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A breakfast

Welcome to the Article collaboration page for WikiProject Breakfast. This peer review of Wikipedia articles is modeled upon Wikipedia:Peer review and the standards set forth at Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Assessment.

Two levels, Wikipedia:Good Articles (GA) and Featured articles (FA), are assessments made by external panels, rather than by Wikiprojects. Candidates are nominated by listing them at Good article candidates and Featured article candidates. Judgments are made according to the criteria at What is a good article? and Featured article criteria, and the results are listed at Good articles and Featured articles.



To identify, discuss and collaborate on breakfast-related articles that are worthy, solid candidates for improvement. This includes articles that are capable of possible promotion to GA or FA status.


To list a candidate, please create a new page titled "Wikipedia:WikiProject Breakfast/Review/article name" (without the quotation marks and filling-in the article's name at the end) and then transclude the page here by listing it below in the following format {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Breakfast/Review/article name}}.