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A general book article includes:

  1. A detailed lead (introduction) to the book and its writers.
  2. A book synopsis.
  3. Information about its publication.
  4. A balanced analysis regarding its reception (abiding by neutral point of view).
  5. Noteworthy citations and sources.

Non-fiction biography books and similar articles[edit]

The following describes possible structures for: Biography or Autobiography, History and general non-fiction book articles.



  • add into the infobox the first edition and possibly the first paperback edition ISBN, any others would go in ==Release details== section at the end of the article
  • see The Guns of August


  • Synopsis / Overview / Themes
  • There is no universal set length for a synopsis, though it should not be excessively long. While longer descriptions may appear to provide more data to the reader, a more concise summary may in fact be more informative as it highlights the most important elements.[1]
  • Awards and nominations / Popular success / Publication
  • Reviews / Commercial and critical reception / Criticism / Analysis / Reception
  • include facts (with a cited source), and the opinions of notable people that have been published in some form. The section should be reserved for critical analysis of the book by notable, published critics.
  • no personal opinions, views i.e. a subjective book review
  • Wikipedia:Neutral point of view
  • Contents / Chapters
  • an exhaustive list of contents, without any editorial commentary or significance, should not be included. Unless the list has encyclopedic value it is better to convey this in the synopsis.
  • Release details / Editions / Publication
  • {{cite book}} {{cite book |author= | title= | publisher= | year= | isbn=1234567890 | pages= }}
  • title, author, publisher , year, pages, ISBNs – The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870—1914, David McCullough, Simon & Schuster New York 1977 Octavo, pp. 698, ISBN 0671225634, ISBN 0671244094 (Pbk.) – David Hackett Fischer (2004). Washington's Crossing, p. 564, Oxford University Press. ISBN 0195170342.
  • year, country, publisher (ISBN), Pub Date, edition – 1989, UK, Fontana (ISBN 0006165745), Pub Date 9 February 1989, Paperback
  • list the first editions and perhaps the most respected current editions, mention if it is a partial list. Possible order: hardcover, paperback, audio book, e-book.
  • contains XX photographs, X maps etc.
  • Adaptations
  • tv-series, films, etc.
  • See also
  • References / Sources / Footnotes / Notes
  • External link(s)
  • f.ex. full review links, for PD books full text link



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Non-fiction science books[edit]


  1. ^ see Wikipedia:How to write a plot summary. Synopsis should be between 400 and 700 words (about 600 words), but should not exceed 900 words unless there is a specific reason such as being complicated.