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This is a style guide to creating articles about professional and amateur boxers, as established by consensus among participants of WikiProject Boxing. For any suggestions, questions or feedback on these guidelines, please post a message at the project talk page.

Articles about boxers should follow the structure outlined below to ensure consistency, as well as adherence to biographies of living persons. The purpose of this guide is to standardise the use of various formats including infoboxes, weight classes, sanctioning body titles, article prose, record tables, succession boxes, and categories.


An article should ideally begin with {{infobox boxer}}:

{{Infobox boxer
| name = 
| image = 
| caption = 
| realname = 
| nickname = 
| weight = 
| height = 
| reach = 
| nationality = 
| birth_name = 
| birth_date = {{birth date and age|yyyy|mm|dd}}
| birth_place = 
| death_date = {{death date and age|yyyy|mm|dd|yyyy|mm|dd}}
| death_place = 
| style = 
| total = 
| wins = 
| KO = 
| losses = 
| draws = 
| no contests = 
| medaltemplates = 
  • name – The name by which a boxer is best known within mainstream media; middle names do not go here.
  • image – Use one if available (check Commons), in accordance with Wikipedia's image policies.
  • caption – Second name only, and year if known; e.g., Holmes in 1997 or Foreman at [event], 2011. This will usually be a sentence fragment, so do not use a closing period, per WP:CAPFRAG.
    • If the image contains an opponent, pipe link and use only their second name if an article exists for them; e.g., Frazier (left), vs. [[Muhammad Ali|Ali]], 1974.
  • realname – Their full name, including middle or other names, but leave blank if it is the same as that of the name field. Consider using {{nowrap}}, but not if their name is exorbitantly long character-wise.
  • nicknames – List any verifiable nicknames, separated using {{plainlist}} rather than line breaks (<br> or <br />).
  • weight – List all weight classes in which they have competed, separated using {{plainlist}} and starting with the lightest first.
  • If they have only competed a few times at a certain weight, with neither a major nor minor title at stake, do not include it. If at least a minor title was at stake for one fight, include that weight class.
  • The various boxing sanctioning bodies each have their own naming format for weight classes, but Wikipedia's own article titles should be used in this field. For more on this usage, including formatting details such as case and hyphenation, see the Lead section below.
  • Do not include the actual weight figure in brackets; e.g, Bantamweight (118 lbs)
  • height – This field autoconverts the figure, without the need for conversion templates; e.g., 5 ft 11 in or 1.80 m, depending on regional unit preference.
  • reach – Same as above, except use inches instead of feet and centimetres instead of metres; e.g., 182 cm or 71+1/2 in. The latter results in "71½ in".
  • nationality – Their current citizenship or nationality. Do not pipe link to commonly known nationalities such as American, Russian, British, Mexican, Canadian, Australian, German, etc., per WP:OVERLINK.
    • For less commonly known nationalities, linking may be used; e.g., [[United States Virgin Islands|U.S. Virgin Islander]], [[Guinea]]n, [[Suriname]]se, [[Myanmar|Myanma]]. Nationalities in which the spelling changes accordingly may also be linked; e.g., [[Philippines|Filipino]].
    • Do not link to articles about ethnicity, such as [[Nigerians|Nigerian]] or [[Filipinos|Filipino]].
    • Flag icons should absolutely not be added, per WP:INFOBOXFLAG.
  • birth_name – If they have legally changed their name from their birth name to their current one.
  • birth_date – Include either {{birth date and age}} or {{birth date}}. To force DMY format, use df=y.
  • birth_place – Reasonable detail can be used here: boroughs, city, county, region, state/province, and country.
  • style – Use either [[Orthodox stance|Orthodox]] or [[Southpaw stance|Southpaw]], but not specialised techniques such as [[Switch hitter]] or [[Peek-a-Boo (boxing style)|Peek-a-boo]]; the latter are not stances.
  • losses – Include a "0" even if they are undefeated.
  • draws – Leave blank if they have not had any draws, as the total / wins / losses fields render this one redundant. Remove the field entirely if they have retired with no draws.
  • no contests – Also leave blank if they have none. Remove the field entirely if they have retired without any no contests.
  • medaltemplates – If they have won medals at notable amateur events, include {{medal}} on a new line below the field, and change the example content accordingly:
| medaltemplates = 
{{MedalSport | Men's [[amateur boxing]]}}
{{MedalCountry | {{RUS}} }}
{{MedalCompetition | [[World Amateur Boxing Championships|World Championships]]}}
{{MedalGold | [[2007 AIBA World Boxing Championships|2007 Chicago]] | Lightweight}}
{{MedalSilver | [[2008 Summer Olympics|2008 Beijing]] | [[Boxing at the 2008 Summer Olympics – Light welterweight|Light-welterweight]]}}
{{MedalCompetition | [[European Amateur Boxing Championships|European Championships]]}}
{{MedalBronze | [[2010 European Amateur Boxing Championships|2010 Moscow]] | Welterweight}}

Lead section[edit]

The lead section should include basic information about a boxer and an overview of their notable accomplishments. Below are several examples depending on whether a boxer has held a world/regional title; if they are a multi-weight world champion; whether they are active or retired; when they competed; if they are living or dead; if their name uses a foreign script; the use of nicknames; which variety of English is preferable; among others.

