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Welcome to the Computer Vision WikiProject! If you want to see some of the off-wiki organization efforts, you can check out this page.

  • Improve Wikipedia's coverage of Computer Vision.
  • Assess and improve articles about Computer Vision.
  • Classify and categorize all relevant articles.
  • Bring in Computer Vision experts to assist with the above.
  • Computer Vision, computational approaches to biological vision, applications of computer vision.
  • Since the field of Computer Vision touches many fields (Computer Science, Engineering, Robotics, Biology, and others), we decided that this topic does not fit neatly within any other WikiProject. As such, we have created a separate project.


  1. Ilyanep (talk · contribs) (Undergraduate at Caltech double majoring in CS/Math)
  2. Perona (talk · contribs) (Professor of Electrical Engineering and of Computation and Neural Systems at the California Institute of Technology)
  3. Serge.Belongie (talk · contribs) (Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at UC San Diego)
  4. azisserman (talk · contribs)
  5. Richard Szeliski (talk · contribs) (Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research)

Open tasks[edit]

  • Mark all Computer Vision articles with the appropriate tag (in the discussion page). This way a bot will find all articles and link them back to this page.
  • Rate/assess all articles.
  • Update the Computer vision page to improve it.
  • Update the list of computer vision topics.

Style, good articles[edit]

How to name the lists at the bottom of an article[edit]

There are six different types of lists provided at the bottom of the page:

  1. Footnotes - Wikipedia provides a mechanism for footnotes - use that - see Group_(mathematics)
  2. References - Numbered scholarly papers cited in the article - Wikipedia provides a mechanism. See Group_(mathematics), Bird Migration. Adding inline citations is very useful.
  3. Rekated Wikipedia Articles - List of related Wikipedia articles (usually already linked in the text, but nice to have a separate list as well)
  4. Further Reading - List of other sources for `further reading' (typically textbooks, tutorial articles, tutorial web sites)
  5. Code - List of software packages implementing algorithms that are described in the page.
  6. Links - Links to relevant web resources / sites / pages (typically related organizations, companies, …)
  7. Video lectures - e.g. the Khan academy

How to insert references in the articles[edit]

How to obtain permission to use a figure[edit]

Article Statistics[edit]

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Article Alerts[edit]

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