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WikiProject Cannabis
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Welcome to WikiProject Cannabis! This WikiProject is dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of cannabis, including articles relating to hemp and marijuana legislation, effects, policies, trends, activists, organizations, culture, and other aspects of the plant.



The primary goal of the project is to improve all articles related to cannabis, including marijuana and hemp. The first major challenge is to improve the most important cannabis-related articles.


This WikiProject is a sub-project of numerous collaborations:


This section lists Wikipedia editors who have chosen to participate in WikiProject Cannabis. Please add your name to the list!
Sign on to this WikiProject by editing this page and adding your name and the month to the list below. To stay updated on the project, put this page on your watchlist.

  1. Another Believer (Talk) - June 2009
  2. Kpstewart (talk) - June 2009
  3. Supposed (talk) - June 2009
  4. Whig (talk) - June 2009
  5. Timeshifter (talk) - June 2009
  6. Dmarquard (talk) - June 2009
  7. PaulPk (talk) - June 2009
  8. SqueakBox (talk) - June 2009
  9. Sarah sko1221talk - June 2009
  10. Rickproser (talk) - June 2009
  11. Muboshgu (talk) - July 2009
  12. Herbal Hi (talk) - July 2009
  13. NitroMan3941 (talk) - July 2009
  14. Tdinatale (talk) - July 2009
  15. Tea with toast (talk) - July 2009
  16. C6541 (TC) - July 2009
  17. Coolgamer (talk) - July 2009
  18. Atroche (talk) - July 2009
  19. QuickMythril (talk) - July 2009
  20. Subvertc (talk) - July 2009
  21. Waffa Margus (talk) - August 2009
  22. Surachit (talk) - August 2009
  23. Gamkiller (talk) - September 2009
  24. john factorial (talk) - September 2009
  25. Dyingtogethigh (talk) - September 2009
  26. Hell in a Bucket (talk) - October 2009
  27. Off2riorob (talk) - October 2009
  28. Tokerdesigner (talk) - October 2009
  29. Fireemblem555 (talk) - January 2010
  30. Potheadpoet (talk) - January 2010
  31. Arkady2300 (talk) - March 2010
  32. Leodmacleod (talk) - April 2010
  33. jatinah (talk) - April 2010
  34. TheFlyingWallaby (talk) - May 2010
  35. Spliff Antlers (talk) - May 2010
  36. BGinOC (talk) - June 2010
  37. Travuun (talk) - June 2010
  38. Cannabis (talk) - June 2010
  39. Zonafan39 (talk) - July 2010
  40. Anondoesnotforget (talk) - August 2010
  41. Jlange (talk) - September 2010
  42. Hallwiki (talk) - October 2010
  43. Davesynth (talk) - October 2010
  44. ItsMeLah (talk) - November 2010
  45. TheLordChronic (talk) - February 2011
  46. StoneColdSmoke420 (talk) - February 2011
  47. SomeDudeWithAUserName (talk with me!) - March 2011
  48. CrowzRSA - May 2011
  49. Mjpresson (talk) - June 2011
  50. Krishna Vijay - August 2011
  51. Luvanger666 (talk) - December 2011
  52. Franco Strain Hunter (talk) - January 2012
  53. Dr.Valentin - March 2012
  54. BonesBrunetti - March 2012
  55. DrStrangepork - March 2012
  56. Smoke2Fly(talk) - April 2012
  57. Jakebarrington (talk) - April 2012
  58. Ceekaye (talk) - May 2012
  59. Epicurus B. talk - August 2012
  60. Smokey McSmokealot (talk) - October 2012
  61. PortlandOregon97217 (talk) - November 2012
  62. Chondrite (talk) - November 2012
  63. JoelRussell - Talk Contribs - December 2012
  64. Shdrk (talk) 10:24, 26 March 2013 (UTC) - March 2013
  65. Bumblepuss5124 (talk) - April 2013
  66. Hillbillyholiday talk - May 2013
  67. Exercisephys (talk) 14:55, 24 September 2013 (UTC)
  68. GT500guy (talk) - November 2013
  69. DrWoozy (talk) - December 2013
  70. Dudley Ravensworth (talk) - December 2013
  71. Msnicki (talk) - February 2014
  72. Bridgessi (talk) - March 2014
  73. Dennis Brown |  | WER - April 2014
  74. Robvanvee 18:15, 24 April 2014 (UTC) - April 2014
  75. მაLiphradicusEpicusთე April 2014
  76. Beren98 (talk) - October 2014
  77. Royalmate1 (talk) RoyalMate1 07:30, 22 December 2014 (UTC)
  78. PetePassword (talk) March 2015


Assessment information can be found here. For a complete list of cannabis articles by quality, click here. The log of assessment changes is available here.

