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This page is a guide to assessing the importance levels of articles that are maintained by WikiProject Bristol. There are four levels of importance that give an indication as to the priority of articles to this WikiProject, as opposed to Wikipedia as a whole.

The importance levels are Top, High, Mid and Low, and are assigned by adding |importance = level to the {{Bristol WP}} template on the article's talk page. A guide to the type of articles that should be placed in each category is given below, but these are not hard and fast rules. Any individual article should be assessed on its own merits. If you are unable to decide which importance level to use, please go to the WP:Bristol talk page and leave a message there.


  • Anyone can assess the class or importance of an article, you don't need special permission to do it.
  • If you feel that an article has been assessed wrongly, feel free to change it.
  • Any problems or questions should be left at the WP:Bristol talk page, as that is monitored by more people that the talk page here.

Assessment examples[edit]

Importance Type of article Examples Notes
Top Articles that are central to WikiProject Bristol Bristol
History of Bristol
Economy of Bristol, etc.
High Major landmarks/buildings
The universities
World-famous residents
Professional sport teams
Clifton Suspension Bridge
Bristol University
Cary Grant
Gloucestershire County Cricket Club
Mid Nationally known residents
Well known areas of the city
Nationally-known secondary schools
Parliamentary constituencies
Top-level non-professional sport teams
James May
Clifton College
Bristol South (UK Parliament constituency)
Bristol Aztecs
Low Minor areas of the city
Most schools
Miscellaneous articles
Crew's Hole, Bristol
St Bede's Catholic College
Bristol Rovers F.C. season 2006-07