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The outreach department of the Birds WikiProject is a centralized work area for project recruitment and member interaction efforts. The major program currently underway is a monthly project newsletter; further ideas are always welcome, of course!

Project userboxes[edit]

{{tl|User WP Birds Userbox}} results in

This user is a member of
WikiProject Birds.

[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Birds/Outreach/User Domesticated pigeons task force]] results in

Owlhead.jpg This user is a member of the domestic pigeon task force

Welcoming new members[edit]

To welcome a new participant to the project, copy the following and paste it onto their talk page.

{{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject Birds/Outreach/Welcome|~~~~}}

That will result in the following being displayed:


Current issue[edit]

Protonotaria-citrea-002 edit.jpg

TWEET: The Birds WikiProject Newsletter
June 2015

It has been a very long time since we've sent out a project newsletter, and much has changed since our last (2009) issue. Among the project's biggest challenges has been the loss of some of our most productive members (who have left Wikipedia entirely), and the move of some editors to other areas of the encyclopedia. In an effort to revitalize the project, and to provide an area where we can pat ourselves on the back a bit for what is being accomplished, I've decided to restart our project newsletter. I've set up a spot to make suggestions (see the "tip line" link above) for future content or structure — or to let me know if I've forgotten to list something you've worked on! — MeegsC

Articles of note

Obviously, there have been many additions to our showcase since the last newsletter (in 2009). Here are the articles added since January 2015.

Forest raven—one of our newest featured articles

New featured articles:

New good articles:

DYK appearances:

New project members

Project news
  • The project's cleanup listing now includes nearly 2500 articles with a total of more than 3600 issues—some of which have been tagged for almost a decade. From quick fix issues like dead external links and deprecated citation parameters to more involved requests for more information, there's plenty to keep you busy if you're looking for something to do.
  • The requirements for featured lists have changed significantly since most of the project's lists passed muster, and a number of the latter have recently been brought up for review. The lists for Egypt, Florida, Kansas and Massachusetts are currently under review and threatened with demotion, while those for Belize, California and Oklahoma have already been delisted. Insufficient citations and inadequate leads were the primary problems mentioned.
  • Casliber has nominated frigatebird for FA status. Any suggestions for improvement would be appreciated.
Bird news
  • A new Colombian species, Perijá tapaculo (Scytalopus perijanus) has been described in the March 2015 issue of The Auk. Although it was first collected nearly 7 decades ago, it has only recently been discovered (through morphological and DNA studies) to be a distinct species. Unfortunately, it is found in the country's ongoing conflict zone, which may threaten its long term survival. Read more here.
  • A recent Handbook of Shorebirds of the World blog post posits that Australia's Banded Stilt might actually be more closely related to the avocets than the other stilts.
  • The US Fish and Wildlife Service last month announced its intention to beef up the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in an effort to reduce the number of bird deaths caused by hazards such as uncovered oil waste pits, gas flares, unprotected communications towers and power lines. Read more here. Interestingly, the US House of Representatives has responded by removing all funding for enforcement of the act. The American Birding Association's explanation of the issue is here.
  • In Malta, a proposal to ban the spring hunting of Eurasian turtle dove and common quail was defeated on referendum. The BBC's article on the vote's outcome is here.
Newsletter challenge

Per a request dating from January 2015, we're looking for someone to expand the crested quetzal article. Here is a list of books which might prove useful. The editor who gets the article to DYK status (1500 words, not including citations; check the DYK rules) will be mentioned in next month's newsletter.

Got a suggestion? A correction? Something you'd like to see included in a future issue? Drop a note at the Tip Line with your ideas!

To stop receiving this newsletter, or to receive it in a different format, please list yourself in the appropriate section here.


Delivery options[edit]

By default, we will provide a link to the current issue of the newsletter on your talk page when it comes out. If you would prefer, you may choose instead to have the newsletter delivered directly to you (that is, to have the full newsletter posted to your talk page), or to not receive the newsletter in any form.

If you are not a member of the project but would like a copy of the newsletter, please add your name in the Non-members section below.

Full contents[edit]

No delivery[edit]


Delivery instructions[edit]

  1. Members in the full content list above will receive full-content delivery:
    {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject Birds/Outreach/Newsletter MONTHNAME YEAR}}.
  2. Members in the no delivery list above will receive nothing.
  3. Members on the list of members, except for those on either of the two special lists above, will receive a link-only delivery:
    {{subst:Wikipedia:WikiProject Birds/Outreach/Newsletter link|MONTHNAME YEAR}}.
  4. Editors in the non-members list above will receive either full-content or link-only delivery, as specified.