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Welcome to WikiProject Citizendium Porting. This project is dedicated to importing useful content from Citizendium into the corresponding Wikipedia articles. This "fork mining" effort includes monitoring changes to Citizendium articles for relevant new material. This page and its subpages contain suggestions and various resources to help in this effort. If you would like to participate, please join the project, inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list below.

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Goal: To improve Wikipedia articles by importing any useful content from their Citizendium counterparts. This also involves checking if any more useful material has been added when these Citizendium articles are updated. However, this does not mean overwriting the Wikipedia article with the Citizendium version, but rather merging Citizendium content into the Wikipedia article.

Scope: Citizendium's Approved Articles and their Wikipedia counterparts.

Manual process[edit]

  1. From the "Articles" section below, choose an article that has not had its Citizendium counterpart checked recently (or ever).
  2. Compare the articles, and see if Citizendium has any sections that contain material that could be used to improve Wikipedia's article. Merge this content in. Do not, however, simply replace the Wikipedia content with the Citizendium content: even if that part of the Citizendium article is better, try to work in any useful information from the section of the Wikipedia article you intend to replace. For Citizendium's Approved articles, you should normally use the Approved version, not the Draft version, unless the draft is clearly superior.
  3. Apply {{Citizendium|title=Article's title in Citizendium}} to the article's References section
  4. Update (or add) the {{WikiProject Citizendium Porting|date=Today's date}} box on the article's talkpage with the last modified date of the version of the Citizendium article you pulled from.
  5. Update the article's entry in the Articles list below.
  6. Go on to the next article.


  • DO NOT overwrite the Wikipedia article with the Citizendium article. Instead, extract useful information from the Citizendium article and merge it into the Wikipedia article.
  • Merge the content skillfully. Avoid duplicating information.
  • Watch out for situations where the two articles disagree and handle them properly (WP:NPOV, WP:RS).
  • Citizendium does not require as extensive referencing as does Wikipedia. Look for references where needed, or as a last resort tag with {{cn}}.
  • Citizendium has a somewhat different view of what Wikipedia calls "original research." Their authors are allowed to make interpretive statements since they are presumed to be subject matter experts (or the article will eventually go under expert review where such statements will be modified as necessary). Such content will usually need sources when moved to Wikipedia, or marking with a {{cn}} tag.

Open tasks[edit]

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject Citizendium Porting:

  • Import useful content from Citizendium Approved Articles
  • Keep the Articles list updated with Citizendium's Approval Announcements

Wanted: Automated tools[edit]

We are interested in programs or scripts that can be applied to mining Citizendium utilizing technologies such as:

If you can write scripts or programs to help identify, copy, and port unique CZ material into WP (that is, information not already included in the corresponding WP articles), or if you know of any programs that might help with this, please let us know on the talk page. Thank you.


No Article alerts at this time.


Last compared with Approved Articles list via Approval Announcements: Aug 3, 2014