Example lead sections[edit]

Active boxers[edit]

Boxer Name (born January 1, 1980) is an American professional boxer who has held the IBF light heavyweight title since 2013.

Boxer Name (born 1 February 1990) is a British professional boxer. He has held the WBA (Regular) super-middleweight title since 2015, having previously held the WBC Silver middleweight title from 2011 to 2013. As an amateur he represented England at the at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, winning a gold medal in the light-welterweight division.

Boxer Name (born 1 April 1995) is a German professional boxer who fights at welterweight.

Boxer Name (born 1 November 1985) is an Ivorian professional boxer who held the WBA (Super) bantamweight title from 2006 to 2009.

Boxer "Nickname" Name (born December 1, 1992) is a Filipino professional boxer. He is a former three-weight world champion, having held multiple titles at featherweight, lightweight, and welterweight, as well as an interim title at super bantamweight. As of September 2016, he is ranked as the world's ninth best boxer, pound for pound, by BoxRec.

Boxer Name (Armenian: օրինակ, մարզիկ 10; born 1 February 1987) is an Armenian Canadian professional boxer. She has held the WBC female super-welterweight title since 2009, having previously held the WBO female welterweight and junior welterweight titles from 2007 to 2009.

Boxer Name (born 1 March 1983) is a Polish professional boxer. He is the reigning undisputed heavyweight champion, having held the WBA (Unified) and WBC titles since 2011; the IBF title since 2013; and the WBO, The Ring magazine, and lineal titles since 2014. As of July 2016, he is ranked as the world's fourth best boxer, pound for pound, by The Ring.

Boxer Name (Russian: Пример спортсмен 12; born 1 April 1975) is a Russian professional boxer. He held the European middleweight title from 1999 to 2004; the European Union middleweight three times from 2006 to 2011; and has challenged twice for a super-middleweight world title, in 2012 and 2015. As an amateur he won a bronze medal in the light-middleweight division at the 2010 European Championships.

Boxer Name (born June 1, 1989) is an Argentine professional boxer who has held the unified WBC, IBF, and WBO super flyweight titles since 2013.

Boxer Name (born January 1, 1988) is a Cuban amateur boxer. He won consecutive gold medals in the light heavyweight division at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics, as well as silver in the heavyweight division at the World Championships.

Former boxers[edit]

"Nickname" Boxer Name (born March 1, 1970) is a Mexican former professional boxer who competed from 1991 to 2004, and held the WBO junior heavyweight title in 1998.

Boxer Name (born Different Name; May 1, 1960 – June 1, 2015) was a Surinamese professional boxer who competed from 1979 to 2001. He held the IBO super featherweight title twice, from 1990 to 1992, and 1993 to 1995; and challenged four times for the IBF lightweight title between 1996 and 2000.

Boxer Name (Ukrainian: Приклад спортсмен 6; born 1 July 1978) is a Ukrainian former amateur boxer who won a gold medal in the super-heavyweight division at the 1996 Olympics.

An example lead section with just about everything wrong:

Red x.svg

Boxer Name (born on August the 13th of 1994 in Queens, New York City, New York, United States of America) is an Undefeated American professional boxer who is the reigning International Boxing Federation and Lineal Light Heavyweight Champion and a former Middleweight Title holder. He is promoted by Big Bucks Promotions and managed by Bux Kelinsky and trained by Eddie Trainer. He has beaten 10 former World Champions including Boxer #1, Boxer #2, Boxer #3 and Boxer #4.

General guidelines[edit]

  • As with the infobox, avoid pipe linking to commonly known nationalities such as [[United States|American]] or [[Mexico|Mexican]].
  • If a boxer holds dual nationalities, relevant articles may be linked; e.g., [[Armenians in Germany|Armenian German]], [[Haitian American]], [[British Canadian]] or [[Greek Australian]].
    • Do not link to such articles if a boxer is no longer a citizen of their country of birth; only link to the nationalities they currently represent.
  • Ethnicity, besides country of citizenship, should not be mentioned in this section, per MOS:BLPLEAD. They are better placed in the Early life or Personal life sections.
  • For activity status, use former instead of retired, as a retired boxer may still be in some form of employment regardless of their age.
  • Use [Nationality] former professional boxer instead of the nonsensical former [Nationality] professional boxer, as boxers are unlikely to be made stateless.
  • List the year ranges when they competed, if retired.
  • If they are exceptionally well known by their nickname, such as James "Buster" Douglas, Donovan "Razor" Ruddock or Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez, then that can be included as part of the opening sentence.
    • In almost every other case, state their nickname afterwards and expand upon it if there is an interesting story to tell. For more on the general usage of nicknames, see MOS:LEADALT.
  • Undefeated records for active boxers should not be emphasised, per WP:PEA. The infobox presents such statistics with a more neutral point of view.
    • If a boxer retired or died undefeated, particularly if they were a world champion, then that can be mentioned.
  • Do not pipe link [[professional boxing|professional boxer]] or [[amateur boxing|amateur boxer]], as this is discouraged by WP:NOTBROKEN and MOS:NOPIPE. Also avoid splitting links; e.g., [[professional boxing|professional]] [[boxing|boxer]].
  • Pound for pound or weight class rankings by The Ring magazine, BoxRec, and the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board may be included if a boxer has been ranked inside the top ten at any point in their career. Include at least a month when this occurred, with a reliable source.
    • When referring to The Ring, use a pipe link of [[The Ring magazine Pound for Pound|pound for pound]].
  • It is best practice to avoid the use of "current", per MOS:REALTIME. Instead, use ... has held the IBF lightweight title since..." rather than ... is the current IBF lightweight champion."
  • If they have challenged for world, interim, European, British, or Commonwealth titles, mention how many times and at which weight class.
  • For past title reigns, use year ranges except for the current year. For title reigns taking place in the current year, use month ranges; dates are too specific for the lead.
  • Notable wins or opponents should not be included in the lead section as that does not represent a concise overview of the article; it does not present a neutral point of view; and there is no objective way to determine what makes a victory notable. If it is believed that a single notable victory should be added for a specific boxer, discuss it first on the article's talk page or on the talk page of this WikiProject to determine by consensus whether or not that information should go in the lead section.
    • If a boxer has never won a world title but has defeated a significant number of past or future world champions, then that can be mentioned for notability.
  • Trainers, promoters or managers should not be listed, per WP:PROMO, but can be mentioned in the Professional career section if they are relevant.

