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This page lists templates used commonly by Wikiproject Children's Literature and gives advice on their use.

Many templates are used by articles in this project. Some of the most common are listed below, but a more complete list can be found in Category:Template-Class children and young adult literature articles.

Project templates[edit]

This project maintains several templates for use in a variety of tasks:

Common article templates[edit]

Stub sorting templates are used on Stub-class articles to specify the topic they are based on. Stub sorting templates are maintained by WikiProject Stub Sorting and a full list can be found at WikiProject Stub sorting/Stub types. Some of the most common stub types on this project are:

Infoboxes are used to give a summary of the main features article's topic. They generally consist of a list of features which the article might have, and as many of these features as possible should be specified, although many can be left out if they are not known. Infoboxes are maintained by WikiProject Infoboxes, and help using them can be found on the Manual of Style and help page about them, in addition to on each template's documentation page. A variety of infoboxes are available depending upon the subject of the article in question. A full list is available in Category:Infobox templates, but some commonly used infoboxes on this project are:

Navigation boxes are used to ease navigation between a group of articles on the same topic. There are many navigtion boxes used by this project, which generally group articles by some shared characteristic, for example {{Harry Potter}}, grouping by series, or {{American Library Association}}, grouping by organisation.