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The following table lists users who are active participants in the WikiProject Computer science. If you would like to join the project, please feel free to add yourself to the list. Instructions for doing this can be displayed by editing the page (if you can't figure out how to edit the table, just leave your info underneath the table, and someone will probably update the table for you).

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WikiProject Computer science[edit]

Active participants[edit]

User (T C)1 Areas of interest Comments
Tehreem Ansari (T C) Algorithms, Data structures, Computational biology, Bioinformatics, AI Currently studying computer science.
Ajith P V (T C) C, Linux,Embedded Systems Embedded Software engineer
Alan Zhu (T C) C, Python, Android, PHP, HTML/CSS/JavaScript Hello World!
A B Carter (T C) functional programming, programming language theory autodidact
Alexander Schindler (T C) Software Cost Estimation Currently working on my Masterthesis at the Vienna University of Technology.
Alistair Irvine (T C) Computational Biology, Bioinformatics BSc Computer Science, MSc Computational Biology (Bioinformatics).
Abhishek Jain (T C) Programming, System, Softwares and all things related to computer (not all but almost all) Currently designing new games
Aldaron (T C) Artificial Intelligence
Anthony Atkielski (T C) All aspects of applied computer science Varied continuous professional experience since 1973, most types and sizes of systems from mainframe to PC, mainly technical and mostly software
Anthony DiSanti (T C) programming language theory
Arthur MILCHIOR (T C) Computer theory, logic, complexity, It seems a lot of fact from my fields are missing in wikipedia, so I added a few pages. I'm French, so never pretty sure of my english writing, and not yet confident enough to know if the subjest I'm writting on really deserve articles.
Andre Oboler (T C) software engineering, process improvement, programming, Empirical software engineering, Computer Science Education, Internet, Web 2.0 PhD Lancaster University completed in 2007, supervised by Ian Sommerville and Simon Lock
Andrew Eisenberg (T C) Aspect-oriented programming, Domain Specific Languages Ph.D. Student at The University of British Columbia
Andrew Helwer (T C) Distributed systems, Formal methods Software engineer in Microsoft Azure
Andrew Patterson (T C) Computer Science, Compilers, Software Development tools, Operating system design and development, Electronics Retired Software Toolsmith, Headed Language Development Group At Kontron, Anaheim Calif 1980.
Angus Lepper (T C) General computer science; have pretty solid knowledge of C(99), the IA-32 architecture and operating system development No formal education beyond current high school level, although I have a bit of experience and 'informal' education at under-grad. level
Animesh Dubey (T C) Theoritical Computer Science and Applied Computer Science Assistant Systems Engineer at TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES]].
Gilad David Maayan (T C) Continuous delivery and deployment, web development, cloud computing, high performance and in-memory databases. B.A. in Economics, technical writer and hobbyist programmer. Frequent writer about technology trends and disruptive innovation.
Anna (T C) Algorithms, reverse engineering, assembly language, software engineering, object-oriented programming
Ashutosh Gupta (T C) Articles related to automata theory MSc. CS
Ali Raza (T C) C, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, PYTHON I have studied ICS and Other Books on these language.
BASANT PANDEY (T C) computer science, artificial intelligence,jquery,java,android development,c,algorithms,testing,analysing,software engineering,programming I am very passionate working for Computer projects.
Ben Tillman (T C) Programming languages, C++, Operating systems, B Comp Sci, but headed into mathematics.
Ben1220 (T C) Most topics in Theoretical Computer Science: Theory of Computation ,Algorithms, Graph Theory, AI, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics, Operations Research and Computational Mathematics/mathematical modelling BSC double major in Computer Science and Mathematics
Bubba73 (T C) Algoritmns and the history of first and second generation computers MS in CS from University of Illinois
Charles Stewart (T C) Logic in computer science, history of computer science, design and implementation of programming languages Freelance copy-editor
Chris Garry (T C) Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Computer Hardware Research Assistant and BS student in Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Chrislk02 Programming and databases. Bachelors of Science degree and Career Programmer
Chunhua Liao (T C) core curriculum in computer science such as data structures, algorithms, computer architecture, compiler, parallel computing,etc Ph.D. candidate
Charley Quinton (T C) UML, Perl Object Environment, Groupware for building eCommunity (electronic communities) I'm only a self-educated layman and CS enthusiast.
