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A WikiProject dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of cannabis, including articles relating to hemp and marijuana legislation, effects, policies, trends, activists, organizations, culture, and other aspects of the plant.
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  • Can sa, Vietnamese word for marijuana
  • Chanvre (image1) (image2), French word for cannabis
  • Chronic (cannabis), a slang name for high quality cannabis
  • Dank (cannabis), a slang name for good cannabis
  • Doobie, a slang name for a cannabis cigarette. Used, for their name, by the American rock group The Doobie Brothers.
  • Etymology of hemp (image), history and usage of the common English name for cannabis, also a slang word used to mean marijuana
  • Grass, one of the most commonly used slang names for cannabis. During the 1968 US presidential election, supporters of Eugene McCarthy campaigned with the slogan, "Kennedy has the grass, McCarthy has the roots."
  • Grifa, Mexican Spanish word for marijuana, possibly the origin of the term reefer
  • Hanf (image1) (image2), German word for cannabis
  • Hennep, Dutch word for cannabis
  • Kind (cannabis), a slang name for marijuana, in particular, and for the entire cannabis culture, in general
  • Kinnab or Quinnab, Arabic word for cannabis
  • Mary Jane (cannabis), a very widely used slang name for cannabis (variations include MJ)
  • Pakalolo, a Hawaiian slang name for marijuana or "crazy tobacco"
  • Pot (cannabis) (image), a commonly-used slang name for marijuana, possibly originating from the Spanish potiguaya
  • Potiguaya, Spanish word for cannabis, possibly derived from potacion de guaya, thought to be the origin of the slang name "pot."
  • Reefer (cannabis), widely used slang term for cannabis with a long history (possibly derived from reefing, or rolling up a canvas sail; or the word might have roots in the Mexican Spanish term for cannabis grifa)
  • Sam-gwa, Korean word for cannabis
  • Se-gyauk, Burmese (Myanmar) word for marijuana or hashish, Burmese script is ဆေးခြောက်
  • Sinsemilla, Spanish for without seed, a slang name for high quality, dried cannabis. A word used for the title of the horticulturist's magazine Sinsemilla Tips. (Yippie Party politician, writer, and activist Ben Masel named his daughter Semilla, meaning "seed," honoring the term.)
  • Taima, Japanese word for cannabis
  • Tea (cannabis), a slang name for marijuana dating to the Jazz Era, popularized in the 1950s by Jack Kerouac in novels such as On the Road. The commonly used term, particularly in the UK, was the basis for a name, The Tea Set, used by the psychedelic rock band Pink Floyd before the group changed their name in the mid-1960s. (A tea party is slang for a cannabis get-together, and a tea set is a hookah.)
  • Trees (cannabis), twenty-first century slang name for marijuana
  • Weed (cannabis) (image), according to some scholars, weed might be the most popular, contemporary slang name for cannabis

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  • Hash oil, clip of dabbing rig in use
  • Hashish, clip of traditional or modern hashish production

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Did You Know? (DYK)[edit]

These articles on cannabis-related subjects have been featured on Wikipedia's homepage in the Did You Know section for the best new articles. See Did You Know? for nominating criteria and to nominate new articles. Generally, only new articles from within the past 7 days are eligible, as well as articles that have been expanded at least 5-fold in the last 7 days.

DYK facts that have appeared on the Main Page since the project started in June 2009:

# Article Date Hook Type Archive
1 List of United States politicians who admit to cannabis use 11/23/2009 ... that Abraham Lincoln, one of many American politicians known for past use of cannabis, wrote that one of his "favorite things" was "smoking a pipe of sweet hemp"? Expansion 250
2 Cannabis in California 1/25/2010 ... that the passage of A.B. 390 by California's Public Safety Committee marked the first time in United States history that a bill legalizing marijuana passed a legislative committee? Expansion 252
3 Cannabis Planet 2/27/2010 ... that the American television program Cannabis Planet features horticulturist and author Ed Rosenthal as a cannabis "expert"? Start 253
4 Tom Cruise Purple 3/24/2010 ... that actor Tom Cruise does not endorse a potent strain of cannabis called Tom Cruise Purple? Expansion 254
5 Cannabis in Australia 4/3/2010 ... that according to a 2007 Australian national survey covering cannabis use in Australia, one-third of the population aged 14 years or older have tried the drug at least once? Expansion
6 Oregon Cannabis Tax Act 4/13/2010 ... that the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act proposes that two percent of proceeds from the sale of cannabis promote industrial hemp biodiesel, fiber, protein and oil? Start
7 Washington Initiative 1068 (2010) 4/14/2010 ... that Initiative 1068 was filed in January 2010 by Seattle activists hoping to remove criminal penalties from the adult use, possession and cultivation of marijuana in Washington? Start

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