Sanctioning body, weight class and championship formatting[edit]

These are the formats used by the four main sanctioning bodies, The Ring magazine, and Wikipedia's own articles:

WBA [1] WBC [2] IBF [3] WBO [4] The Ring [5] Wikipedia
heavyweight heavyweight heavyweight heavyweight heavyweight heavyweight
cruiserweight cruiserweight cruiserweight junior heavyweight cruiserweight cruiserweight
light heavyweight light heavyweight light heavyweight light heavyweight light heavyweight light heavyweight
super middleweight super middleweight super middleweight super middleweight super middleweight super middleweight
middleweight middleweight middleweight middleweight middleweight middleweight
super welterweight super welterweight junior middleweight junior middleweight junior middleweight light middleweight
welterweight welterweight welterweight welterweight welterweight welterweight
super lightweight super lightweight junior welterweight junior welterweight junior welterweight light welterweight
lightweight lightweight lightweight lightweight lightweight lightweight
super featherweight super featherweight junior lightweight junior lightweight junior lightweight super featherweight
featherweight featherweight featherweight featherweight featherweight featherweight
super bantamweight super bantamweight junior featherweight junior featherweight junior featherweight super bantamweight
bantamweight bantamweight bantamweight bantamweight bantamweight bantamweight
super flyweight super flyweight junior bantamweight junior bantamweight junior bantamweight super flyweight
flyweight flyweight flyweight flyweight flyweight flyweight
light flyweight light flyweight junior flyweight mini flyweight junior flyweight light flyweight
minimumweight mini flyweight mini flyweight junior flyweight strawweight minimumweight

Weight classes[edit]

  • For weight classes composed of two words, do not use hyphens if a boxer is based within the United States, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean; e.g., light heavyweight.
    • If a boxer is based outside the United States, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean, two-word weight classes should be hyphenated; e.g., super-middleweight.
  • Weight classes are not proper nouns (see MOS:CAPS and MOS:TITLE), regardless of how the sanctioning bodies list them on their websites, therefore they must always be written in lower case; e.g., light welterweight, not Light Welterweight.
    • The same applies to the words "title", "champion[ship]", "world", "unified", "undisputed", and "interim"; use lower case only.
    • Lineal championships, and general use of the term "lineal", must be written in lower case and without italics; lineal, not Lineal.

Sanctioning bodies and their titles[edit]

