasis on try - I'm still new to most of this) for some of the core biographies as well
  170. WBardwin (talk · contribs) I'm strangely obsessed with 19th century biographies, primarily American and European, often dealing with civil rights, western expansion, and religious movements. I've initiated and cleaned up quite a few.
  171. Wellontop (talk · contribs) Biographies of notable business people.
  172. whirly_bits (talk · contribs) Am particularly interested in figures involved in technology, astronomy, aerospace and WWII.
  173. Whyaduck (talk · contribs) I've dabbled a bit in existing biographies, mostly of architects and Californians, mostly doing gnome stuff and a bit of expansion (such as with Harriet Doerr). I'll probably stick mostly to that, occasionaly adding a new subject.
  174. William239 (talk · contribs) I'll help with any article that you need help with. I just really want to improve Wikipedia
  175. Wikidemon (talk · contribs) – enjoy writing biographies and connecting current and historical figures to important cultural, social, scientific, and business developments, showing how everything and everyone are so interlinked. Also like to improve and add links and further backrground to existing articles. Generally like to work on people who are notable but not famous, e.g. the founder of an important company or inventor of a ubiquitous technology.
  176. Wikidgood (talk · contribs) History graduate frequently attend graduate program presentations. Special areas of interest include "conventional" and atomic bombing of Japan, Japanese prisoner of war, WWII survivor studi
  177. Wikimandia (talk · contribs) — work mostly on peerage and historic bios, but will fix any article I come across
  178. Winelight (talk · contribs) A few specialist biographies in the international development arena primarily
  179. World (talk · contribs)
  180. World_Flying (talk · contribs) – I will be happy to help out on this project as I have spare time
  181. Xenxax (talk · contribs) – areas of interest: art, film, literature, history, culture ...
  182. XXSNUGGUMSXX (talk · contribs)
  183. Yorkshiresoul (talk · contribs) – broad range of interests across musicians, authors, sportsmen and athletes
  184. Zamdrist (talk · contribs) – Interested in writing biographies, especially 18-19th Century women.
  185. Zanzibar64 (talk · contribs) – Interested in biographies and African History.
  186. Zarghun11 (talk · contribs) – Interested in biographies of those,who are sso far unknown to to the World.

Admin members[edit]

Below are project members who are also Wikipedia admins (in A-Z order)

  1. 23skidoo (talk · contribs)
  2. AnonEMouse (talk · contribs) - BLP issues; adult film performers; and others as the mood strikes me
  3. Avraham (talk · contribs)
  4. Capitalistroadster (talk · contribs)
  5. Catfish Jim and the soapdish (talk · contribs)
  6. Cbrown1023 (talk · contribs)
  7. Dank (talk · contribs)
  8. Deiz (talk · contribs)
  9. Drilnoth (talk · contribs) • I mainly just do smaller stuff in the course of my other editing
  10. Dumelow (talk · contribs) I work mainly on biographies of civil engineers
  11. FloNight (talk · contribs) Interested in WP:BLP issues. Writing biographies for Wikipedia:WikiProject Kentucky, mostly about people in civil war and politicians.
  12. Ganeshk (talk · contribs)
  13. Glen_S (talk · contribs)
  14. Greeves (talk · contribs)
  15. Jennavecia (talk · contribs) - In the area of BLPs.
  16. John Carter (talk · contribs)
  17. Johntex (talk · contribs)
  18. Jreferee (talk · contribs) - I've written a bunch of bios and have a soft spot for those people who edit their own biography. Any problems in that area or other biography area, please contact me.
  19. Kaldari (talk · contribs)
  20. Kanonkas (talk · contribs) I am giving biographies files. I'm trying to edit them with more information, mainly it'll be about celebrities. I'm also trying to remove unsourced BLP, that may be defamatory or not. I'll be happy to look after a BLP related article, or if you need something (e.g. protection) feel free to ask me.
  21. kingboyk (talk · contribs)
  22. MichaelQSchmidt (talk · contribs)
  23. Nishkid64 (talk · contribs) I want to help out with articles on world leaders and politicians. Also have been helping out with WikiProject Missing regarding U.S. House politicians.
  24. Philosopher (talk · contribs) - Politics and Government workgroup.
  25. Plange (talk · contribs)
  26. Sandstein (talk · contribs) — I'm working my way through a biographical lexicon of jurists and should be done in, say, 2012.
  27. Scimitar (talk · contribs) - I was the principal editor on the Isaac Brock featured article, and have written around 200 bios and stubs, mostly in the field of Canadian politics and NHL players, although I dabble in anything that catches my eye.
  28. SlimVirgin (talk · contribs) — I've written or significantly contributed to around 36 bios, three of which are featured articles, and I've created another 21 stubs, so it's a genre I've very interested in, and I'm particularly interested in BLP issues and the question of how to balance the need for fairness with NPOV.
  29. SoothingR (talk · contribs)
  30. TKD (talk · contribs) — My work in modern video gaming and science fiction popular culture has led me to work intermittently on related biographies.
  31. UkPaolo (talk · contribs)
  32. Vaoverland (talk · contribs) - I mostly work with history, geography and transportation articles related to Virginia and West Virginia, willing to help other project editors with moves, etc., try to avoid controversy, would rather work on content. aka Mark in Historic Triangle of Virginia
  33. VegaDark (talk · contribs)
  34. Wizardman (talk · contribs) - General improvement, lots of assessing and tag adding.
  35. Xdamr (talk · contribs) mostly South African politicians and other notables, 1850-1950.
  36. Yannismarou (talk · contribs)

Inactive members[edit]

This list includes those members of the project who have not edited for at least three months; it is manually updated on a periodic basis. If your name has been moved here, please feel free to move it back to the active members section upon your return.

  1. CommCorr (talk · contribs)
  2. PhD Historian (talk · contribs) For purposes of Wikipedia, my primary interest will be Tudor-Stuart English biography.
  3. RFlynn1000 (talk · contribs) – I've worked mostly with authors, but have a lot to learn.
  4. Rohitde (talk · contribs) Indians, famous women from history, lawyers
  5. Smelialichu (talk · contribs) – I'm working through transferring biographies from the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica. I'm Working from B (most of A is supposedly already entered)
  6. SusanLesch (talk · contribs) mostly inactive
  7. W Tanoto (talk · contribs) i don't plan to be active, but normally without me noticing, I edited the article under this project. Royal Family, politician, random.
  8. Wootking (talk · contribs) I just want to help out with this. I may be able to contribute several articles...

Users who no longer exist[edit]

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Biography/Members/Missing Users for former members whose Wikipedia accounts no longer exist.