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Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information in articles related to Felidae and all varieties of cats. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help, please add your name to the list of active participants below.


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This project deals with the creation and editing of articles related to cats, including both real and fictional cats. We shall also include within the scope of this project those articles which have a direct and significant impact upon all members of the family Felidae, including such things as feline diseases and welfare.


  • Assessment - This department monitors the quality of articles and indicates the relative importance of articles to this project. It is very useful in determining which articles are most in need of further attention and which are not.
  • Peer review - This department provides editors with (comparatively) quick responses to their questions regarding the quality of specific articles.
  • Gallery - a collection of some of our best and most honored images.
  • Outreach - This department will be engaged in informing our members of the projects' activities and in trying to recruit new members.
  • Collaboration - This department allows us to concentrate our efforts on improving important articles to this project.
  • Featured article Portal:Cats - Maintain featured status.

Open Tasks[edit]

Things you can do

If you do happen to have some free time on your hands, we would greatly appreciate if you can improve any of the articles which haven't yet reached good article status. In almost all cases on Wikipedia, particularly articles which are less than good article status, we can always use additional references and reference citations for any information in any articles. The following articles, among others, are counted as being of high importance to this project, and any development of them would be greatly appreciated.

Collaboration article of the month[edit]

The collaboration subproject is currently suspended. See Talk:collaboration is you are interested in restarting this project.

Regular cleanup[edit]

You can also review the list of recent changes at recent changes to monitor for vandalism or to see if any article has been changed enough to change its current level of assessment.

Hot articles[edit]

The articles listed below are WikiProject Cats articles that have had the most edits in the past 3 days. These pages might be undergoing significant changes or may need to be monitored for vandalism or edit wars.

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12 edits List of Doraemon characters
11 edits Asiatic lion

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Recognized content[edit]

We want everyone to know that the Portal:Cats is now officially recognized as a Wikipedia:Featured portal. We hope everyone will continue to contribute to the project's articles to help ensure that this portal can remain one of the best in Wikipedia.

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Featured Articles[edit]

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Featured Pictures[edit]

A collection of this project's nominated and winning pictures can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Cats/Gallery.

Peer review, Featured article candidates (FAC) or Good article nominees[edit]

Moonrise (novel) is currently a featured article candidate

Good articles[edit]

Did You Know (DYK)[edit]

The following articles have been featured on the Main page in the Did you know section:

Formerly recognized content[edit]

Former featured articles[edit]
Former good articles[edit]

Cat breeds[edit]


There currently exists an article entitled List of cat breeds, which enumerates the various recognized breeds.

The article on each breed shall include the following information:

  • a breed infobox(see below).
  • lead section: introduction, general information about the breed, brief history, description.
  • history: traditional/historical info. modern breed development etc.
  • breed description: physical appearance, coat types, colors, temperament etc.
  • health: known medical issues etc.
  • more?


Cat breed articles[edit]

Breed name
Kamee01 edit.jpg
Breed image
OriginCountry X
Breed standards
Domestic cat (Felis catus)

The cat infobox on the right is generated by {{Infobox cat breed}}. Documentation is contained on the template page. Note that some articles still use a non-templated infobox, which can be recognized by its thick gray borders. The template allows for the inclusion of a picture and caption, common names, nicknames, country of origin and links to breed standards of major registries. Other smaller organizations with separate breed standards can be included in "Others" if appropriate. Articles about non domestic felines should use Template:Taxobox. Important: Do not falsely label landraces or other non-breeds as formal breeds; doing so fails several policies, including WP:Verifiability, WP:No original research and WP:Neutral point of view, as well as WP:What Wikipedia is not#Wikipedia is not a soapbox or means of promotion. If there isn't a breed standard, it's not a breed, even if some fancier organizations permit the type (or mix) to be shown, e.g. in a "Household Pet" or "Any Other Category" division. For an example of how to handle specific landraces, see Van cat, and of broader types, see Domestic short-haired cat.

Talk page[edit]

This banner {{WikiProject Cats|class=|importance=}} is for placement in the talk pages of cat-related articles.

WikiProject Cats (Rated Project-class)
WikiProject iconThis page is within the scope of WikiProject Cats. This project provides a central approach to Cat-related subjects on Wikipedia. Please participate by editing the article, and help us assess and improve articles to good and 1.0 standards, or visit the wikiproject page for more details.
 Project  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.

You can add this template {{Image requested|cats}} in the talk page of articles needing photos. The article is automatically added to the requested images of cats category.

User page[edit]

You can add {{User:UBX/WikiProject Cats}} to your userpage if you choose to join this project.

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WikiProject Cats.


Many projects have barnstars specifically designed for their projects. At this point this project does not. We are now however considering proposals for barnstar designs at Wikipedia:Barnstar and award proposals#WikiProject Cats. Please feel free to make any suggestions or indicate your opinion of the existing proposals, for this project's barnstar proposals and any others that might interest you, there. I hope that we can have one accepted and available for giving out to the appropriate editors shortly.

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