  • If a boxer has won a title by only one sanctioning body in a weight class, check the comparison list above or the website of that sanctioning body to see which format they use, then reproduce it using lower case.
    • Therefore, use the sanctioning body-specific WBO junior heavyweight rather than WBO cruiserweight, as the redirect will point to the same article. Likewise, use WBC super lightweight or IBF junior welterweight rather than light welterweight.
  • If a boxer has won titles by multiple sanctioning bodies which use different formats for the same weight class, Wikipedia's own neutral article name should be invoked so as to avoid cruft and confusion; e.g., WBC and IBF light middleweight instead of WBC super welterweight and IBF junior middleweight. Uninformed readers may interpret the latter to mean two different weight classes.
    • Wherever necessary, articles should be retroactively edited to reflect this; e.g., if a boxer holding the WBA super lightweight title later wins the WBO junior welterweight title, both formats must be consolidated to light welterweight only, which is how Wikipedia's own article is named.
  • If a boxer has won titles by multiple sanctioning bodies which share the same weight class format, they can be used together; e.g., WBA and WBC super bantamweight or IBF, WBO, and The Ring magazine junior featherweight.
  • Other major or non-world level sanctioning bodies: IBO [6], EBU [7], BBBofC [8], CBC [9].
  • Most sanctioning bodies should be abbreviated instead of fully worded; e.g., WBA instead of World Boxing Association.
    • Exceptions include European instead of European Boxing Union or EBU; British instead of British Boxing Board of Control or BBBofC, and Commonwealth instead of Commonwealth Boxing Council or CBC.
  • For the lead section, do not link to Wikipedia's lists of champions by sanctioning body; e.g., [[list of IBF world champions#Flyweight|IBF flyweight]]. This is because clarity must be retained for any readers unaware of boxing terminology and individual title histories. The sanctioning body and weight class should instead be linked separately; e.g., [[International Boxing Federation|IBF]] [[flyweight]].
  • To separate sanctioning bodies within prose or lists, use commas along with "and"; e.g., WBA, WBC, and IBF. Not WBA, WBC & IBF or WBA/WBC/IBF.
  • When referring to a specific sanctioning body, use the word title instead of championship for brevity.
  • Avoid using "world" after a sanctioning body; e.g., WBC world super featherweight title. This is redundant in that the WBA, WBC, and WBO already have "World" in their names, and they should be assumed to be world titles by default unless otherwise specified as regional titles.
  • For active former champions, use ... is a former... instead of ... the former...; boxers are a former champion within a title's ongoing history, one of many, not the only champion.
  • If a boxer has won a world (not interim) title in more than two weight classes, link to the articles for either triple, quadruple, quintuple, sextuple, septuple, or octuple champion to convey the significance. This can be expressed using a piped link; e.g., [[triple champion|three-weight world champion]] or He/she has [[quintuple champion|won world titles in five different weight classes]].
  • If a boxer holds world (not interim) titles by multiple sanctioning bodies, list them in the order of their establishment; e.g., WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO lightweight.
    • Interim titles (and their sanctioning bodies) should be listed after full world titles; e.g., IBF, WBO, and WBC interim middleweight.
    • IBO titles should be listed after interim titles, followed by any regional titles by the WBA, WBC, IBF, and WBO.
    • The Ring titles should be listed after all sanctioning bodies.
    • Lineal titles should be listed after The Ring.
    • Lastly comes European, British, then Commonwealth.
  • When listing previously held titles, start with the lightest weight class first; e.g., ... the WBC featherweight title, the IBF and WBO junior featherweight titles, and the Ring magazine lightweight title.
    • Disregard the above if listing the year ranges when titles were held; e.g., ... held the WBA cruiserweight title in 1999; and the WBO and Ring magazine light heavyweight titles from 2001 to 2004.
Regional, interim titles and other usage[edit]
  • For interim titles, pipe link using [[interim championship|interim]] or [[interim title|interim]].
    • When invoking sanctioning bodies, use [sanctioning body] interim [weight class] instead of interim [sanctioning body] [weight class]; e.g., WBO interim lightweight title.
    • Exceptions include the in-house names of regional titles by sanctioning bodies; e.g., International, Inter-Continental, Silver, Super, Regular, Asia Pacific, Pan Pacific, Latino, or Fedelatin. Weight classes must still be in lower case.
  • WBC "Silver" title:
[[WBC Silver]] – "WBC Silver"

... redirects to World Boxing Council#WBC Silver

  • WBC "Diamond" title:
[[WBC Diamond]] – "WBC Diamond"

... redirects to World Boxing Council#Diamond Championship

  • WBC "Emeritus" title:
[[WBC Emeritus]] – "WBC Emeritus"

... redirects to World Boxing Council#Championship

  • WBA "Super" and other titles:
[[WBA (Super)]] – "WBA (Super)"
[[WBA (Regular)]] – "WBA (Regular)"
[[WBA (Unified)]] – "WBA (Unified)"
[[WBA (Undisputed)]] – "WBA (Undisputed)"

... all redirect to World Boxing Association#Super titles

  • WBO "Super" title:
[[WBO Super]] – "WBO Super"

... redirects to World Boxing Organization#Super titles

Early life[edit]

This section should outline a boxer's life prior to getting involved with the sport. Include the details of their childhood: place of birth, schools attended, sibling information or parents' occupation is optional. Trainers with whom they worked, as well as boxing gyms attended, should be included here. Recent details such as information on the fighter's other careers, their marriage(s), children, pets, etc. should go in the Life after boxing/Personal life section instead. All content must be reliably referenced.

Amateur career[edit]

If a boxer fought as an amateur, list any highlights, notable opponents, and final amateur record if reliably sourced. Also describe any participation at such events as the World Amateur Boxing Championships, Summer Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, European Amateur Boxing Championships, Pan American Games, United States national amateur boxing championships, GB Amateur Boxing Championships, AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships, etc.

Professional career[edit]

Describe a boxer's journey from their debut professional fight to their most recent one. Feel free to express your creativity and ignore all rules if you wish.

If their early career was not composed of many highlights, skip to their first regional title fights if applicable. If they had a long streak of KO/TKO wins early on, mention that as a point of interest. World title fights should be expanded upon in as much detail as possible, so as to ensure notability. Make sure everything is fully and reliably referenced, and adhere to a neutral point of view at all times. When naming opponents, mention if they are a former world champion or have amateur credentials, but do not include their nationality unless a fight was particularly notable as being part of a domestic or country vs. country rivalry.

