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Henry T. Waskow[edit]

This is a relatively short subject, as the subject is most famous for his legacy rather than the length of his life. I'd like to see if we could bring it to A-level fairly quickly. Not sure a subject this short could ever become a featured article, but I want it to be the best it could be. --Leifern (talk) 23:36, 15 October 2008 (UTC)

Review by Nvineeth[edit]

  • Expand the lead as per WP:LEAD
  • Consider placing the part "Ernie Pyle wrote of Captain Waskow" in the main body of the article, instead of in the lead
  • The sentence, "Waskow was born in DeWitt County, Texas, the seventh of eight children, by children of German immigrants" should be reworded.
  • Consider breaking the sentence, "He attended the public schools and graduated from Belton High School in 1935, as president of the student council, receiving top grades and showing a particular aptitude for mathematics." into two or three discrete sentences.
  • Try to provide see also, external links to good articles related to him.,

Thanks. — Nvineeth talk 06:47, 10 November 2008 (UTC)