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WikiProject Chemicals is a daughter WikiProject of the WikiProject on Chemistry. It concerns writing and improving articles about chemical compounds in Wikipedia. So far, more than one hundred members of Wikipedia have signed up to participate in WikiProject Chemicals.

A worklist of representative chemical compounds has been finalized. Progress on the articles in this list is monitored by participants. Also, templates for Lists of Properties for the compounds have been standardized, as has formatting and naming articles on chemical compounds. Presentation of chemical structures should also be standardized (to some extent). This WikiProject also serves as a forum on how best to present chemicals information and proceed with work on chemicals in Wikipedia.

If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and look at the worklist. To join, simply list yourself at #Participants by adding your name (and table format) to the section. If you would like to request a new chemistry-related article, please be referred to the WikiProject Chemistry requested articles list.


This WikiProject aims to provide high-quality, standardized articles in Wikipedia for all important chemicals, similar to the Merck Index. This comprises all organic and inorganic compounds, elements, reagents, commodities, pharmaceuticals, pollutants, and other large-scale and small-scale chemicals of interest. Additional focus is given to the selected articles about approx 400 representative chemicals, on the target worklist.

Other chemistry subjects, including chemical groups, ions, methodology of analysis, production, reactions, etc., are included in the Chemistry WikiProject, or in its other daughter wikiproject.


The primary aim of the Chemicals wikiproject is quality improvement of articles about chemicals. Within the wikiproject, these articles are quality classified for chemical completeness (Class) and the relevance of the chemical compound to general chemistry, according to the Wikiproject's Assessment Scheme.

Although the Wikiproject does acknowledge the Wikipedia status of Featured Article (FA) and Good Article (GA), these are generic qualifications only, with no specific attention for chemical completeness, and as such are not listed in our Classes.

Access the WP:Chemicals table, log and article listing

Featured article  Featured articles 10
Featured list Featured lists 1
Good article Good articles 28


The parent of this WikiProject is WikiProject Chemistry.

Descendant WikiProjects[edit]

A descendant of this WikiProject is WikiProject Polymers.


Userbox WPChem
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WikiProject Chemicals.

