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Requesting a review

To request an A-Class review of an article:

  1. Add A-Class=current to the {{WikiProject Chicago}} project banner at the top of the article's talk page.
  2. From there, click on the "currently undergoing" link that appears in the template. This will open a page to discuss the status of the article.
  3. Place === [[Name of nominated article]] === at the top.
  4. Below it, write your reason for nominating the article and sign by using four tildes (~~~~).
  5. Add {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Chicago/Assessment/Name of nominated article}} at the top of the list of A-Class review requests below.

If an article is nominated a second (or third, and so forth) time, either because it failed a prior nomination, or because it may no longer meet the standards and may thus need to be demoted:

  1. Move (do not copy) the existing review subpage (Wikipedia:WikiProject Chicago/Assessment/Name of nominated article) to an archive (Wikipedia:WikiProject Chicago/Assessment/Name of nominated article/archive1).
  2. Follow the instructions for making a request above (editing Wikipedia:WikiProject Chicago/Assessment/Name of nominated article, which will be a redirect to the archive, into a new nomination page).
  3. Be sure to provide a prominent link to the last archive at the top of the nomination statement (e.g. "Prior nomination here.").

There is no limit on how quickly renominations of failed articles may be made; it is perfectly acceptable to renominate as soon as the outstanding objections from the previous nomination have been satisfied.


Reviewers should keep the criteria for featured articles in mind when supporting or opposing a nomination. However, please note that (unlike actual featured articles) A-Class articles are not expected to fully meet all of the criteria; an objection should indicate a substantive problem with the article. In particular, objections over relatively minor issues of writing style or formatting should be avoided at this stage; a comprehensive, accurate, well-sourced, and decently-written article should qualify for A-Class status even if it could use some further copyediting.

Closing and archiving

Reviews will be closed by one of the project coordinators, normally at the discretion of the director or a project coordinator.

To close a review, coordinators should:

  1. Add {{subst:archive top}} and {{subst:archive bottom}} to the top and bottom of the review subpage, respectively.
  2. Change the A-Class=current in the {{WikiProject Chicago}} project banner at the top of the article's talk page to either A-Class=pass (if the nomination is successful) or A-Class=fail (if it is not), and update the assessment class to class=A if needed.
  3. Move the {{Wikipedia:WikiProject Chicago/Assessment/Name of nominated article}} from the list of requests below to the current archive page.
  4. Remove the article link from the A-Class review list at {{WikiProject Chicago Announcements}}.