Porting of Citizendium Approved Articles: 38.2% complete
Citizendium article Wikipedia article Useful content ever merged? Last compared Comments
Accidental release source terms Accidental release source terms Yes Jan 23, 2009 The WP & CZ articles were mostly written by the same person; No significant differences
Acid rain Acid rain No Never Original version of the CZ article was ported from Encyclopedia of Earth
Active attack Active attack No Never Seems to have opportunity for incoming wikilinks: Special:Search/Active attack
Adams-Onís Treaty Adams-Onís Treaty Yes June 30,2010 Most of the content is copied (without attribution) from Wikipedia. Imported one reference.
Jane Addams Jane Addams No Never
Agriculture, history History of agriculture No Never
Air pollutant concentrations Air pollutant concentrations Yes July 9, 2009
Alice and Bob Alice and Bob No Never
Anycasting Anycast No Never Could benefit from porting of selected material that explains the concept. CZ has a better lede; the lede of the WP article is too jargon-heavy.
Air pollution dispersion modeling Atmospheric dispersion modeling Yes Nov 10, 2010 The WP & CZ articles were mostly written by the same person
Air pollution dispersion terminology Air pollution dispersion terminology Yes Nov 10, 2010 Copy of earlier WP article by largely by same editor I believe.
Arthur J. Altmeyer Arthur J. Altmeyer Yes July 3, 2010 Tagged for clean up.
American Institute of Chemical Engineers American Institute of Chemical Engineers Yes July 13, 2009 Articles quite similar & share core contributor
Amine gas treating Amine gas treating Yes 8 November 2010 The WP & CZ articles were mostly written by the same person, updates from CZ merged
Ammonia production Ammonia production No Never
AN- Joint Electronics Type Designation System No Never Articles are similar & share core contributor
Ancient Celtic music Ancient Celtic music Yes Jun 20, 2009
Anti-Saloon League Anti-Saloon League Yes Sep 5, 2010 Citizendium article based on Wikipedia. No inline citations.
Azole Azole Yes July 10, 2009
Bacteriophage Bacteriophage No Never Appears to derive from WP (uncredited ?), but has added material and extensive re-write
John Logie Baird John Logie Baird Yes October 1, 2010 two words ported, citizendium article based on Wikipedia, but sans references
Bar Bar (unit) Yes Jun 28, 2009 Much of the Citizendium article is copied or paraphrased from the Wikipedia article.
Barnardius zonarius Australian Ringneck Yes Jul 13, 2009 The CZ article is an older version of the WP article, so no updating required.
Charles A. Beard Charles A. Beard Yes Aug 1, 2009 CZ article is a less developed copy originating with an older version of the WP article.
Biology Biology No Never
Block cipher Block cipher No Never will check today
Boiling point Boiling point No Never
Louis D. Brandeis Louis D. Brandeis No Never
Brute force attack Brute force attack No Never
Butler Butler Yes Jan 23, 2009
Gaius Iulius Caesar (name) Gaius Iulius Caesar (name) Yes Jun 28, 2009
Andrew Carnegie Andrew Carnegie No Never
Catalytic reforming Catalytic reforming No Never
Caterpillar Club Caterpillar Club Yes July 18, 2009 CZ article is less developed version of WP article
Augustin-Louis Cauchy Augustin-Louis Cauchy Yes Jun 22, 2009}
Chemical engineering Chemical engineering No Never
Chemistry Chemistry No Never
Chiropractic Chiropractic N/A Never Importation strongly discouraged †
Shirley Chisholm Shirley Chisholm Yes Sep 5th, 2010 The Citizendium article has NPOV issues with her feminism and race. See the talk page of the Citizendium article.
CIO Congress of Industrial Organizations No Never
Civil society Civil society No Never
Coal Coal No Never
Competition policy Competition policy No Never
Complex number Complex number No Never
Compressibility factor (gases) Compressibility factor No Never
Contraception (medical methods) Contraception (medical methods) No Never Last section of CZ article unusable here: Chatty, POV, uncited.
Conventional coal-fired power plant Conventional coal-fired power plant, Fossil fuel power station Yes 8 November 2010 copied from CZ
Countable set Countable set No Never
Covariance Covariance No Never Both articles are more difficult to understand than necessary; they could be far more valuable to the average reader if rewritten.
Cryptanalysis Cryptanalysis No Never
Cryptography Cryptography No Never
Cryptology Cryptology No Never
Crystal Palace The Crystal Palace No Never
Merle Curti Merle Curti Yes 16 November 2010 Rjensen, has kept these in step it seems.
Cypherpunk Cypherpunk Yes August 14, 2010 Most of information from citizendium article
Félix d'Hérelle Félix d'Herelle Yes August 10, 2010 Citizendium is a fork off of an older Wikipedia version. No in line citations.
Democrat Party (phrase) Democrat Party (phrase) Yes Jan 23, 2009 Much common text; one must derive from other
Demographic transition Demographic transition Yes March 16, 2010 Writer of article on citizendium ported the content
DNA DNA No Never The citizendium version is a degraded version of the Wikipedia article that tries to deal with too many subjects at once.
Dog Dog No Never
Dokdo Dokdo No Never
Domain Name System Domain Name System No Never
Doom Doom (video game) No Never
Drugs banned from the Olympics List of drugs banned from the Olympics Yes Jun 27, 2009
Economics Economics No Never
Edward I Edward I of England No Never
Ellipse Ellipse No Never
Email system Email, Email system Yes 8 November 2010 Copied to WP. Might be a clean up and merge candidate.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency U.S. Environmental Protection Agency No Never
Europe Europe No Never
Evidence-based medicine Evidence-based medicine No Never
Explosives Explosive material No Never
Michael Faraday Michael Faraday No Never
Fertility (demography) Fertility Yes Jun 27, 2009 Needs more citations (WP:OR)
mixes in ideas of Demographic transition