Name Talk Special interests
Palaxzorodice--YH Talk Perodic Table, Unknown Chemical
Aslalio Talk
Taycar Talk
ebe123 Talk
~K Talk
AbuAmir Talk Biochemicals.
Aeron Valderrama Talk Biochemistry
Acechem Talk Pyrotechnics, nitrogen compounds, explosive compounds, esters, chemical intermediates, chemical structures, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, etc.
Alpo666 Talk Organic Chemistry
Ambix Talk Chemiluminescence Photochromism Pyrotechnics
AvishekDas123 Talk Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Quantum Chemistry, Biochemistry
Axiosaurus Talk Main group chemistry
Anner van Hardenbroek Talk Biochemistry, Organic chemistry, Quantum chemistry
Lenary Talk
Ben Mills Talk Diagrams, structural formulae, 3D molecular models, chemical education, organic and inorganic chemistry
benzenec Talk Pharmacognosy, Natural Products, Organic Chemistry, Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, Phytochemistry
bfesser Talk pH Indicators, Aspirin Derivatives, Dyes, Organic Synthesis
BorisTM Talk Article layout, Categories, Infoboxes, Structure images, Templates
B'Rat Ud Talk Industrial chemistry,Analytical chemistry, W&WW treatment, Environmental chemistry, Chemical safety.
Jeff Brideau Talk Chemical species used in ion implantation of semiconductor materials
Cacycle Talk Chemical structures, Neuropharmacology, Psychoactive compounds, Odorants and aroma compounds, Basic topics and compounds
Chris Roberts Talk Medicinal chemistry, Organic chemistry, Neurochemistry
Chemicalinterest Talk Inorganic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Amateur chemistry, ask me if you want help on a project
Chem_tom Talk Inorganic chemistry
Antony Williams Talk Organic chemistry, InChI, ChemSpider, NMR, Nomenclature, Cheminformatics, Structure Drawing and Representation
Colonel Buckshot Talk Inorganic chemistry, Electrochemistry, Metallurgy
CrazyChemGuy Talk
Crl620 Talk Organic synthesis, NMR, structures
Daniel Quinlan Talk
Dcirovic Talk Drug Design, Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry
Deryck Chan (admin) Talk
Dirk Beetstra (admin) Talk Organometallic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Chemistry
Csamurai92 Talk Physical chemistry, organic chemistry.
Dogposter Talk all chemical compounds
Double sharp Talk Radiochemistry
EdChem Talk Most chemistry, particularly general, organic, and organometallic chemistry
Edgar181 (admin) Talk Medicinal chemistry, natural organic compounds
Ephemeronium Talk Molecular graphics, ball-and-stick and space-filling models. Will take requests.
Explodo-nerd Talk I love science and mathematics, particularly chemistry. Explosives are awesome!
Flobor Talk Organic compounds, organometallic compounds and metal coordination compounds
Frederick Chiu Talk Inorganic Chemistry. Adding basic properties of chemicals
Gerard Meijssen Talk Interested because much of the chemical vocabulary may end up in WiktionaryZ
GGTiger Talk Heterocyclics, agrochemicals, chemical information, and history of chemistry
Gino Graziano Talk Inorganic chemistry, Nuclear chemistry, Organic chemistry
Graeme Bartlett Talk gases, substances found in stars or interstellar space, inorganic chemicals
Gumbacious Talk Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Organic Chemistry, Bioremediation
Harald Stone Talk Computational Chemistry, Organic Chemistry
Henry Padleckas Talk Various including Organic chemistry,
Chemical engineering, and Polymers;
Non-chemistry contributions also.
IdiotsOpposite Talk Organic Chemistry, particularly in the area of organic chemical synthesis.
J G Campbell Talk Biology, Biochemistry, stuff that explodes; presently flailing away at Retinal
J Hill Talk Inorganic chemistry
JaeSharp Talk Various general interests, format and type checking
JaGa Talk Organic chemistry, Structure drawing
Jason McIntosh Talk
Jeremiah Talk Organic synthesis, Supramolecular chemistry, Environmental chemistry
Joanne Slatter Talk
John Roberts Talk Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Fuel gases, Sulfur chemicals
Kpgjhpjm Talk Inorganic chemistry
Kpstewart Talk Organic chemistry, biochemistry, neurochemistry
Leiem Talk Inorganic chemistry
Leyo Talk Environmental chemistry
Manderson198 Talk Organic Chemistry, reaction mechanisms, synthesis
Martin Walker Talk Also known as Walkerma. Organic synthesis, article assessment
Marshmellis Talk Only completed first year uni chemistry, limited knowledge but keen interest
masterleggie talk Like physical chemistry but have limited knowledge on organic and inorganic.
Microswitch Talk Computer molecule models
Mmagdalene722 Talk Pesticides
Mothball Talk Polymer chemistry, emphasis on poly(ester)s, self-assembly and architecture. More than happy to sort out any other chemistry topics I can help with or stumble across.
MedChemGuru Talk Medicinal chemistry and drug design, discovery and development, neurosciences.
Mets501 (admin) Talk Everything related to chemistry!
Mysteriumen Talk
Mutinus Talk
Nate1481 Talk
NatePhysics Talk
Nch08a Talk Organic and Biochemistry
Nevermore78 Talk Biochemistry, structures and formulae
Nick C Talk
Nihiltres Talk
niklo_sv Talk Organic chemistry and compounds
Nitaro02 Talk Organic chemistry, physical chemistry, computational chemistry
Nitin Viswanathan Talk Inorganic chemistry, chemical formulae
NotAnonymous0 Talk
(oac) Talk Psychoactive compounds
OrganoMetallurgy talk Organic, inorganic, intermetallic, cluster, metalorganic and organometallic compounds and chemistry among other things. Really, just about anything involving things made of atoms.
Pdcook Talk Biochemistry; mechanistic and structural enzymology
Pelirojopajaro Talk Organic chemistry, biochemistry, reaction mechanisms
Peryeat Talk Chemoinformatics, Wiswesser Line Notation, Unique_Ingredient_Identifier
Physchim62 (admin) Talk Inorganic chemistry, chemical safety, analytical chemistry
Plasmic Physics Talk Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, nomenclature, chembox insertion & maintenance (on hold)
Polonium talk
Quantockgoblin Talk Organic, physical-organic, reactive intermediates (esp. carbenes/stable carbenes), asymmetric catalysis. Lab techniques (esp. Air-sensitive handling). I can draw chemical apparatus, I may even take requests my talk page.
Qxukhgiels talk Organic, non-organic, nuclear/radioactive, chemical engineering, catalysis, physical, analytical chemistry, etc. (Can't list all at once).
Raymond Ko Talk
RedWasp Talk
Riana Talk My knowledge is probably not specific or advanced enough to contribute significantly (I'm only in first year), but I enjoy improving existing articles. I also participate in the Spoken WikiProject, currently recording Featured articleAcetic acid.
Richard Arthur Norton Talk
Rebelinabox talk
Rifleman_82 (admin) Talk Lab technique, organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry. Enjoy drawing structures. Can drop me a note if you need one done at my talk page.
Rjeng2000 Talk Random Chemicals
Robert Skyhawk Talk
Ronhjones talk Safety & Devopment chemist. Mainly organic chemistry. Happy to draw structures and convert to svg, also SMILES. Can also get Beilstein numbers if wanted.
Silverweed Talk Organic chemistry, food chemistry/molecular gastronomy, Combretastatin.
Shawn Teo Talk
Robert Shimmin Talk
Rune Welsh (admin) Talk You can request structures and SMILES notations in my talk page
Rollie Talk Chemistry Undergrad. Keen at drawing structures and mechanisms
Ryan Jones Talk Inorganic Chemistry, structure and reactions of metals.
Schuyler Thompson Talk
Sbrools Talk 3d models, Organic, Inorganic, SMILES and chemical information.
schneelocke (admin) Talk
Scoreed Talk
Shane Di Dona Talk
Shoy Talk Organic and inorganic chemistry, polymers. Chemical engineer by trade.
sinrh0816 Talk
Smolamj Talk Organic and Biochemistry, structures. I can generate 2D and 3D structures, just inquire at the talk page.
Socksysquirrel Talk Organic chemistry and mechanisms, natural products, inorganic and industrial chemistry.
Steviedpeele Talk Organic synthesis and mechanisms, plant Biochemistry
Stieltjes Talk Industrial chemicals
St3vo Talk Medicinal chemistry, Neurochemistry, Biochemistry/Biosynthesis, structure drawings
TCO Talk solid state
Tea with toast Talk Organic and Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Neurochemistry
That Kiwi Guy Talk Misc 3D models
The_chemistds Talk Organic chemistry, compounds, chemical structures, radical chemistry
ThinkOutsideTheTesseract Talk
Tim Starling Talk
Tim32 Talk Organic and organic mathematical chemistry (computer chemistry)
USEPA James Talk Pesticides that are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
WhittleMario Talk Inorganic compounds, explosives, and basically anything you wouldn't want to touch with a ten-foot pole for fear of becoming wallpaper.
Wim van Dorst Talk Chemically I'm into chlor-alkali, such as hydrochloric acid, and worklist
Whatcanuexpect Talk
WildCation Talk Fixing stereochemistry in chemical structuress and in SMILES strings and InChIs, as well as anything to do with conservation science and archaeometry
Xeno Neon Talk
Yilloslime Talk Organometallics, Pesticides, Toxicology
Gagman385 Talk Analytical Chemistry, Cosmochemistry
Cholland454 Talk Inorganic Chemistry, Metal-Metal Bonds, Organometallics, Medicinal Chemistry, Food Chemistry
Yopure Talk Organic and Inorganic Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry
Usfgrad2008 Talk Bioinorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic
Christian75 Talk Inorganic and organic chemistry
Freywa Talk Organic chemistry
pankajsancheti Talk nanomedicine, inorganic chemistry, alumina,mesoporous compounds, biodiesel,etc.
Xenomancer Talk
Ckalnmals Talk Organic chemistry
AnonymousDDoS Talk Organic chemistry, general article cleanup and improvement
Ranbow Shifter Talk Periodic Table and Salts
Zaryn Talk
Owllord97 Talk Chemical compounds found outside of Earth and synthetic compounds
TatanyaGolding Talk
DeadFire999 Talk Organic chemistry, Electrochemistry
User: Talk Organometallic chemistry (particularly organorhenium clusters), Superheavy elements
Galobtter Talk
GrahamCracker325 Talk
77Selenium Talk Organoselenium chemistry |
the bumbling biochemist Talk biochemistry -