Chris Martin (T C) Mostly whatever I happen to be learning about in classes at the moment; also some math topics. Currently a CS undergrad at GA Tech
Chris Purcell (T C) concurrency Doing a PhD in Computer Science at Cambridge University, UK
Cybercobra (T C) programming languages, Python, Ruby, OOP, type system CS Undergrad at UCSD
dchmelik (T C.) everything, including history of computing, history of computer science, demoscene I am an undergraduate with skill in electronics, DOS, POSIX, BSD, GNU, Linux, *sh, asm, BASIC, C, C++, Java, C#, Prolog, Perl, HTML, graphics, automata theory, AI
Daniel Kenneth (T C) technology
David Eppstein (T C) Algorithms, especially computational geometry and graph algorithms CS Prof. @ UC Irvine
Daydreamer302000 (T C) Grammer, technical writing, general article and discussion cleanup. I'm getting into article assessment as well. Software Engineer in Manchester, UK
decltype (T C) C++, Cryptography
Delirium (T C) artificial intelligence and machine learning, particularly as applied to videogames and creative design Ph.D. candidate
Deryck C. (T C) Programming, in particular C++ and VB.NET High school computer fanatic, HKOI team member
DougFisher (T C) artificial intelligence, machine learning, unsupervised learning, cognitive modeling, social computing also with interests at the intersection of sustainability and computing; federal funding of computer science research
drpaule (T C) Algorithms and Data Structures I edit the Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures and want to migrate the contents to Wikipedia
EngineerScotty (T C) programming language theory, object-oriented programming, type theory, runtime environments, Compiler theory BSCS, BSEE, MSEE from Oregon State University, PLT junkie.
Entropy (T C) C, C++, VB.NET, SQL, Java, HTML, Logic, AI, Data Structures Undergraduate in Computing Science at University of Alberta
ezrakilty programming languages, operational semantics, software engineering, web programming PhD student, University of Edinburgh
Faiz (T C) C, C#, VB.NET, SQL, UML, SDLC, CS ethics, B.Tech. in Computer Science & Engineering, currently working as Software Engineer
Fasten (T C) C, C++, Java, CS ethics, technological impact assessment
FirebrandCK (T C) Advancing the Software Architecture discipline, software engineering, measuring the impact of project politics on the SDLC. Software Architectecture practitioner. MS in Software Engineering (Carnegie Mellon University). Microsoft MVP - Solutions Architect. SEI recognized Software Architecture Professional.
fintler (T C) Assembly, C, Robotics, Distributed Computing, Linear Algebra, Combinatorics, Graph Theory Student at Temple University and regional development for the US Government.
Gamall Wednesday Ida (T C) Theoretical computer science, discrete mathematics cf. user page.
Gary King (T C)
George Marselis (T C)  ? Double BS in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, NJIT
Gflores (T C) software engineering, object-oriented design, C#, UML, Graph theory Junior in CS at Baylor University
Gluons12 (T C) Interested in Python, Java, and other object-oriented languages. Self-taught programmer
Guy Macon (T C) Interested in low-power, low-cost high-volume computing as used in massively parallel systems and in embedded systems. Electronics Engineer specializing in Microcontrollers
Helohe (T C) Mathematics, Computer Science, Programming, C++, Java, Assembly, Algorithms
Helena Gómez (T C) Computer Science, Programming, Python, Java, Algorithms Phd Student at Centro de Investigación en Computación at Instituto Politecnico Nacional, México
Ilyanep (T C) Computer vision, Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, and Complexity theory Currently an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics at Caltech
JamesR (T C) HTML and some PHP / MySQL. I am gradually also learning more languages such as C++. NONE
Jaken Herman (T C) Artificial Neural Networks, Data Mining, Machine Learning UI Developer & Software Engineering Student at Sam Houston State University
James Bond (T C) Anything that concerns the Computer Science area. Currently Undergraduate at the University of Canterbury studying towards a BS in Computer Science.
JA.Davidson (T C) System Architecture, Information Security System Security Engineering
jiklo1569 (T C) C, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, PYTHON I am a self-taught programmer.
James J. Perry (T C) Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Evolutionary and Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks Asst. Professor SUNY Ulster
Jmsevits (T C) Java, Perl, Web Programming, UI Engineering, Ergonomics, Human-Computer Interaction, Ethics and Cultural Impacts of Technology. Computer Science undergraduate at North Carolina State University minoring also in political science.
Jochen Burghardt (T C) theoretical computer science, logic
John Pritchard (T C) Interaction with respect to programming languages and software architectural theory (e.g. REST) A Software Engingeer trained in Economics, working primarily in Java.
John Luetke (T C) Programming, Embedded Systems, writing low-level functions Studying for a Bachelors in CS at Marquette University </nowiki>
JulesH (T C) Compiler technology, Operating system kernels BSc CS from University of Warwick
Jwesley78 (T C) Theoretical computer science I'm a PhD student in CS.
Kevin O'Brien (T C) object-oriented programming B.S. in CS, Software Engineer.
Klodr (T C) object-oriented programming, OOA, OOD,SOLID, Design Patterns Master in Information Science
Leland McInnes (T C) formal specification, type theory Ph.D. candidate in Mathematics with interests in applications of Category theory and algebra to Computer Science.
Lemon (T C) Algorithms Data science Open source Computational biology Pharmacy student
Lewisfedex (T C) Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Linux, Open Source Student of Computer Science and a Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Machine Learning
LovelyEdit (T C)
Lijuan Marissa Zhou (T C) Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Linux, Open Source Big Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Computer Scientist, Researcher.
Liberatore (T C) artificial intelligence
Luis150902 (T C) Algorithms, Assembly, Automata Theory, C, C++, C#, Data Structures, Javascript
MadScientistX11 (T C) AI, Object-Oriented technology, software engineering, Semantic Net, Protege
M2Ys4U (T C) A Jack of all trades Has A-Levels in Computing, Maths and Physics
Malin Randstrom (T C) Network Computing, Trading Systems Design, Electronic Trading, Scientific Computing Mathematics and Computer Science major at Uppsala University with a speciality in Artificial Intelligence
Masonix (T C) Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agent Systems, Human-robot interactions, Cognitive and Neural Computing Systems Trained with John McCarthy. Love Raspberry Pies.