As with the lead section, if a boxer has won multiple titles in the same weight class, default to Wikipedia's neutral naming format; e.g., "On November 7, 2002, [Boxer] won the WBC and IBF light welterweight titles"; avoid using "super lightweight" or "junior welterweight" for the rest of the section. If a boxer's professional career spans many years and comprises an assortment of highlights, consider separating the prose into subsections such as "2005–08: lightweight world champion" or "2009–11: first defeats and brief retirement". If they participated in a fight which has its own article, link to it using {{main article}} immediately beneath the section heading.

Accolades such as Fighter of the Year, Fight of the Year, Knockout of the Year, or Upset of the Year should be included using piped links; e.g., [[The Ring magazine Fighter of the Year|Fighter of the Year]].

Trainers, promoters and managers may be mentioned in this section if they are particularly relevant to the boxer's career.

Professional boxing record[edit]

All boxers should ideally have two tables displaying both their professional record, and a collapsible summary. BoxRec is usually the best source for detailed fight information, but for older fights there are occasionally missing elements such as round-end times, or reasons for an unusual ending such as a TD, DQ, or NC; such details can often be confirmed using video footage if available. References are not needed within the table, but be prepared to provide one if challenged on anything in particular.

While upcoming fights may be added, do not add speculative or potential fights without a confirmed date; such ongoing developments can instead be mentioned using prose in the Professional career section above. Fight records can be time-consuming to create, therefore they are not essential if an article is only in its early stages, or if a boxer is not particularly notable. However, a complete fight record is necessary for Good Article or Featured Article status.

Until recently, almost all record tables used {{s-start}}, but this was deemed to be not best practice in accordance with WP:ACCESS. A gradual migration to wikitable is ongoing, and all project members are encouraged to be proactive in carrying it out.

Example record table[edit]

This is an example blank record with two empty fight slots and a summary box; the fields can be modified or removed accordingly:

To add a single new fight slot, copy and paste the following:


... and place it immediately below !Notes

Below is an exhaustive example of a fictional record table, together with a summary box, with many different scenarios:

Professional record summary
25 fights 18 wins 3 losses
By knockout 8 1
By decision 8 2
By disqualification 2 0
Draws 2
No contests 2
No. Result Record Opponent Type Round, time Date Location Notes
28 N/A N/A Opponent N/A N/A Jul 13, 2020 Thomas & Mack Center, Paradise, Nevada, U.S. Defending WBA (Super) and IBO light heavyweight titles
27 N/A N/A Opponent N/A N/A Feb 8, 2020 Mandalay Bay Events Center, Paradise, Nevada, U.S. Defending WBA (Super) and IBO light heavyweight titles
26 N/A N/A Opponent N/A N/A Nov 21, 2019 Coliseo Rubén Rodríguez, Bayamón, Puerto Rico Defending WBA (Super) and IBO light heavyweight titles
25 Win 18–3–2 (2) Opponent DQ 9 (12), 1:33 Jul 4, 2019 Foxwoods Resort Casino, Ledyard, Connecticut, U.S. Retained WBA (Unified), WBC, and IBO light heavyweight titles;
Opponent disqualified for repeated low blows
24 Win 17–3–2 (2) Opponent UD 12 Dec 19, 2018 Mohegan Sun Arena, Montville, Connecticut, U.S. Retained WBC and IBO light heavyweight titles;
Won vacant WBA (Super) light heavyweight title
23 Win 16–3–2 (2) Opponent UD 12 Sep 10, 2018 Cotai Arena, Macau, SAR Won WBC and IBO light heavyweight titles
22 Win 15–3–2 (2) Opponent KO 9 (12), 1:29 Jun 4, 2018 Nippon Budokan, Tokyo, Japan Won vacant WBO Inter-Continental light heavyweight title
21 Loss 14–3–2 (2) Opponent UD 8 Apr 29, 2018 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan
20 Win 14–2–2 (2) Opponent SD 10 Jan 9, 2018 Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado, U.S.
19 NC 13–2–2 (2) Opponent NC 3 (12), 2:13 Nov 4, 2017 Estadio Azteca, Mexico City, Mexico Retained IBF, WBO, IBO, The Ring, and lineal super middleweight titles;
NC after both boxers sustained cuts from an accidental head clash
18 Win 13–2–2 (1) Opponent RTD 6 (12), 3:00 Aug 30, 2017 Wembley Stadium, London, England Retained WBA (Undisputed), WBC, IBF, WBO, IBO, The Ring, and lineal super middleweight titles
17 Win 12–2–2 (1) Opponent UD 12 Jun 2, 2017 AT&T Stadium, Arlington, Texas, U.S. Retained IBO super middleweight title;
Won WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, vacant The Ring and lineal super middleweight titles
16 Win 11–2–2 (1) Opponent KO 11 (12), 0:15 Apr 14, 2017 Emperor's Palace, Kempton Park, South Africa Retained WBC Silver and IBO super middleweight titles;
Won WBO interim super middleweight title
15 Win 10–2–2 (1) Opponent RTD 5 (12), 3:00 Dec 27, 2016 The Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, U.S. Won WBC Silver and IBO super middleweight titles
14 Win 9–2–2 (1) Opponent TD 6 (10), 3:00 Sep 30, 2016 Barclays Center, New York City, New York, U.S. Unanimous TD after Opponent sustained a cut from an accidental head clash
13 Win 8–2–2 (1) Opponent UD 12 Jun 21, 2016 Barclays Center, New York City, New York, U.S. Won IBA, IBC, and vacant WBA International super middleweight titles
12 Win 7–2–2 (1) Opponent KO 1 (10), 0:32 Mar 10, 2016 Barclays Center, New York City, New York, U.S.
11 Draw 6–2–2 (1) Opponent TD 5 (8), 3:00 Nov 27, 2015 Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Split TD after Boxer sustained eye swelling from an accidental head clash
10 Loss 6–2–1 (1) Opponent TKO 12 (12), 2:58 Oct 7, 2014 Echo Arena, Liverpool, England For IBF and lineal super middleweight titles
9 Win 6–1–1 (1) Opponent TKO 2 (12), 2:45 Sep 14, 2013 Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland Retained The Ring middleweight title
8 Win 5–1–1 (1) Opponent DQ 10 (12), 1:12 Aug 23, 2012 Entertainment Centre, Brisbane, Australia Retained The Ring middleweight title
Opponent disqualified for repeated fouls
7 Win 4–1–1 (1) Opponent SD 12 Jul 19, 2011 Olympic Stadium, Moscow, Russia Won The Ring middleweight title
6 NC 3–1–1 (1) Opponent TKO 7 (12), 1:24 Jun 2, 2010 Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, U.S. For WBC super welterweight title
Originally a TKO win for Opponent, later ruled an NC after they failed a drug test
5 Win 3–1–1 Opponent MD 8 May 11, 2009 Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
4 Loss 2–1–1 Opponent UD 12 Apr 15, 2008 Centre Bell, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Lost WBA (Super) welterweight title;
For WBO welterweight title
3 Draw 2–0–1 Opponent MD 12 Mar 17, 2007 Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales Retained WBA (Regular) welterweight title
2 Win 2–0 Opponent TKO 2 (12), 2:45 Jan 2, 2006 MGM Grand Garden Arena, Paradise, Nevada, U.S. Won WBA (Regular) welterweight title
1 Win 1–0 Opponent PTS 4 Feb 1, 2005 Wembley Arena, London, England Professional debut


