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The goal of WikiProject Chinese provinces aims primarily to standardize entries of the province-level divisions of the PRC. It is likely not going to cover Macau and Hong Kong as those are covered by WikiProject Countries.

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Subproject: Wikipedia:WikiProject China/Chinese cities workgroup


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Locator maps: Wikipedia:WikiProject Chinese provinces/Locator maps


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Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese [undefined] error: {{lang}}: no text (help) ()
Divisions prefectures, counties, townships
 • Total 1 km2 (0.4 sq mi)
Area rank [[List of Chinese administrative divisions by area|]]
 • Total 0
 • Rank [[List of Chinese administrative divisions by population|]]
 • Density 0.0/km2 (0.0/sq mi)
 • Density rank [[List of Chinese administrative divisions by population density|]]
ISO 3166 code CN-
GDP () CNY ([[List of Chinese administrative divisions by GDP|]])
 • per capita CNY ([[List of Chinese administrative divisions by GDP per capita|]])
HDI () () ([[List of Chinese administrative divisions by Human Development Index|]])

Definition paragraph.

  • Put simplified characters, traditional characters, pinyin, Wade-Giles, postal pinyin. Please bold postal pinyin.
  • Neighbouring provinces and countries.
  • Etymology of name
  • Abbreviation, and etymology
  • Nicknames (if any), and etymology

The table is at the top of the page in all articles about provinces.



  • Worldly events since ancient times
  • When the province was formed; major changes in boundary/structure etc.
  • Recent events
  • Recent list of governors
  • Recent list of Party secretaries



  • Topography (e.g. high in the west, low in the east...)
  • Mountains, peaks, highest peak
  • Rivers and bodies of water; coastline and islands (if any)
  • Climate
  • Include map if available
  • natural resources (coal and natural gas reserves)

Administrative divisions[edit]

List the prefecture-level divisions of this province. Give number and type of county-level and township-level divisions. List the county-level divisions in a separate article (see below).

List of county-level divisions[edit]

This should be a separate article because the size of this table is huge (except for the municipalities and Hainan).

There are two conflicting styles currently in use: examples are List of administrative divisions of Hebei and List of administrative divisions of Hunan. (See [1]for another design.) Unless the two styles are reconciled it is hard for any more tables to be made. You are welcome to make comments or suggestions in the talk page.

For conventions on how to name the counties, see Wikipedia:Naming conventions (Chinese).



  • Overview by sectors. Statistics bureau of each province should provide detailed statistics
  • Major industries - agriculture first, then mining, then manufacturing
  • Major outputs
  • Standard of living compare to other part of country
  • Major ports, SEZ's, etc.
  • Stock Exchange (for Shanghai and Guangdong)
  • Historical and projected GDP growth rates by province
  • per capita GDP by province
  •  % of largest companies that are SOE's versus private by province
  • FDI and FAI statistics by province
  •  % imports/exports by province
  • foreign trade by province
  • metropolitan zones/deltas (i.e. Yangtze, Pearl River)
  • banking sector and financial markets (largest banks, total assets, transaction types, investor base, etc.)
  • CNY trade settlement statistics



  • Urban population and rural population; permanent population and floating population; and standards of living within each group. Statistics bureau of each province should provide detailed statistics
  • List major ethnic groups, population and percentage of each
  • GINI coefficient
  • health statistics
  • education statistics
  • density by province



  • Languages dialects or languages
  • Cuisine. Major features of the cuisine; a few typical dishes
  • Local produce, arts and crafts, etc.
  • Operas and musical forms

Famous people[edit]

Use a bulleted list. It would be good to give birth / death year, and a brief one-line description for each. See Jiangsu.


Stereotypes form an important part (perhaps the only part) of the impressions Chinese people have about provinces. But these are also dangerously POV. So please phrase these NPOVly. Besides, it is important to use correct and clear adverbial modifiers in the description, so as to keep incorrect or outdated stereotypes from spreading further. For example, the sentence

In the first several years of the 21st century there was a widespread stereotype in China that people from Henan were liars and cheats...

is much more accurate than

In recent years it has become popular in China to stereotype people from Henan as liars and cheats...



  • Railroads
  • Highways (guodao 国道)
  • Expressways (gaosugonglu 高速公路)
  • Major seaports
  • Major airports
  • Any subway / lightrail systems?
  • auto sales and expressway growth



  • City sites
  • Historical sites
  • Natural sites
  • World Heritage sites
  • airlines (both international and regional) and passenger related statistics
  • airports (both international and regional) and flight related statistics
  • hotel density (current and projected growth) by province
  • hotel construction statistics
  • tourism statistics (visitation by province: foreign versus local and regional)
  •  % business versus leisure travel by province
  • convention statistics by province (if available)

Miscellaneous topics[edit]


  • Sports teams
  • List major Colleges and Universities

External links[edit]

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