Matt (T C) Artificial intelligence, Data mining, Functional programming, Machine learning, Ontologies Formally trained in math (MA), statistics (MS), and cognitive science (PhD).
Matt Oates (T C) Where Computer Science meets Biology, specifically artificial life and genetic algorithms. Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence graduate at University of Bristol working on a PhD in Complexity Sciences.
Ben McNamaraE (T C) Computers 1st Class Honors in Mathematics
Blair Martin (T C) Vintage/Retro Computers Currently working at the Living Computer Museum in Seattle, Washington and pursuing a Masters Degree in Museum Studies from the University of Washington.
Metatinara (T C) User interface, usability, ASP.NET, Python, and general web programming. Currently studying at Capital University.
MithrandirAgain (T C) Python, BASIC, Java, Batch, Open Source software, Blender 3D, C++, C. I guess you could call me a n00b, but I'm learning everyday. :)
Mythio (T C) Theoretical computer science, Computer security, Logic MSc. student in Information Security Technology
Nerd1a4i (T C) Python, quantum computing, complexity classes, raspberry pi, arduino Interested middle school student ready to help
Newton Lee (T C) All areas of Computer Science and applications B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from Virginia Tech, honorary doctorate from Vincennes University.
NotQuiteEXPComplete (T C) compilers, operating systems, processor architecture, languages, parallelization, strong type systems, distributed systems Currently an undergrad in CS at Caltech
Omkay256 (T C) network science, machine learning, semantic networks, operating systems, computer companies Maths and CS undergraduate at Oxford University
Isaac Oscar (T C) Mostly Theoretical Computer Science (Mathematical Logic, Algorithms, Programming language theory etc.) and related technologies, also Discrete\Pure\Foundations of Mathematics Currently pursuing a BSc (with an Extended Major in Computer Science) at the University of Queensland (in Australia).
Padenton (T C) Artificial Intelligence, Data science, Game Theory, Machine Learning, Programming Languages, Software Engineering B.S. Candidate in Computer Science at University of Maryland.
Paulmnguyen (T C) Programming, logic, sw-engr, web, Lin/Mac/Win BSCS from CSULB
PC-XT (T C) everything debugging my AI
Petr Kosvanec (T C) computer science, Python Student
pjoef (T C) many none
Politico16 (T C) cybersecurity, mid and small-size technology companies
Quarl (T C)  ? PhD candidate in Computer Science
Raphael Wimmer (T C) human-computer interaction, sensing techniques PhD, lecturer in human-computer interaction
Robert Wahlstedt (T C) Database management, network security, and all other areas of computer science that I have time to research Bachlor in computer science Whitworth University
Rohan (T C) Mathematical Modeling, Computer Simulation techniques and Algorithms, Java, in silico experimentation, Python, Scientific Computing Experience in Scientific Computing, Modeling, Simulation, Java Application Development
Roy Hvaara (T C) Artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer science in general Studying at University of Oslo.
rspeer (T C) Natural language processing, AI, Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs CS major at MIT
Ruud (T C) theoretical computer science, Haskell Student in mathematics and computer science at Utrecht University
sahil kukkar (T C) computer science, artificial intelligence,jquery,java,android development,c,algorithms,testing,analysing,software engineering,programming,Data structure,DBMS exited for developing apps and doing Master of [computer Application] from Birla institutte of technology.
Scope_Creep (T C) Compiler Theory, Programming Languages, Formal Methods particularly with Semantics, Computer Architecture, .NET and C# BSc(Hons) Computer Science and Microsystems.
Scribbleink (T C) Computer Vision, Computational Photography, Computational Geometry, Robotics, Programming Languages, Software Design Doctorate; Masters; Bachelors - all in Computer Science.
Selina Maroni (T C) .NET, AI, C#, Interests: Business Intelligence & Analytics
Shirik (T C) Compilers, optimization, and security Master's student in Software Engineering
Shobhit Sharma (T C) Programming Languages, PHP5 Advanced Developer, .NET and C# Studying Computer Science and Engineering.
Shreevatsa (T C) algorithms, complexity, programming languages Was undergrad in maths and CS.
Stan Shebs (T C) programming languages, compilers, Lisp, AI, History of computing PhD CS Utah 1988, now GNU hacker for Apple
Simon Pratt (T C) computer science, computational geometry, algorithms, artificial intelligence Carleton University CS Undergraduate|-
1100100 (T C) computer science, programming languages, AI Student
Tripodics (T C) Programming Language theory and concepts, systems and application programming, computer-science teaching and writing (textbooks, etc.), standards work, history. Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science at several colleges; former member X3J11 and Posix (and X3J3); extensive experience with C and C++ for real-time process-control, robotics, etc. (at Brookhaven Lab, Grumman, Robotic Vision, etc.)