  • For the first table, use {{BoxingRecordSummary}} and input the various statistics which apply. Similarly to the infobox, leave any non-applicable fields blank, instead of including a "0".
  • All links within the Location and Notes columns should begin from the bottom of the table, and only linked on the first instance without repeating. For more, see WP:OVERLINK.
    • Opponents (in the case of rematches) are the only element which may be linked repeatedly.
  • No. – A boxer's total number of fights, in descending order.
  • Result – Use one of four different outcomes:
    • Win – |{{yes2}}Win
    • Loss – |{{no2}}Loss
    • Draw – |{{draw}}Draw
    • No contest – |style="background:#DDD"|{{abbr|NC|No contest}}
  • Record – List a boxer's post-fight record, using a format of wins–losses–draws (no contests in brackets and small text), separated by unspaced en dashes (–).
  • Opponent – Wiki-link only if an article exists; no red linking unless an article is guaranteed to be made soon.
  • Type – Use one of the many different outcomes:
    • "UD" – unanimous decision or unanimous draw; use "Draw" in the Result column for the latter
    • "SD" – split decision or split draw; use "Draw" in the Result column for the latter
    • "MD" – majority decision or majority draw; use "Draw" in the Result column for the latter
    • "PTS" – points decision or points draw; use "Draw" in the Result column for the latter
    • "TD" – technical decision or technical draw; use "Draw" in the Result column for the latter
      • If judges' scorecards are available, clarify in the Notes column if the TD was unanimous, split, majority, or on referee points; e.g., Split TD after..., along with the reason.
    • "KO" – knockout
    • "TKO" – technical knockout
    • "RTD" – corner retirement
    • "DQ" – disqualification
    • "NC" – no contest; use only if a fight was actually declared as such at the time (e.g., ended before the completion of four rounds, per Unified Rules of Boxing). Otherwise, retain the original outcome and indicate a no contest using the Result column.
      • To let uninformed readers know what the abbreviations mean, use {{abbr}} to create hoverable tooltips starting from the bottom of the table on the first instance only; e.g., {{abbr|UD|Unanimous decision}}, which displays as "UD". This is essential to avoid confusion between a technical decision/draw, split decision/draw, or majority decision/draw.
  • Round, time – Round in which the fight ended; followed by the total number of scheduled rounds in brackets, if available; and the exact time of stoppage, if available, using M:SS in small text and brackets. Do not use line breaks.
  • Date – Use either MDY or DMY (three-letter months; e.g., Jan 1, 2016 or 1 Jan 2016), or YYYY-MM-DD formats (e.g., 2016-01-01), per MOS:DATEFORMAT. Dashes (–) or forward slashes (/) should not be used.
    • If there is a separate article for the fight, or if a boxer fought on the undercard of an event which has an article, use a piped link; e.g., [[Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao|May 2, 2015]].
  • Location – The order should be: venue, city/town/commune/municipality, state (U.S. only) or province (Canada only), and country; all separated by commas.
    • If the venue is not known, merely listing the city and country is acceptable.
    • Do not include neighbourhoods, boroughs, or suburbs of a city. Wherever possible, also avoid districts, regions, counties, or metropolitan areas; e.g., London, England, not Greenwich, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom. Likewise, New York City, New York, US, not Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States.
    • Wiki-link everything if possible, except for country, on the first instance only.
    • Use England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland as the top-level country suffix for the UK. "England, UK" is redundant.
    • If the venue's name has since changed, use the name by which it was known at the time of the fight; Wikipedia's own redirect will usually handle it. If a venue's former name does not yield a result, then a redirect can be manually created.
    • If possible, avoid describing the venue too broadly, such as a larger casino complex in which an arena is located. If there is an article for an arena within a venue, use MGM Grand Garden Arena instead of MGM Grand Las Vegas. Likewise, The O2 Arena, not The O2.
  • Notes – List any titles on the line; a boxer's own professional debut; why a fight was ruled a no contest, technical decision, disqualification, etc.
    • Use the following terminology for title scenarios:
      • "Won ..." – Boxer gained title(s).
      • "Retained ..." – Boxer successfully defended title(s).
      • "Lost ..." – Boxer lost their title(s).
      • "For ..." – Boxer will be fighting for, or lost an attempt at winning a title.
      • "Defending ..." – Boxer will be defending their title.
    • In most cases these are sentence fragments, so there should be no final period in accordance with WP:BULLET. Semicolons should be used if line breaks (<br> or <br />) are present.
    • Do not include routine in-fight details such as knockdowns, points deducted, or judges' scorecards.
    • Exceptional fight-ending circumstances such as cuts, head clashes or disqualifications should be included, using abbreviations; e.g., Unanimous TD after Fighter #1 sustained a cut from an accidental head clash.
      • This also applies to no contests in which the result was later changed; e.g., Originally a referee TD win for Fighter #1, later ruled an NC after they failed a drug test.
    • Title eliminators should not be included.
    • Post-fight awards such as The Ring Fight of the Year or The Ring Upset of the Year should not be included.
    • Honorary titles such as WBC Diamond or WBO Super should not be included.
    • Details surrounding pre- or post-fight circumstances including catchweights, boxers losing titles on the scales, vacating, or being stripped should not be included, as they are better served in the article body.
      • If a title was not at stake for a boxer who missed weight, then it does not need mentioning at all. Only mention it on the record for the boxer who was eligible to fight for it.
    • Replace any unused instances of |style="text-align:left;"| with |
    • Weight classes, as well as the words "title" and "lineal" are not proper nouns, so they must not be capitalised.
    • Depending on the sanctioning body, and in the case of a world title, use a detailed link to point to the history of that particular title on the first instance only:

