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This is the newsroom where you can write for the Red Sox Project newsletter. It is currently the offseason, so the amount of content to write about may be scarce. Please contact jj137, Stormtracker94, or RyRy5 if you would like to write for the newsletter.



Project News[edit]

  • The projects' top importance article, Boston Red Sox has been suggested for a splitting (sections turn into seperate articles with the most important of the information staying on the Red Sox page, but all of the information going to the new page). The discussion is here.
  • So, while Diligent Terrier Bot is MIA, I'm fine with having SoxBot II deliver it. Whoever is finalizing the newsletter can drop me a note to deliver it, if it's ready. Xclamation point 05:56, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

Team News[edit]

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