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WikiProject Canadian sport

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To do[edit]

  1. The discussion page should be archived as most items are a few years old.  Done
  2. Make a userbox for the project.  Done
  3. Reassess organization of these articles. Sport in Canada should be our main page with organizational structure clearly laid out. Structure needs to be kept up to date and accurate so as to ensure completeness and prevent duplication of effort. Doing...
  4. Update Sport Canada with various governing bodies/federations, most of which will require pages to be created and/or tagged. Doing...
    • see Template:Infobox_Sport_governing_body
  5. Tag related article talk pages with {{WikiProject Canada|sport=yes|[province]=yes|class=???|importance=???}} {{Canadian English}}, complete article assessment. There are still many untagged pages that we need to bring into the fold. Doing...
    • Firstly we need to tag all articles that could be in the scope of this project.
    • Then to go through each level of importance from top-down and confirm what we should focus on.
    • As there are thousands of articles here I want to make sure we don't get caught into micromanagement
  6. Find or establish a list of applicable categories for this project and again start tagging articles as needed with these categories; Expand articles listed in each category (examples listed):
  7. I have tagged all current Canadian NHL teams as High importance (half of them were already.) We should try to get all High importance articles up to GA or FA status. Other articles listed as High are Stanley Cup, Grey Cup.
  8. Expand and improve articles listed in:
  9. Establish collaborations and improvements for Canadian sport related articles these project look to be inactive. I would suggest as we work on various sections we try to involve appropriate projects.
  10. Update the Pearson Cup article to meet good quality standards.