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Pages needing attention[edit]

History of computing hardware is undergoing Featured Article Review. It needs more footnotes. Please help keep it a featured article. User:SandyGeorgia has noted that the citations are expected to have a certain format. Others are welcome to reformat citations.

In addition, we need contributors for the lede. SandyGeorgia notes that one paragraph is insufficient for an article of this size and importance. Your contributions are welcomed.

Computer science[edit]

Other computing topics: Computer science, Hardware, Internet, Networking, Programming, Software, Misc.

Individual computer science articles needing attention are listed below. Other CS-related tasks include:

What Where
Request or write a computer science article Requested articles: Computer science
Request or provide an image Requested images: Computers
Suggest or edit a redirect which could have its own article Redirects with possibilities: Computers
Add or find a "missing" computer science article Missing: Computer science
Add to or maintain the list of computer science publications List of publications in computer science
Find and fix computer science categories in need of attention Category:Wikipedia categories in need of attention#Tagged categories

Note: The 'Information technology' portal is too broad for reference here.