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This WikiProject, in organising articles regarding the comics artform, uses the term "comics" to refer to the artform, as per Understanding Comics.


Whilst the word "comics" can be used as a shorthand term to define "comic strips", "comic books" or even a "British comic", McCloud's definition of the term so as to define the artform or language used within such formats to create narratives, a definition which has now become established within comics scholarship and the readership, is the one with we which we shall base our article at comics on, and will be the root level of all articles upon "comics", breaking out areas of greater coverage as per Wikipedia:Summary style.

The article at comics should discuss: the etymology of the term, the different definitions and usages; the history of comics; the two forms of comics, the publication formats comics takes; the formal conventions of comics; genres of comics; movements within comics; and the community surrounding comics.

The history of comics[edit]

This should be an overview referencing sub-articles based on focussed topics including:

  • Formative stages of comics
  • Early newspaper comics
  • The Golden Age
  • The Silver Age
  • The Modern Age

Two forms[edit]

The "comic strip" (also known as the strip cartoon), and the "panel cartoon", are the two forms within comics, the former being composed of sequential images, (sequential cartoons, hence strip cartoon), and the latter being a single image.

Comic strip[edit]

Formats which employ the "comic strip" are:

Panel cartoon[edit]

Forms of the "panel cartoon" are:

Publication formats[edit]

The comic book format includes the following sub-formats, all of which are forms of comic book but are either regional variations or terms preferred for marketing or artistic purposes. All of these terms are common usage, and have been broken out into sub-articles where appropriate following conventions at Wikipedia:Summary style

Sub formats of the comic book[edit]

Formal conventions of comics[edit]

It is hoped that this can be expanded to cover both the comics vocabulary of Eastern comics and the comics vocabulary of Western comics.

Genres of comics[edit]

It is hoped that we can establish sub-articles on comics within each of these genres:

Comics community[edit]

Regional pages[edit]

Regional pages would look at the form within a specific country, for example:

branching into the following sub-articles:

which would also branch into smaller sub-articles where applicable.

Reference works[edit]

The following is an incomplete list of reference works that are believed to be of use:

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