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The WikiProject Chinese cities aims primarily to standardize prefecture-level city and county-level city entries of the People's Republic of China. The 4 municipalities of the PRC (Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Tianjin) are covered by the Wikipedia:WikiProject Chinese provinces, but due to their nature as cities, they will also follow some of the guidelines given here. This WikiProject is likely not going to cover Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong at this stage.

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WikiProject China / Cities (Rated NA-class)
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All settlements in China should use the standard infobox of {{Infobox Settlement}}. This infobox provides a consistent look between the various types settlements in China and in the other articles of the wikipedia like Toronto, Montreal, Mexico City, and Saigon. The default "settlement_type" is city, but it can be changed to reflect any type of settlement, like counties, towns, villages, etc. {{Infobox Settlement}} also has a super imposable dot map feature that allows a map to be used with any settlement in China. It also as a location map feature that will automatically place a dot on a map of China if the coordinates are known (see Kunshan). Other examples include Beijing (see below) and Shanghai

The Temple of Heaven, an enduring symbol of Beijing
The Temple of Heaven, an enduring symbol of Beijing
Location in China
Location in China
Coordinates: 39°54′20″N 116°23′29″E / 39.90556°N 116.39139°E / 39.90556; 116.39139
Country People's Republic of China
County-level divisions 18
Township divisions 273
Settled ca. 473 BC
 • CPC Beijing Liu Qi Committee Secretary
 • Mayor Wang Qishan
Area(ranked 29th)
 • Municipality 16,808 km2 (6,490 sq mi)
Elevation 43.5 m (142.7 ft)
Population (2004)
 • Municipality 14,930,000 (26th)
 • Density 888/km2 (2,300/sq mi)
 • Urban approx. 7.5 million
 • Mun. Density rank (4th)
 • Major nationalities Han - 96%
Manchu - 2%
Hui - 2%
Mongolian - 0.3%
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 100000 - 102600
Area code(s) +86/10
License plate prefixes 京A, C, E, F, H, J
京B (taxis)
京G (outside urban area)
京O (police and authorities)
京V (military headquarters
& central government)
ISO 3166-2 cn-11
GDP (2004) CNY 428.3 billion (15th)
 - per capita CNY 28,700 (2nd)
HDI (2005) 0.882 (2nd) — high
Website (English)
City trees
Chinese arborvitae (Platycladus orientalis)
Pagoda tree (Sophora japonica)
City flowers
Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium)
Chinese rose (Rosa chinensis)



  • How and when the city was founded
  • Worldly events since ancient times
  • Recent events
  • Recent list of Mayors
  • Recent list of Party secretaries


Note that city governments will often publish all of the information below, albeit in Chinese.

Some information to include:

  • Basic position within province or prefecture
  • Coordinate ranges
  • Notable features
    • Rivers
    • Mountains/Hills
    • Plains


Some information to include:

  • Basic climate classification. The Köppen system works well, though do not be excessively technical.
  • Monthly mean temperatures for January and July/August. Annual temperature if possible
  • Precipitation patterns, annual precipitation total if possible
  • Other notable features of the climate
  • Data in a table (e.g. Template:Weather box) or graph, if a source with enough precision is provided. Sources include the China Meteorological Administration, and the National Meteorological Centre, though you do need to be awfully good at reading graphs for the NMC source.

Administrative divisions[edit]

List the districts and/or county-level divisions of this city. Give number of township-level divisions.

List of Township-level divisions[edit]

This should be a separate article because the size of this table is huge. See examples of format at List of administrative divisions of Jilin, List of administrative divisions of Hebei. For conventions on how to name the townships, see Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Chinese).



  • Major industries - agriculture first, then mining, then manufacturing, etc.
  • Major outputs
  • SEZ's and development if available, remember the link
  • Standard of living compared to other parts of country



  • List major ethnic groups, population and percentage of each.
  • If possible, do indicate the amount of city population and rural population, and standards of living within each group.
  • Income levels of age groups and sex ratios may be useful.



  • Languages dialects or languages
  • Cuisine
  • Operas and music



  • Air Transport, airports
  • Rail Transport (which major railway it's on), list of Railway stations
  • LRT/Metro and internal transportation.
  • Principal expressways and highways



  • City sites (temples etc.)
  • Historical sites
  • Natural sites
  • World Heritage sites
  • Transportation


  • List major Colleges and Universities
  • Also list famous high schools.

Miscellaneous topics[edit]


  • Sports teams (CBA, China Super League etc...)
  • Famous people from this province

External links[edit]

Bureau of Statistics

  • Put city's government site here.

(For prefecture-level cities: Use a box such as the one below. There is a full list at Wikipedia:Navigational templates#Sub-entities of sub-national entities. There is also a gallery of templates at Wikipedia:WikiProject Chinese cities/Prefecture navigational templates.)

(For county-level cities: Make a box of the county-level divisions 县级行政区 in the same prefecture, and put it at the bottom of all the pages of each county-level division in the same province. Also, add a link to it on Wikipedia:Navigational templates#Sub-entities of sub-national entities.)