UltraSonja (T C) JavaScript, user interfaces, automation
WDavis1911 (T C) Mostly machine learning, pattern classification, etc. We like the moon, 'cuz it is close to us.
Widefox (T C) Broad technical interest in computer science and software engineering, especially Linux, and kernels SMP since 2.0.x
Yugal Kothari (T C) computer science, artificial intelligence,jquery,java,android development,c,algorithms,testing,analysing,software engineering,programming Persuing M.C.A. from BIT MESRA Noida campus.
ZeWrestler (T C)  ? Compsci student at Montclair State University
xDanielx (T C) Windows and Linux programming, server back-end programming, game development, database programming, algorithms, computer graphics, etc. I like cheese.
Debeo Morium 20 August 2007 (UTC) All topics but a focus on Artificial Intelligence
User:Susanlesch (T C) computer science no comments at this time
Indeterminate (T C) Linux, AI, networking
 — master sonT - C Software engineering, op systems, various programming languages BS in Software Engineering May 2008
Tinucherian (T C) Computer networks ,programming Software Engineer from Bangalore
Tolkien_fan (T) Anything computer science-related Nothing yet
Tyw7 (T C) Security software Symantec and anything computer related I know how to write in MediaWiki Language
Diego Moya (T C) Constraint programming, Programming language theory, Human-computer interaction Software engineer in Spain
Unforgiven24 (T C) Web Development, Databases, Programming, Linux, Most anything else CS and computer related. Web Developer. BS in Computer Science in August 2008, Wayne State University
Amit6 Computer Programming, Software Development, Security.
Radu Grigore (T C) Program verification, Programming languages, Algorithms PhD student in University College Dublin
Peter Volk  Database system, Uncertain Data, Data Mining, FLOSS Ph.D. Student
Pallavi Rukhaiyar  Database system, C, C++, Maths and computer B.Tech final yr student
Jack (Kun) Wang  Computer engineering, algorithms Second year Computer Engineering student at University of Waterloo
armynavy123 interested in Java and web aimed languages, physics, and artificial intelligence. (New to programming)
Aeonx (T C) All computing science topics Qualifications: B.Mechatronics Engineering & B.Computer Science
Rursus (T C) Programming languages, VMs, IP, integration Nerd level 97
Jaldeep Vasavada algorithms, AI, machine learning, graph theory etc Pursuing ME in Computer Science from the BITS Pilani
Stephen Charles Thompson (anon_lynx) (T C) many none
Jared Kass (T C) Computer Science topics, particularly artificial intelligence Cornell MPS in Information Science student
Yugal Kothari (T C) Computer Science , artificial intelligence,software testing,program management,android development,java,jquery persuing m.c.a. from Bitmesra noida campus.
RossSLynch (T C) Computer Science, Computer Programming, Electronics, The Internet, Computers, Software Development, Apple, Android and Windows
Hwalter42 (T C) Computer science, programming
Matthew (T C) Computer Science and Computer Programming,
Chamith (T C) Computer Science, Networking, Computer Programming and Cyber-security Hello world!
VintageComputing   (T C) Computer Science, Computer Programming, Engineering and Vintage Computers
Dannecoolboi (T C) Anything to do with computers

(I could not figure it out) Skipper1931 (talk) 12:04, 7 January 2017 (UTC) I am interested in computer science and software engineering

Inactive participants[edit]

User (T C)1 Areas of interest Comments Reason
Adam McCormick (T C) Mostly here to expand tagging, do assessments and general updating. CG, Algorithms, Dynamical Simulation Computer Graphics and Applied Algorithms Masters student at the Colorado School of Mines. Inactive since Mar 2011
Adam Stevenson (T C) Self Organizing Information Systems, Parallel Processing, Biological Inspired Systems Working toward a interdisciplinary M.S. in Biology at Texas A&M University. It is my hope that by studying biology I can gain further insights into information theory. Inactive since Aug 2007
Arild Hystad (T C) Anything related to computer science Nothing yet Inactive since Oct 2009
Allan McInnes (T C) embedded systems, concurrency, theoretical computer science, formal specification, process calculi, software engineering Embedded systems engineer with a multi-disciplinary product development company Inactive since Apr 2011
Andrew Curioso (T C) Software Engineering, Internet, Object-oriented programming, PHP BS Computer Science Wentworth Institute of Technology. Software engineer and author. Inactive since Mar 2010
Arkan Hadi (talk) Computer Science, Web Development, Mobile Computing BSc in Computer Science (Sutlan Qaboos University) Inactive since Dec 2008
Ateeq Sharfuddin (T C) theory; classical algorithms; architecture; machine learning; C; C++; Lua; Objective-C; Java Boo! Inactive since Feb 2011
Betax (T C) Python (programming language), JavaScript, HTML, AppleScript, XML,XHTML, Robotics, Autonomous robot I am glad to be part of this WikiProject. Blocked.