Flash evaporation Flash evaporation No Never
Folk saint Folk saint Yes July 6, 2009
Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Franklin No Never
John Franklin John Franklin No Never
Free statistical software (none) N/A Never Topic likely not notable ‡
Gasoline Gasoline No Never
Geometric sequence Geometric progression No Never
William Ewart Gladstone William Ewart Gladstone No Never
Grand Trunk Railway Grand Trunk Railway No Never
Great Society Great Society No Never
Nathanael Greene Nathanael Greene No Never
Gross Domestic Product Gross Domestic Product No Never
L. J. Hanifan L. J. Hanifan Yes Jun 28, 2010 Now imported into Wikipedia
Henry's law Henry's law Yes Never Article copied from WP
Richard Hofstadter Richard Hofstadter No Never
Homeopathy Homeopathy N/A Never Importation strongly discouraged †
Horizontal gene transfer Horizontal gene transfer No Never
Hydrodesulfurization Hydrodesulfurization No Never
Ideal gas law Ideal gas law No Never
Industrial Revolution Industrial Revolution No Never
Infant colic Infant colic No Never Mind WP:NOTHOWTO.
Contains unbalanced discussion of alternative medicine.
International economics International economics Yes Jun 27, 2009
Jet Set Willy Jet Set Willy No Never
Joan of Arc Joan of Arc No Never
Joule-Thomson effect Joule-Thomson effect No Never
Kamehameha I Kamehameha I No Never
Kerckhoffs' Principle Kerckhoffs' principle Yes September 17, 2010 Citizendium article has a lot of original research and tone problems
Ketoconazole Ketoconazole No Never
Leptotes (orchid) Leptotes (orchid) Yes June 27, 2009
Life Life No Never
Line (geometry) Line (geometry) No Never
Literature Literature N/A Jan 4, 2011 Extremely Euro-centric and lacks in line citations.
Theodor Lohmann Theodor Lohmann Yes Jun 27, 2009
Joe Louis Joe Louis Yes August 21, 2010 Article is unreferenced. Ported one sentence and quote.
Macromolecular chemistry Macromolecular chemistry No Never
Guglielmo Marconi Guglielmo Marconi No Never
James Clerk Maxwell James Clerk Maxwell No Never
Barbara McClintock Barbara McClintock Yes July 9, 2009 Article copied from Wikipedia
Merox Merox No Never
Metabolism Metabolism No Never
Microeconomics Microeconomics No Never
Natural gas Natural gas No Never
Neighbourhood (topology) Neighbourhood (mathematics) No Never
NMR spectroscopy NMR spectroscopy No Never
Northwest Passage Northwest Passage No Never
Partial pressure Partial pressure No Never
Petroleum refining processes Oil refinery, Petroleum refining processes Yes 8 November 2010 Copied form CZ
Orchid Orchid No
Oxytocin Oxytocin No Never
Passive attack Passive attack No Never
Petroleum naphtha Naphtha, Petroleum naptha Yes 8 November 2010 Copied from CZ
Phosphorus Phosphorus No Never
Pittsburgh, History since 1800 History of Pittsburgh Yes 8 November 2010 Copy of WP article of 2007 with poor attribution
Pittsburgh, History to 1800 History of Pittsburgh Yes 8 November 2010 Copy of WP article of 2007 with no attribution
Plane (geometry) Plane (geometry) No Never
Prime number Prime number No Never
Randomized controlled trial Randomized controlled trial No Never
Relative volatility Relative volatility No Never
RNA interference RNA interference No Never
Rottweiler Rottweiler No Never
Scarborough Castle Scarborough Castle Yes August 10, 2010 Wikipedia version almost entirely replaced with higher quality citizendium article.
Scientific method Scientific method No Never
Set theory Set theory No Never
Great Siege of Scarborough Castle Great Siege of Scarborough Castle Yes Jun 28, 2010 Now imported into Wikipedia.
Schröder-Bernstein property No Never Now imported into Wikipedia.
Schröder-Bernstein theorem Cantor–Bernstein–Schroeder theorem No Never
Social capital Social capital No Never
The Social Capital Foundation (none) N/A Never Likely not notable, does not cite secondary sources ‡
Specific heat ratio Specific heat ratio No Never
Symphony Symphony No Never Citizendium article has 35 inline citations, while Wikipedia article has circa 16 inline citations (but an extensive "References" section of used - or potential? - sources).
Telephone newspaper Telephone newspaper Yes June 21, 2009
Terrorism Terrorism No Never
Frederick Jackson Turner Frederick Jackson Turner Yes July 1, 2010 Medium quality article, but imported a lot as our article was quite short.
Tux Tux Yes June 30,2010 Strongly against porting any more. A little information added from a low quality article.
Frederick Twort Frederick Twort Yes July 2, 2010 Based on a 2007 version of the Wikipedia article (without attribution).
Vacuum distillation Vacuum distillation Yes 10 November 2010 Incorporated material, mainly or all by User:Mbeychok into WP
Van der Waals equation Van der Waals equation N/A Never Is a 2007 fork of WP article, and less developed a decade later.
Johannes Diderik van der Waals Johannes Diderik van der Waals Yes Sep 11, 2010 citizendium article based on Wikipedia one.
Vapor pressure Vapor pressure N/A Never CZ article has broken edit history due to cut and paste, therefore copying would violate cc-by-sa.
Vertebral subluxation Vertebral subluxation N/A Never Importation strongly discouraged †
Edwin E. Witte Edwin E. Witte Yes July 2, 2010 Most of Wikipedia article overwritten.
Wheat Wheat Yes June 30, 2010 High Quality article. Whole sections imported.
World of Warcraft World of Warcraft N/A Never Few footnotes. Nothing the Wikipedia article was missing. During December 2010, a new version was approved.
† These Citizendium articles are particularly prone to containing factual errors and/or unbalanced discussion of views. Material from these articles should probably not be imported to Wikipedia, or be extremely carefully verified before being imported.
‡ These Citizendium articles may not meet Wikipedia's inclusion criteria. Please ensure their subjects are indeed notable if you create articles for them.


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