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File:ChristianityPUA.svg - The Christianity Award, a personal user award

Christian Barnstar.png

File:Christian Barnstar.png - The Project's official award

Other related awards

Template:Anglicanism barnstar

The Richard Hooker Memorial Barnstar for hard work and diligence on the Anglicanism WikiProject

- The Anglicanism barnstar

Template:Calvinism barnstar

The TULIP Barnstar for hard work and diligence on the Calvinism WikiProject

- The Calvinism barnstar

Template:Crusade barnstar

The Barnstar of the Holy Land for hard work and diligence for the Crusade work group.

- The Crusade barnstar

Template:The IC Star

India Christianity Barnstar.PNG The Star of 'Christianity in India' Articles

- The Indian Christianity barnstar

Template:Saints Star Award

Saints Star Award

Saints Star Award

The Saints Star Award may be awarded for efforts in Saints WikiProject, WikiProject Catholicism, WikiProject Anglicanism, and WikiProject Christianity. Created for saints of the Catholic Church of Wikipedia by Essjay. See Saints Star Award for more information.

- The Saints Star Award


File:Indulgence.png - Plenary indulgence