BinaryLust (T C) Computer Networks, Operating systems, Computer architecture, Information Security, Cryptography, Cryptology MS Computer Science, BS Computer Science, BA Mathematics and Natural Sciences Inactive since Jun 2013
BlueLint (T C) Programming languages, Operating systems, Computer architecture, Parallel computing Inactive since Jun 2008
Brad Beattie (T C) All the formal jazz that UW taught (algorithms, AI, concurrency, etc) and currently involved in OSX development (Core Data, Cocoa, Objective-C) BMath graduate in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo Inactive since Jun 2009
Brozo M (T C) I'm interested in mathematical web applications as well as in chess algorithm development. Computer science and IT student at University of Maribor (FERI). I'm interested in mathematical web applications as well as in chess algorithm development. Inactive since Mar 2009
Bryan  Mills (T C) type theory, formal specification, functional programming, programming language theory BS (CMU SCS), current MS student at same Inactive since Nov 2007
CaptainMorgan (T C) Anything to do with Computer Science, with special emphasis given to networking/network programming, cryptography/security, and Linux. B.Sc, Dual Major in C.S. and Math. Inactive since Apr 2011
Carlos Alegría (T C) Mathematical Logic, Discrete / Computational Geometry, Algorithm Analysis / Design, and the applications of these areas to Computer Graphics, Robotics, Geospatial Information Processing and Circuit Layout design. I am also interested in Cryptography and Finite Field theory. B.S. in Computer Engineering and M.S. on Computer Science, both at UNAM. Inactive since Aug 2011
C0N6R355 (T C) C++ operating system development, security, kernel modification. B.Sc, also work on math topics. Inactive since Nov 2007
Cgsguy2 (T C) All aspects of computer science, but especially software testing and test driven development Studying for Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering at Florida Tech. Not terribly active, but enough to help at times. Inactive since Oct 2008
Chad Seibert (T C) Computer Programming, C++, Web Development, Theoretical Computer Science, Robotics, Bioinformatics, Genetic Programming Studying at the University of Minnesota, Morris. Inactive since May 2010
Cjoev (T C) programming languages, Programming language theory, compilers, type systems, type theory (also type theory), formal semantics of programming languages, Standard ML Instructor of CS at Pomona College; finishing a Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University. Inactive since Apr 2008
Clangin (T C) Using Soft Computing for Intrusion Detection Security Analyst and Ph.D. Student Inactive since Mar 2009
DaanS (T C) programming, Java, Computer Science Computer science student at Eindhoven University of Technology Inactive since Apr 2007
Dank55 AI, robotics, science journalism Single edit account
David D Allen (T C) Programming paradigm, Domain-specific language, Domain level abstraction, Extensible programming Inactive since Feb 2012
Dcoetzee (T C) Algorithms and data structures, theory, programming languages, databases, graphics Software developer in Seattle, WA Globally locked since 3 December 2014 due to global ban
Devrishi Ghosh (T C) Soft Computing, Computer Networks, Database Management S/S, Web dev. in Java B.Tech, SCJP, SCWCD, M.Tech(Pursuing) in CSE Inactive since Dec 2012
Diana Cionoiu (T C) application programing Marketing/manager for company Null Team the developer of VoIP software Yate. Inactive since Nov 2009
Donner Grigsby (T C) Interested in Computer Engineer , NASA , Ares I-X, and Space Exploration NASA Computer Engineer, CISSP, Master of Science in Applied Physics and Computer Science from Christopher Newport University (CNU), Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Old Dominion University (ODU), NASA Engineering Technician Apprentice School (Langley Research Center), Systems Engineering and Integration Office Data Controller for NASA's Ares I-X Development Flight Test Vehicle, Subject Matter Expert for NASA's Digital Learning Network Inactive since Apr 2008
Dzonatas (T C) object-orientated design, virtual machines, dynamic compilers, AI, cybernetic biotech Computer Science & Biotech Blocked
electricRush (T C) (Inactive) Computer science; programming in C# and designing websites; also an expert in TI calculators. Interested in physics and mathematics. Inactive since Jan 2009
evanx (T C) Java, computational theory, object-oriented programming, network design, HCI Undertaking Specialist in Computer Science: Software Engineering at University of Toronto Inactive since Feb 2007
FearedInLasVegas (T C) Computational Theory, Automata, Logic, Information Theory CS Undergraduate Inactive since Aug 2009
FinalMinuet (T C) Object-oriented programming, UML, Java, Computer programming, 6502, GUI I'm a computer science major at the University of Iowa and a C# programmer by occupation. I have experience in both composition and editing. Inactive since May 2008
Flavio Villanustre (T C) Programming languages, Computer programming, Emerging technology, Parallel computing, Distributed computing Glad to join the crew! Inactive since May 2013
ftbhrygvn (T C) Game Design, Computer programming and Scripting none Inactive since Mar 2011
General Eisenhower (T C) I like to get on computers of all sorts. NONE Inactive since Jun 2009
georgethetensor (T C) interested in anything about computer science undergraduate in computer science Inactive since May 2010
Gleb (T C) Simplicity Random Engineer, MS CS Inactive since Aug 2008
Grey Knight (T C) Lots, but for now am concentrating on Lisp articles Sometimes edits as tiny plastic Grey Knight (C) Inactive since Jul 2008
Groupthink (T C) Artificial intelligence, ERM, algorithms BS from DePaul U., MS candidate at [[Texas State University|Texas State Inactive since Feb 2011
haosys (T C) Some recent technologies none Inactive since Oct 2010
Hasan Danish (T C) 2D and 3D Animations, Graphics Design, Web Design, Game Design and Developing, Interested in latest technologies Currently doing A - Level's in Computer Science and got distinction in Computer Science in 'O' Level's Single edit account
HHWhitePony (T C) Visual BASIC, C++, software design, debugging CS student at Sinclair Community College, AS degree in progress. Inactive since Jan 2011
Hobbes LeGault (T C) Artificial Intelligence with an emphasis in Bioinformatics PhD candidate in CS at UW-Madison Inactive since May 2012