[[List of WBO world champions#Heavyweight|WBO heavyweight title]]

WBO heavyweight title

[[List of WBC female world champions#Flyweight|WBC female flyweight title]]

WBC female flyweight title

  • For minor sanctioning bodies without a direct link to their title histories (see list of boxing organisations), or if the title is only a regional one by a major sanctioning body, split the links individually between sanctioning body and weight class:

[[International Boxing Association (professional body)|IBA]] [[featherweight]] title

IBA featherweight title

[[World Boxing Association|WBA]] Inter-Continental [[bantamweight]] title

WBA Inter-Continental bantamweight title

  • Separate multiple titles using commas together with and, not &:

Lost [[list of European Boxing Union lightweight champions|European]], [[list of British lightweight boxing champions|British]], and [[list of Commonwealth Boxing Council champions#Lightweight|Commonwealth lightweight titles]]

Lost European, British, and Commonwealth lightweight titles

  • If multiple titles are on the line, but with each boxer defending different ones, use line breaks with semicolons to list a boxer's own title first, followed by the opponent's title:

Retained [[list of IBF world champions#Light heavyweight|IBF]] and [[list of WBC world champions#Light heavyweight|WBC light heavyweight titles]];<br>Won [[list of The Ring world champions#Light heavyweight|''The Ring'' light heavyweight title]]

Retained IBF and WBC light heavyweight titles;
Won The Ring light heavyweight title

  • As with the lead and Professional career sections, if a boxer has won titles by multiple sanctioning bodies in the same weight class but which use different formats, use Wikipedia's own naming format instead of two different ones:

Retained [[list of WBA world champions#Super lightweight|WBA]] and [[list of WBO world champions#Junior welterweight|WBO light welterweight titles]]

Retained WBA and WBO light welterweight titles

  • If any titles were vacant, list the non-vacant ones first; anything after "vacant" will be all-encompassing:

Won [[list of WBA world champions#Heavyweight|WBA (Regular)]], [[list of WBC world champions#Heavyweight|WBC]], vacant [[list of IBF world champions#Heavyweight|IBF]] and [[list of WBO world champions#Heavyweight|WBO heavyweight titles]]

Won WBA (Regular), WBC, vacant IBF and WBO heavyweight titles

Titles in boxing[edit]