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Did You Know? (DYK)[edit]

These articles on cannabis-related subjects have been featured on Wikipedia's homepage in the Did You Know section for the best new articles. See Did You Know? for nominating criteria and to nominate new articles. Generally, only new articles from within the past 7 days are eligible, as well as articles that have been expanded at least 5-fold in the last 7 days.

DYK facts that have appeared on the Main Page since the project started in June 2009:

# Article Date Hook Type Archive
1 List of United States politicians who admit to cannabis use 11/23/2009 ... that Abraham Lincoln, one of many American politicians known for past use of cannabis, wrote that one of his "favorite things" was "smoking a pipe of sweet hemp"? Expansion 250
2 Cannabis in California 1/25/2010 ... that the passage of A.B. 390 by California's Public Safety Committee marked the first time in United States history that a bill legalizing marijuana passed a legislative committee? Expansion 252
3 Cannabis Planet 2/27/2010 ... that the American television program Cannabis Planet features horticulturist and author Ed Rosenthal as a cannabis "expert"? Start 253
4 Tom Cruise Purple 3/24/2010 ... that actor Tom Cruise does not endorse a potent strain of cannabis called Tom Cruise Purple? Expansion 254
5 Cannabis in Australia 4/3/2010 ... that according to a 2007 Australian national survey covering cannabis use in Australia, one-third of the population aged 14 years or older have tried the drug at least once? Expansion
6 Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 4/13/2010 ... that the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act proposes that two percent of proceeds from the sale of cannabis promote industrial hemp biodiesel, fiber, protein and oil? Start
7 Washington Initiative 1068 (2010) 4/14/2010 ... that Initiative 1068 was filed in January 2010 by Seattle activists hoping to remove criminal penalties from the adult use, possession and cultivation of marijuana in Washington? Start


WikiProject Cannabis encourages group members to participate in the current collaboration, which focuses attention on a specific article or task for a short amount of time. Visiting the collaboration page provides details about how the process works, considerations for future collaborations, an archive of previous collaborations, templates, and other information.

Project members hoping to contribute to the collaboration should add the collaboration page to their watchlist to remain updated on the current collaboration and the talk page.

Popular pages[edit]

This page contains a list of the most popular pages associated with WikiProject Cannabis. This tool allows us to determine which articles we should concentrate on based on the amount of traffic they receive. The page will be updated monthly with new data by Mr.Z-bot.


The following gallery contains United States and world maps that relate to cannabis and need to be updated over time.

Map relating to cannabis
United States map illustrating which states have medical marijuana programs. 
United States map illustrating where non-medical marijuana has been decriminalized at the state level. 
United States map illustrating which states have medical marijuana programs, where non-medical marijuana has been decriminalized at the state level, or both. 
Map of Europe illustrating the legality of cannabis possession. 
World map illustrating the legality of cannabis possession. 


Project banner[edit]

This should be placed on all cannabis-related talk pages.

WikiProject Cannabis  
WikiProject icon This page is within the scope of WikiProject Cannabis, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of cannabis on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
 ???  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.


This should be placed in the "See also" section of related articles.

Project invitation[edit]

If you see someone that might have an interest in the project, you can place this template on their userpage to invite them.

Cannabis leaf 2.svg You are invited to join WikiProject Cannabis, a WikiProject dedicated to improving articles related to Cannabis. You received this invitation because of your history editing articles related to the plant. The WikiProject Cannabis group discussion is here. If you are interested in joining, please visit the project page, and add your name to the list of participants.


Members of the project may want to display the following userbox on their user page:

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The following categories should be applied to all applicable articles:


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Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

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