Ideogram (T C) Programming paradigms, Programming languages, Operating systems, Computer architecture, Parallel computing, Distributed computing, Relational databases I don't know a lot technically but I am good at copyediting and cleanup Inactive since Mar 2012
Iknowyourider (T C) Computer vision, a little Bioinformatics Inactive since Feb 2012
Inkington (T C) C/C++, Java, PHP, algorithms, (X)HTML, some assembly code and some basic hardware design. Currently a Computer Science undergrad at TCD. Inactive since Feb 2009
Isikari (T C) Whatever it is I'm delving into at the moment, for the moment primarily Java, C, Linux Currently a CS undergrad. Inactive since May 2010
Jason Carreiro (T C) All aspects of computer science and software engineering. Software Development Engineer at Microsoft; BA in Comp Sci from Boston University. Inactive since Jul 2008
Jesuschrist Superstar (T C) computer generated graphics, augmented reality, robotics (mobile robots, robocup), digital electronics B.S. Computer Engineering, UNAM. M.S. Computer Science and Engineering, IIMAS. Inactive since Aug 2011
John Bito (T C) Software product line, CMM/CMMI, Java, Ruby, SQL Builder of software products from programming languages to transaction processing services starting before 1980 Inactive since Mar 2011
John Hermes Cryptography, Cryptographic Schemes, Authenticated Key Exchange, Information Security, Discrete Mathematics, Number Theory, Complexity Theory, Chaos Theory MSc in Computer Science Pursuing a research degree Inactive since Feb 2011
Jonathan Fluck (T C) Progamming, C, C++, C#, and Software Engineering I am currently a Software Engingeer for a company that designs and develops medical test instruments. Inactive since Aug 2006
User:jtienter (T C) Information Theory Single edit account.
Jtkiefer (T C) JavaScript, HTML, CSS Computer security Networking hardware Distributed computing There's no place like Blocked.
Justin (T C) script kiddie, Linux, heterogeneous networks, computer networking and technical translation AAS in Computer Networking Technology from WakeTech, BS candidate in physics Inactive since Mar 2009
Kaine I (T C) Minor computer programming, data compression, and general developement. A mostly self-taught programmer, though still a neophyte of that facet (however determined). Inactive since Mar 2006
Kbdguy (T C) Operating Systems, Networking, Databases, Trading Systems. Computer Science Bachelor and Senior Trading System Specialist in Investment Bank. (Covering Operating Systems, Database and Networking Technologies). Inactive since Mar 2009
Kiefer.Wolfowitz (T C) Statistical computing, Mathematical optimization, Linear algebra, and related Mathematics of computation The combinatorial optimization section of the template for Optimization algorithms needs expansion. Blocked.
Linas (T C) Topological dynamics, monoids, free objects, quantum finite automata,geometry, topology,algebra PhD Physics, devolved into general Linux hacker with AI and general math interests; this week, at IBM. Blocked.
Matthew Abbott (T C) Compiler Design, [[LLVM], User Experience, Objective-C, Lisp (Programming Language), Artificial Intelligence Senior Computer Science Undergraduate student at Texas A&M University. Inactive since Oct 2011
Michael Collie (T C) All aspects of accessible web development/design & i'm thirsty to learn as many programming languages in my life time as possible, I am currently building a search engine & in the future I am interested in developing an open-source operating system. I'm only 16 so no degrees yet, i'm currently working towards a higher computing studies qualification at high school and an advanced computing studies qualification next year. I will be going to university possibley abroad in either Ireland or Norway. Inactive since Feb 2009
Metaleks (User_talk:Metaleks C) Algorithm design, information security, software development. Currently studying at the University of Toronto. Inactive since Jun 2008
Mgreenbe (T C) theoryPLT, model checking; functional programming, anything without curly braces Brown University (presently at the Technion) Inactive since Oct 2008
Nachothecheesyone (T C) Computing History, Internet Markup and Languages, and gleeful over the end of the BLINK tag. My user page says it all. Inactive since Feb 2011
NDCompuGeek (or just "The Geek") (T C) Information Management (document creation, manipulation, editing and layout, printing), Information Technology (CTI, cellular and wireless technologies, networking; pretty much anything that has to do with information moving from one place to another) I've been in the CS and IT fields since 1982. I don't claim to be an expert in everything, but if you want to know something, the chances are pretty good that I either know the answer from experience or I can reference my IT library (of over 5,000 books) to get you the answer. Inactive since Aug 2011
Ned (T C) Asynchronous circuits and C++ Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering. _Inactive since Jul 2013
NerdyNSK (T C) theory, discrete mathematics, graph theory, AI, algorithms, genetic algorithms, programming, Ergonomics, HCI, software engineering Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Computer Science, Free Libre Open Source Software contributor, worked on European Union projects in the past, now an independent IT consultant and entrepreneur. Inactive since Oct 2008
Niaz (T C) Algorithm, Programming, Distributed systems, Networking and Wireless Communication Postgraduate student in the department of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin. Inactive since Feb 2013
Nick Vence (T C) Programming PhD student in the physics at The University of Tennessee at Knoxville. Inactive since May 2013
Omar Ghaznavi (T C) All areas of applied computer science and programming languages; Open Source Technologies and APIs MS Computer Science, Florida State University. Software Engineer Inactive since Sep 2004
Oravec (T C) computer science, discrete mathematics, T-theory Bachelors in Computer Science. Inactive since Dec 2010
Ozgurgerilla (T C) Data Structures, Theory of Computation, Programming Languages, Discrete Mathematics and Cryptography Compsci student at KCL Inactive since Oct 2007
DSParillo (T C) Process, Modeling, AI, Automation Software Developer, San Diego, CA Inactive since Jan 2011
Pegasus1138 (T C) Programming languages, Windows, Unix, BSD, HTML All your base are belong to us Blocked.
