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California State University task force

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Welcome to California State University task force of WikiProject California. This is a WikiProject intended to improve contributions relating to the California State University and its 23 campuses. Please feel free to help improve this project by providing your own modifications, comments, and suggestions. GO STATE! (Leave a message)


collaboration Collaboration

This section attempts to focus members on one article in order to give it a concentrated improvement effort.

The current WPCSU collaboration is:

(none at this time)

Our next project is TBD. If you would like to nominate an article for a future project or see what articles we've already collaborated on, please visit the Collaboration talk page.


To Do Things to do

  • Collaboration articles for this project at the moment are:
  • Bring California State University to Good Article status
  • Create new suggested articles.
  • Tag California State University related articles with {{WikiProject California State University}} template


Announcements Announcements

05:07, 19 October 2008 (UTC)
Welcome to the WikiProject California State University, spread the word! –Dabackgammonator (talk · contribs)

23:18, 29 October 2008 (UTC)
Classified articles based on quality. –Dabackgammonator (talk · contribs)

03:22, 23 November 2008 (UTC)
Nominate and vote CSU articles here: Wikipedia:WikiProject Universities/COTMDabackgammonator (talk · contribs)


Assessment Assessment

Article statistics


Templates in Use Templates

Cal Poly Pomona templates

This template should be placed below the External links section of every CSU-related article.

User templates

Students and alumni of California State University can add {{User California State University}} to their userpage for the following userbox:

CSU This user attends, attended, or plans to attend the California State University.

Project's participants can add {{User Project California State University}} to their userpage for the following userbox:

WP CSU This user participates in the California State University WikiProject.


Outstanding contributors to California State University-related articles should be given the following award(s):

WikiProject templates

This template should be placed on all article talk pages in the California State University article series by adding |calstate=yes; doing so will automatically add the article to the category Category:California State University task force articles.
Use this template on an article's talk page only if:
  • the article is not biographical in nature. Articles about people should use template {{WPCSU people}}
This can be added to a user's talk page as an invite to the California State University WikiProject


Images Images and Image Requests


Participants Members

P social sciences.png

Please feel free to add your name to this list if you would like to join this project.

Active members

(in alphabetical order):

  1. Alanraywiki (talk · contribs · count) ('10, Cal State Long Beach, MBA)
  2. Amerique (talk · contribs · count) (Not an alum, but my dad graduated in electrical engineering from Pomona in 1985. I've been developing all the various California university articles. Great job on the design of this wikiproject, Dabackgammonator!)
  3. Dwalls (talk · contribs · count) (emeritus professor of sociology, Sonoma State)
  4. Dynaflow (talk · contribs · count) (Actually a UCSC alumnus, but my focus on California public university articles brings me to CSU pages more often than not. I also lived across the street from SF State for a while and frequently discovered its students passed out in my front yard, which, I believe, officially makes me an honorary member of the CSU community.)
  5. Gregbard (talk · contribs · count) ('05, CSU Chico, Philosophy)
  6. House1090 (talk · contribs · count) (Love the Cal State System and might go to Cal State San Bernardino)
  7. Sawagner201 (talk · contribs · count) ('05, Cal Poly, Computer Science)
  8. Streltzer (talk · contribs · count) ('91, SDSU, Applied Geography)
  9. Trakrecord (talk · contribs · count) ('12, CSUCI, Economics)

Inactive members

(in alphabetical order):

  1. Dabackgammonator (talk · contribs · count) ('10, Cal Poly Pomona, Chemical Engineering)


articles Articles

Articles to work on

About this section . . .

The goal is to bring articles from the bottom of the list to the top of the list. Once an article reaches Stage 4, we can focus on bringing it to Stage 5: featured article quality.

Click on the "to do" link beside each article to see its list of tasks. There is also a link to each article's talk page.

Stage 5: Featured articles

None yet . . .

Stage 4: Articles of adequate length needing expansion and/or improvement
Stage 3: Articles needing expansion, cleanup, and references
Stage 2.5: Articles that are painful to read and need improvement
Stage 2: Stubs and very short articles
Stage 1: Requests and ideas for future articles


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