  • In addition to the record table, a highly detailed summary of titles won by a boxer can be displayed using {{s-start}}. Below is an intricate example of how the parameters can be arranged for different scenarios such as a boxer winning, losing, vacating, being stripped of, or awarded a title(s). Ideally, with enough effort, every single title won—both regional and minor/major world level—should be included.
  • It can be very difficult, if not impossible, to determine the dates when certain titles were vacated. Therefore, examine a title's individual history using BoxRec's search function, check if it matches up with a boxer's record (e.g., when they no longer defended the title or competed at that weight vs. the date when the next boxer held it), and select a month that appears logical.
  • If a boxer has only won world titles by the WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, The Ring, including undisputed and lineal titles, the section should only be named World titles.
    • If they have won IBO, IBA, WBU, or other lower-level titles which do not come under Regional titles, split the sections to Minor world titles and Major world titles.
  • Whenever multiple major world titles are won in the same fight, use this order of hierarchy: WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO, The Ring, undisputed, lineal.
  • Each section—Regional, Minor, Major, and Honorary—should display titles in chronological order of when they were won.
  • The weight class and sanctioning body naming format from the lead, Professional career and Professional boxing record section apply here: if a boxer has held any combination of differently named titles in the same weight class, use Wikipedia's own neutral name instead of mixing together two formats.
Regional titles
Preceded by
British featherweight champion
27 March 2006 – 2 July 2006
Title next held by
Title last held by
Commonwealth featherweight champion
9 August 2006 – 20 December 2006
Succeeded by
Preceded by
European featherweight champion
13 February 2007 – 8 November 2007
Title next held by
WBA International featherweight champion
13 February 2007 – 23 August 2007
Title next held by
Preceded by
WBC Silver featherweight champion
15 June 2007 – June 2008
Title last held by
WBO Inter-Continental featherweight champion
15 June 2007 – 29 May 2008
Title next held by
Minor world titles
Preceded by
WBU featherweight champion
26 March 2006 – 1 August 2006
Title next held by
Preceded by
IBO lightweight champion
4 November 2011 – 11 July 2012
Title next held by
Preceded by
IBO welterweight champion
1 March 2015 – present
Major world titles
New title WBO junior-featherweight champion
Interim title

1 June 2008 – 1 December 2008
Title next held by
Preceded by
WBA featherweight champion
Regular title

2 March 2009 – 2 June 2010
Succeeded by
Title last held by
WBC super-featherweight champion
3 December 2010 – 3 June 2011
Status changed
Succeeded by
promoted from interim status
Preceded by
IBF lightweight champion
4 November 2011 – 4 May 2012
Succeeded by
awarded title
Preceded by
The Ring light-welterweight champion
28 January 2013 – 4 August 2013
Succeeded by
Lineal light-welterweight champion
28 January 2013 – 4 August 2013
Preceded by
WBA welterweight champion
Super title

13 March 2014 – present
WBC welterweight champion
13 March 2014 – present
IBF welterweight champion
13 March 2014 – present
Preceded by
WBO welterweight champion
21 September 2014 – present
Title last held by
Undisputed welterweight champion
21 September 2014 – present
Preceded by
The Ring welterweight champion
1 March 2015 – present
Lineal welterweight champion
1 March 2015 – present
Honorary titles
New title WBC super-featherweight champion
Emeritus title

3 June 2011 – November
Title discontinued
WBC Diamond welterweight champion
1 March 2015 – present
WBO Super welterweight champion
1 January 2015 – present

Life after boxing/Personal life[edit]

If a boxer has led a particularly interesting retirement, whether 'good' or 'bad', consider mentioning things such as:

  • Relationships or marriages
  • Community activities
  • Becoming a trainer themselves
  • Opening their own gym
  • Awards received
  • Health issues
  • Troubles with the law (must be reliably sourced to comply with biographies of living persons)


Articles should be thoroughly referenced with least a BoxRec profile; {{boxrec}} can be used. The list of references can be automatically included in this section by including {{reflist}} immediately below the section heading.

External links[edit]

Include a link to a boxer's official website using this template and a bullet: *{{Official website|Insert website here}}. Anything else of interest which has not been used as a reference, such as interviews or articles, can also be included in this section with further bullets. Further below this section, various navigational boxes can be added from Category:Boxing navigational boxes.


Add categories as appropriate, and always select the correct nationality from Category:Boxers by nationality.

Mandatory categories:

  • [[Category:Insert year births]] or
  • [[Category:Insert year deaths]]
  • [[Category:Living people]]

Other categories that may be included:

  • [[Category:Male boxers]]
  • [[Category:Female boxers]]
  • [[Category:People from Insert city]]
  • [[Category:Sportspeople from (insert city, town or state)]]
  • [[Category:(Insert country) boxers]]
  • [[Category:(Insert country) women boxers]]
  • [[Category:Boxers from (insert city, town or state)]]
  • [[Category:(Insert weight class) boxers]]
  • [[Category:World boxing champions]]
  • [[Category:European Boxing Union champions]]
  • [[Category:World Boxing Association champions]]
  • [[Category:World Boxing Council champions]]
  • [[Category:International Boxing Federation champions]]
  • [[Category:World Boxing Organization champions]]
  • [[Category:International Boxing Organization champions]]