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These guidelines are under development. Discuss and improve it.

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  • "Beginnings" (or Early life, Early career)
  • Career - music, film, etc.
    • Musical style - if applicable and if verifiable sources exist.
    • Public perception - includes controversies, media praise and criticism, and endorsements
    • Image -if possible
  • Death and legacy -if applicable. Should be useful for Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui.
  • Filmography - this includes Films and TV Shows.
    • in tables (year, title, role - English, followed by Chinese in brackets, and any notes worth mentioning)
Year Title Role Notes
2008 A Journey Called Life Sze Ka-Ka (施嘉嘉)
The Gem of Life Sung Chi Ling (宋子淩)
Forensic Heroes II Lam Ding Ding (林汀汀)
Moonlight Resonance Yu So Chow (于素秋)
  • Discography - if small, e.g. Jane Zhang. If split off to another article, e.g. Leon Lai discography, link within Music Career
    • if an individual is a member of a group, do not copy and paste the discography of the group onto the individual's page.
    • should also be in tables
  • Major Concerts - if applicable. should list only MAJOR PERFORMANCES (needs to be defined). Prose optional.
  • Awards - if applicable. should list only MAJOR AWARDS. However, a full list of awards can be split off into another article if the list becomes unwieldy.
    • Awards from fan-based entertainment sites (e.g. Soompi) do not count.
  • Notes - if applicable. includes non-reference footnotes
  • References
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  • External Links
  • Navigation boxes, if applicable

See also[edit]

Television shows[edit]

  • Infobox - Template:Infobox Television
  • Brief description
  • Cast - in tables (actor - in English, character - English, followed by Chinese in brackets)
Actor Role
Ha Yu Tong Yan Gai (唐仁佳)
Louise Lee Ling Hau (凌巧)
Susanna Kwan Frances Wong Sau Kam (王秀琴)
Moses Chan Tong Chi On (唐至安)
  • Pre-production - if applicable
  • Synopsis (or Plot)
  • Reception or Criticisms - if applicable
  • Ratings - in tables
Week Average Points Peak Points
1 (Episodes 1–5) 29 31
2 (Episodes 6–10) 29 -
3 (Episodes 11–15) 29 -
4 (Episodes 16–20) 32 34
  • References
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  • External Links
  • Navigation boxes, if applicable