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A department of the Canada Roads WikiProject.
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Welcome to the assessment department of the Canada Roads WikiProject! This project aims to assess articles under the general Wikipedia:WikiProject Canada Roads umbrella. Articles are assessed using the template {{Canada Roads WikiProject|province=|class=|importance=|needs-map=}} on talk pages of articles related to roads in Canada. By tagging the articles with the province(s), they will be tracked properly for inclusion on a table that breaks down the assessments by province. This table also includes ω and Ω values, which are part of a metric called WikiWork that was developed by WP:USRD to quantify assessment for comparisons between projects and subprojects.

A pie chart showing the number of articles in each class as a percentage of the project as a whole
A timeline of article assessment since January 2011

Quality scale[edit]

WikiProject article quality grading scheme

Importance scale[edit]

Top Articles dealing with system-wide topics: definition of the system, list of all highways, etc.
High Major provincial highways (such as the Quebec Autoroutes and Ontario's 400-series highways)
Mid Provincial highways
Low Secondary provincial routes, county routes

Assessment log[edit]

A map of Canada, indicating the highest assessed article in each Province / Territory

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