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WikiProject Constructed Languages
DYK   Did you know?

...that the Marquis Louis de Beaufront, one of the creators of Ido, was not really a marquis?
...that two different constructed languages have claimed the name Interlingua, and one the name Interlingue?
...that Gottfried Leibniz was not only a famous scientist, but also the creator of a language named Characteristica universalis?

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Welcome to the WikiProject concerning Constructed languages. Our goal is to create and improve articles about this subject.

If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the to-do list there.

For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.



  • Observing, maintaining, organising and improving all articles on Wikipedia relating to constructed languages.
  • Providing a reliable source of information regarding constructed languages, available on request.


  • Expanding and improving articles about conlangs, especially notable ones;
  • Making sure that all current conlang articles meet certain criteria, such as:
  • Discussing a list of conlangs that arguably deserve articles (the "Things you can do" section on Portal:Constructed languages could serve as a starting point);
  • Nominating non-notable and/or non-verifiable articles for deletion; moving them to the FrathWiki if warranted;
  • NPOVing conlang articles added by self-interested creators; and
  • Reviving a more viable policy proposal from WP:CONLANG.

Article alerts[edit]

No Article alerts at this time.

Esperanto Task Force[edit]


  • Take inventory of all articles pertaining to Esperanto by adding the task force's tag and assessing their quality
  • Improve the quality of existing articles pertaining to Esperanto
  • Identify possible new articles and create them
  • Maintain the quality of existing Esperanto articles that have already attained high quality


The Esperanto task force covers:

  • Esperanto itself and its grammatical structure and makeup
  • The history of Esperanto
  • Esperanto culture
  • Esperanto organizations
  • The Esperanto movement
  • Key people in the Esperanto movement
  • All other articles that in some way pertain to Esperanto


The Esperanto task force is currently undertaking or preparing to undertake the following projects:

User Talk pages[edit]

Add the template User ETF to your talk page:  
Flag of Esperanto cropped.png This user supports the Esperanto Task Force. - Ĉi tiu uzanto asistas la Esperanto-laborgrupon.

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