Discussion forums[edit]

Several streams of discussion are on-going, among others:

Activities in progress[edit]

Worklist to ChemStart level as a minimum[edit]

The worklist of the Chemicals WikiProject is undergoing continuous updates, to be brought in line with the goals as presented above. Please assist in adding, completing, and otherwise improving it. Work is now in progress to actually update the listed compounds, all to a minimum of {{chem Start}} level.

Worklist to A-Class level[edit]

Additionally, not necessarily sequentially, to the above target, all articles on the worklist be enhanced to {{chem A-Class}} level.

Activities finalized[edit]


The templates of the overall Chemistry Wikiproject will be used. Additionally:

Chemical Infoboxes[edit]

Additionally chemical infoboxes have been agreed on as guideline, and are available as templates. For this a {{chembox header}} specific table template has been defined. Two infobox formats have been defined, {{chembox}} and {{Infobox drug}}.

List of lists[edit]

The huge list of compounds was recently split into three smaller related lists: list of inorganic compounds, list of organic compounds, and list of biomolecules. The editing work associated with this is now complete.

Style guide[edit]

Manual of Style/Chemistry is live.


For filling out the chembox templates, the project has made available a useful data book of gas densities, viscosities and solubility products. Other tables may be added in the future.

There are many other general reference lists available in Wikipedia for chemicals. These include:

For elements, similar lists are available for the Elements WikiProject (to be moved there in future):

and several others, ordered differently

For minerals, similar lists are available for the Rocks and minerals WikiProject (to be moved in the future):

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Recent changes[edit]

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