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WikiProject British Motorsport aims to create, expand, update and standardize Wikipedia articles related to Motorsport in the United Kingdom.


Anyone who would like to take part in WikiProject British Motorsport is welcome to do so. The project aims primarily to create and standardize complete articles on all people, teams, races, and other aspects of Motorsport in the United Kingdom.

If you are interested, please feel free to help, and add your name to the list below. If you have any questions, please inquire on the project's talk page.


  1. To gather complete and accurate information in all British Motorsport-related articles
  2. To standardize the appearance of British Motorsport-related pages, such as articles on championships, drivers, constructors, circuits and races.
  3. To improve as many British Motorsport-related articles as possible to Good Article and Featured Article standard through the Collaboration of the month.
  4. To keep all British Motorsport-related articles up-to-date


Feel free to add yourself!

How to help[edit]

  • Add the WikiProject British Motorsport template to the top of the talk page of all approriate articles.
  • Improve any British Motorsport article
  • Standardise styles of articles following the guidelines below.

Featured content[edit]

For All Featured content on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Featured content

Some of the content supported by WikiProject British Motorsport has reached featured article, featured list or featured picture status (FA, FL and FP, respectively), meaning they are amongst the very best content in Wikipedia. Also included here are articles that are either featured article candidates (FAC), FAC's that failed, those that have undergone peer review (PR) as part of an effort to get them to FA status, and those that have achieved good article (GA) status, the next-highest level of quality.

Article Status Peer Review FAC
Cscr-featured.svg Damon Hill Featured Article PR FAC; FAR
Cscr-featured.svg Brabham Featured Article PR FAC
Cscr-featured.svg Tom Pryce Featured Article PR FAC
Cscr-featured.svg Brabham BT19 Featured Article PR FAC
Symbol support vote.svg Brabham BT46 Good Article
Symbol support vote.svg 1997 European Grand Prix Good Article PR
Symbol support vote.svg Max Mosley Failed FAC, Good Article PR FAC
Symbol support vote.svg 1995 British Grand Prix Good Article
Symbol support vote.svg McLaren M2B Good Article
Symbol support vote.svg Brabham BT49 Good Article
Symbol support vote.png Richard Lloyd Racing Good Article
Symbol support vote.png 2015 British Grand Prix Good Article
Symbol support vote.png 2016 British Grand Prix Good Article
Symbol unsupport vote.svg Lewis Hamilton Failed FAC, Former GA PR FAC
Symbol unsupport vote.svg WilliamsF1 Failed GA, Peer Review PR


Significant Championships[edit]

Article Standards[edit]


All circuits and motor racing venues in the United Kingdom should have an article written about them. In addition they should all be part of Category:Motor racing venues in the United Kingdom. All circuit layout images should ideally be in .svg format in the same style as used for Formula One circuits (See Oulton Park as an example)

  • At the top, use the Motorsport venue infobox:


  • Driver articles included in this project are all drivers of British nationality, and all drivers that have competed in British championships for an extended period of time. There is no set criteria for this, however someone like Yvan Muller who competed in BTCC for several seasons should qualify for this whilst an F1 driver who takes part in the British Grand Prix should not. All articles on BTCC drivers should be part of Category:British Touring Car Championship drivers and should contain the appropriate infobox. All articles on F1 drivers should be part of category Category:Formula One drivers and contain the infobox: {{Infobox F1 driver}} .


  • All British F1 teams should have the F1 team infobox at the top.
  • All British teams should have the Infobox motor racing team at the top.

To do[edit]

To add or remove tasks, edit this page.

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject British Motorsport:
  • Update:
    • Since motorsport is a constantly-changing subject, its pages need constant updating. Please help keep drivers statistics etc. up-to-date!
  • Clean up:
  • Miscellaneous:



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