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Assessment statistics:

Rating criteria[edit]


The importance of any WikiProject Connecticut-rated article is subject to the consideration of what its relationship is with the state of Connecticut. While somewhat subjective, the general idea is to determine if an article is more or less important when compared to similar articles.

  • Top - Articles of national importance or of critical importance to the state. This includes topics such as major universities, interstates and international airports, U.S. senators, U.S. congressmen, governors, national sports teams, counties, and top 10 cities in the state, as well as persons of considerable importance to the state and country.
  • High - Articles of statewide importance. This includes, but is not limited to, state sports teams, state universities, colleges, state governmental departments, major Connecticut routes and bridges, and municipalities. Persons of considerable importance to the state, such as nationally known artists, actors, musicians, etc., are also included.
  • Mid - Articles of regional importance. This includes area sports teams, larger circulation newspapers, and museums. Other higher learning institutions, local numbered or minor state routes and bridges, state boards, lieutenant governors, villages, and defined parts of towns. Regional airports and train stations. Persons of moderate importance to the state, such as top 10 city mayors, U.S. generals, admirals, or Connecticut Supreme Court justices.
  • Low - Articles of local importance. Includes town media, such as newspapers, non-state roads, local rail stations, neighborhoods, notable local merchants, members of local government, and state representatives and senators. Persons with ties to the state but whose importance is outside the state. Radio and TV stations, lighthouses, and unpaved airfields.
  • NA - Articles which are lists, or are of no particular importance, yet are within the scope of the WikiProject Connecticut.

Note: Organizations and groups should be rated according to the number of Connecticut members and importance. For example, an athletic conference with one Connecticut team would be "Low," whereas another with two or three would be "Mid" and more would be considered "High." This can be modified up or down depending on if the group is a subset of a larger group or if it is in a greater or lesser division.


An article should not be rated above a B without discussion by members of WikiProject Connecticut, or after posting a request for discussion which has gone unanswered for over 60 days.

  • FA - Featured article. Professional, outstanding, and thorough; a definitive source for encyclopedic information.
  • A - A complete article where a non-expert in the subject matter would find nothing wanting.
  • GA - Good article. Useful to nearly all readers, with no obvious problems; approaching (although not equaling) the quality of a professional encyclopedia.


  • B An article that is mostly complete and features references to reliable sources, pictures, and is neutral in point of view.
  • C - A substantial article, but one which may require cleanup or further citation, pictures, or expansion.
  • Start - A developing article. Should contain at least a couple of full paragraphs or points and more than two different sourced citations.
  • Stub - A very short description of the topic, generally uncited or inadequately cited and lacking depth.
  • List - Rating for stand-alone lists.
  • Category - Rating for category pages. Category pages do not have "Importance" ratings.
  • Disambig - Disambiguation pages, used to resolve conflicting article names.
  • Project - Articles pertaining to WikiProject Connecticut. May be an article, list, category, or template.
  • Template - An article that implements a function.
  • Portal - Portals are pages intended to serve as "main pages" for specific topics or areas.