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This is a guideline for episode articles for the sole reason of being consistent for the entire episode guide. These guidelines are not set in stone, and if you want to suggest a change to how these episode pages are displayed, leave a note on the discussion page.


Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode
Example image not be used in article namespace.jpg
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Dave Willis
Production code 101
Original air date December 30, 2000
Episode chronology
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Next →
"Escape from Leprechaupolis"
List of Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes

First, all episodes should have an infobox on them. The infobox should start on the first line, except when there are tags on the page (such as {{cleanup}} or {{tone}}).

The infobox for "Rabbot" is shown at the right as an example. To make an infobox, use the following code:

{{Infobox television episode
| Title = <!--EPISODE NAME-->
| Series = [[Aqua Teen Hunger Force]]
| Image = [[File:<!--IMAGE FILENAME-->|250px]]
| Season = <!--SEASON #-->
| Episode = <!--EPISODE #-->
| Airdate = <!--ORIGINAL AIRDATE-->
| Production = <!--PRODUCTION #-->
| Writer = [[Matt Maiellaro]]<br/>[[Dave Willis]]
| Guests = <!--GUESTS--> (in the format of "[[Actor]] (character)")
| Episode list = [[List of Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes]]
| Prev = <!--PREV EPISODE-->
| Next = <!--NEXT EPISODE-->

You'll need to change the parts that are in all caps to make it apply to the episode you are editing. Most of this information is already on the List of episodes, so you can find it there. Additional info can be found on DVDs, ATHF Central, etc.

Lead paragraph[edit]

The lead paragraph should immediately follow the infobox. Its purpose is to give general information about the episode, and nothing about the plot of the episode. For example, the lead paragraph for "Rabbot" is:

"Rabbot" is the first episode of the animated series Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It was first broadcast on December 30 2000.

The name of the episode should be bold and wrapped in "quotes". Spell out what number episode it is (third, seventeenth, thirty-fifth, etc.) and mention when the episode first aired. The airdate and episode number are on the List of episodes.

Examples of other information that can go into the lead include alternative names (for example in the case of "Carl", you could add "This episode was named "Spacegate World" on the Volume 4 DVD.") and other general information not relating to the plot.


The synopsis section immediately follows the lead paragraph.

If there was a cold open, add it here (use third-level headings, === Cold open ===). After a short description of the episode's cold open, you can follow with === Plot ===, and should include information about the main plot of the episode. (if there is not a cold open to the episode, you do not need to add these two headers; just write the episode summary)

Wikify links to the main characters, but only the first time they are mentioned. You can wikify links to other stuff too. Don't go overboard though; the number of links should be somewhat even throughout the episode guide. When referencing other episode, just wrap them in quotes. When referencing other TV shows or movies, use italics.

You should be able to read the synopsis and understand what happens in the whole episode, but you don't need to put the tiniest details. If you use good judgment the synopsis should be fine.

Notes and External links[edit]

Other information should go in a "Notes" section. The absence of a main character or the introduction of a recurring character should go here. Attributable information should go here if it relates to the production of the episode.

An external links section should include a link to the Wikiquotes page ({{wikiquote|Aqua Teen Hunger Force#Rabbot|Rabbot}} (replacing Rabbot with the name of the episode, of course), and a link to an episode summary on an external site, preferably Aqua Teen Central. Links relating to the episode (real sites that exist and were mentioned on the show) go here as well.

Immediately following External links should be [[Category:Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes]], which adds the episode to Category:Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes.


Add {{WikiProject ATHF}} to the article's talk page. This makes it a part of the ATHF WikiProject. Do not add an assessment to the article; this is done by other editors.


That's pretty much it. By following the above guidelines, Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode pages will be consistent across the whole episode guide. Thanks, and happy editing!!