Penelope Ziva (T C) Learning more about computer and forensic sciences, learning computer programming and the languages. Taking ICT at GCSE level, starting the course next year. </nowiki> Inactive since Jul 2009
Matt Peteritis (T C) Most aspects of Computer Science Inactive since May 2008
powo (T C) Complexity, distributed algorithmics, mathematics Ph.D in CS, currently post doc-ing Inactive since Feb 2008
Pradeep Arya (T C) Everything computer science but especially artificial intelligence, cryptology, information theory, software engineering, and theory of computation. BS Computer Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Began programming at age 5 on a Commodore 64, 22 years later still going strong. Inactive since Feb 2006
Professor Olson (T C) Various obscure languages, history of computer science, as well as more modern interests such as open source software and how it develops. Looking forward to seeing what I can do on CS pages in what spare time I have. Inactive since Oct 2006
Rahul (T C) Theoretical computer science NONE Blocked.
Raph G. (T C) 3D Interaction, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality (expert), Mixed Reality. Phd in Computer Science. Senior Researcher. Inactive since Apr 2009
Ray-Ray (T C) I like to get on computers of all sorts. NONE Inactive since Nov 2006
Robert Whitcomb (T C) Computational Theory, Algorithm Design and Analysis, Programming Language Design, Operating Systems, Hardware Dual BS/MS from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Inactive since May 2008
sahra (T C) computer science esp programmimg in C,C++,JAVA,software engineering AND mathematics concepts calculus,algebra etc i study at the Kenya methodist university and it is my dream that i do what i love most and enjoy and further my knowledge in the evolving technology. Inactive since Jun 2006
Sapeur (T C) Computational complexity Inactive since Sep 2008
Sigmalmtd (T C) Most areas of Computer science CS Student at Rice University Inactive since Apr 2007
SilverStar (T C) Programming languages, algorithms, AI none Inactive since Feb 2008
SolelyFacts (T C) Almost everything, with focus on Information Systems and related Information Systems (IS) Major Inactive since Nov 2006
Some Old Man (T C) General Interest I am just Some Old Man who likes his cane, rocking chair, and rational thought. Inactive since Jan 2011
stevekimcomcastnet (T C) Lisp, AI CS Utah 1990, just like to use logic and patterns. I am specially interested in understanding relationship between context semantic language patterns via logical/perception vision. Inactive since May 2006
Simon Eichenauer (T C) web technologies, social networks, pattern, security, tamper-resistant audit data Work as a software engineer for Kinamik Data Integrity Inactive since Aug 2008
sungur (T C) Software Engineer & Architect, Areas of Interest: Design Patterns, Object Oriented Methodologies, Software Architectures, CORBA [email:] B.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, M.S. in Information Systems Inactive since Mar 2013
Takhisis (T C) Design Patterns, Object Oriented Methodologies, Robotics, AI M.S. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, specialising in Robotics and AI Inactive since May 2007
Tanjstaffl (T C) UNIX kernel SMP and NUMA, Computer Security, Arpanet, Computer forensics, takedown BA CIS, 20 years IT security experience, uber-hacker Inactive since Dec 2012
Thunder (T C) All aspects of computing and programming Currently taking an advanced level course in computing Inactive since Oct 2010
TaborL (T C) Programming, Networking, a little bit of graphic/web design here and there Currently a MIS student with an emphasis on networking, previously computer programming. </nowiki> Inactive since Aug 2008
Tompsci (T C) computer insecurity, computer security, programming, Java, Operating systems, Compiler theory 2nd year Compsci student at Cambridge University Inactive since Dec 2008
Toussaint software, operating systems, web design Diploma program in Internet Specialist - Website Design at Middle Georgia Technical College Inactive since Nov 2011
Tparameter (T C) differential equations, numerical analysis, complex analysis, computer science B.S. Applied Math & B.A. Computer Science. Inactive since May 2012
Twistme (T C) Most areas of computer science 3rd year CS student at Oxford University Inactive since Jul 2007
Warrush (T C) Anything really. Assistant district technology coordinator at Erie High School in Erie, Kansas. Inactive since Aug 2011
Xsmith (T C) software engineering, measurement, process improvement BS CS Duke University, MS CS Naval Postgraduate School Inactive since Oct 2012
