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Some Wikipedians have formed a project to provide information related to chemistry. The main efforts focus on providing articles clearly written articles that give an overview of the topic, all supported by reliable sources. The Chemistry portal is maintained at Portal:Chemistry and the project banner is {{WikiProject Chemistry}}. We also have a structure drawing workgroup and a Gold Book workgroup. Chemistry articles considered of vital importance to Wikipedia are listed on the expanded vital articles list.


Things you can do

Here are some things you can do:

Daily status report
Featured articles: 16
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Good articles: 63

Anyone can participate in the WikiProject. The collection of articles in this project aspires to be authoritative and comprehensive, but gaps exist with respect to clarity, scope, and supporting references.

Technical experts are always needed, but nonexperts can contribute by improving readability.

Guidelines for editing are listed in WP:NOT. Some highlights that are particularly relevant to this project:

  • WP:SECONDARY and WP:TERTIARY. The most desirable references are to reviews and books (including ebooks). Many such sources are behind paywalls, unfortunately.
  • WP:RS. Claims require reliable sources. The definition of RS can be ambiguous in the case of patents and dissertations. Some concern exists about citing predatory journals.
  • WP:MEDRS. Claims related to human health require especially strong supporting references, read: secondary and tertiary.
  • WP:NOTTEXTBOOK. As an encyclopedia, Wikipedia presents facts. It is not a textbook replete with explanations. The difference between an encyclopedia and a textbook can be subtle however.
  • WP:COI. Editors avoid topics where they have a conflict of interest, or at least they disclose their conflict. "Ref spamming" by authors of journal articles is a persistent problem.
  • WP:UNDUE. The space allocated to subtopics within an article should reflect their relative significance. Of course, defining "relative significance" can be non-obvious.

Who's editing?

These sites list many of the more active editors in this project and the related Chemicals project:

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