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  • To edit existing climate change articles and sub-sections relating to Africa, updating and adding new content where applicable.
  • To add climate change content to existing articles focussed on Africa


Please add your username with * ~~~ below. Consider adding your name to the upstream project's participant list and indicating your participation with {{User Climate change task force}} on your user page as well.

EboQuabena (talk)

To do list[edit]

Climate change adaptation - add sections on private sector investment, Southern Africa, East Africa, youth, migration

Climate change and agriculture

Climate resilience - add section on resilience measurements

Climate change and ecosystems

Climate change and gender

Drylands - add sections on East Africa, Gender and SMEs

Environmental migrant

Water security - add section on Water Resources Management in Southern Africa

Water scarcity in Africa - add section on East Africa

Conservation agriculture

Climate models - add section on regional climate modelling over West Africa

West Africa - add section on climate of West Africa

East Africa - add section on climate and urbanisation and rainfall variability

Environmental issues in Southern Africa

Climate smart agriculture

Ecosystem services - add to section on ecosystem based services

Sustainable forest management

Vulnerability assessment