Ojii-san (T C) Bioinformatics, genomics, computer graphics, functional languages PhD candidate in Biophysics at Ohio State University Inactive since Oct 2012
User:Dannygutters (T C) Database systems, development theory, algorithms (monte carlo and randomized) Inactive since Sep 2010
venu gopal (T C) software engineering,computer networks,network security intrested in new technologies completed engineering in computer science Inactive since Dec 2007
L46kok (T C) Interested in most areas of computer science and programming languages. Senior majoring in Computer Engineering at University of Wyoming. Inactive since Feb 2013
Atyndall (T C) Nearly all areas of CS I'm going to try and write articles that need to be created. Inactive since Nov 2009
Sazal Gupta (T C) C, C++, Networking, Digital Architecture, Switching Theory Bachelor in Computer Applications Inactive since Feb 2013
Matthew Orlinski (T C) Networking and complexity theory. Recently reading about Number theory and Cryptography  :) Inactive since Sep 2009
Vikram Gaur (T) Mathematics and Computer Science (Software Engineering, Windows Programming) reading about Linux 2nd Year Computer Engineering Student from MNIT, Jaipur Inactive since Jun 2011
Weclome12 (T C) cmd I know a few commands Inactive since Aug 2009
johng1970  (T C) Primaraly Programming, Embedded systems and 80x86 Based Arcitechtures Mainly Hobby, I have done some contract programming and computer repair work.Johng1970 (talk) 21:59, 9 June 2008 (UTC) Inactive since Sep 2012
Delmania (T C) Computational Theory, Programming language theory, Operating Systems Application Developer Inactive since Jul 2009
Thomas E. Acker (T) Virtualization, Unattended Installation, Data Protection BSBA University of Denver, Systems Engineer (MCSE) MSFT Single edit account.
Tzeentch42 (T C) Physics, Science Fiction, Math, Science, and Computers. Glad to join the crew! </nowiki> Inactive since Nov 2008
Bharathprime (talk) VBA, Math, Science, and Computers Happy to join the team _Inactive since Mar 2009
Vuerqex (talk) Inactive since May 2013
Sergio Ledesma (T C) Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Neural Networks, Programming language Ph.D., from Stevens Institute of Tech. and Software engineering in U.S. Inactive since Jun 2012
Mjquin_id (T C) Programming, New ideas, process Since 1987 </nowiki> Inactive since Oct 2009
Nathan Lawrence (T C) Programming Languages, Hardware,Java,C++ AP Computer Science AB -- Tested a 5, Don't edit wikipedia as much as I would like Inactive since Nov 2010
Claidi (T C) Anything, and everything Currently an undergraduate in Comp Sci Single edit account.
Mad Pierrot (T C) Programming Languages, FLOSS I am in undergraduate in Computer Science Inactive since Jun 2010
Bijayalaxmi  Database system, Programming languages, assembly language programming B-Tech student Inactive since Feb 2010
saharshwiki  Database system, C,C++,Algorithms,Artificial Intlligence,Microprocessor Architecture,Maths,Data Structure B-tech Student II year NMIMS University,Shirpur Inactive since Aug 2009
Morteza Milani  C++,Algorithms,Artificial Intlligence,Maths,Data Structure CS Student II year SBU University,Tehran Inactive since Aug 2009
Pohta ce-am pohtit  Some CS theory, also programming-related topics See my user page for a more detailed list Inactive since Jun 2010
Wilberforce Opanga (T C) Programing& Programing langauges, software engineering and computer networks BSc Computer science at Kabarak university in Kenya A&M University. It is my hope that i will live to become one of the worlds best computer technologist. Inactive since May 2006
Sharthee  Interested in Artificial Intelligence and advanced programming Possess a master degree in Computer Applications and working as a software professional. I have an ambition to invent something which makes everyone's life more easy and happy Inactive since Jan 2010
BrainBot (T C) Software Engineering, AI Undergrade Student of Software Engineering at UVic Single edit account.
gagneet (T C) All Computer Science topics Qualifications: B.E.Computer Science & Engineering Inactive since Nov 2010
Ztothefifth (T C) Programming languages, especially Java, sorts Inactive since Jan 2011
Swatkatz14 (T C) Programming Languages Inactive since Jan 2013
imolorhe (T C) Programming in C++ Links to critical analysis required (logical reasoning) programming in C++ Inactive since Apr 2011
Ragzouken (T C) Computer Science, Game Development, Machine Learning UK CS Undergraduate Inactive since Aug 2011
Scott Crespo (T C) Machine Learning, Data Mining, Information Theory, Natural Language Processing, Algorithms B.S. Applied Economics and Management. Languages: C++, Java, Perl Inactive since May 2012

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