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WikiProject Constructed Languages
Esperanto task force


  • Take inventory of all articles pertaining to Esperanto by adding the task force's tag and assessing their quality
  • Improve the quality of existing articles pertaining to Esperanto
  • Identify possible new articles and create them
  • Maintain the quality of existing Esperanto articles that have already attained high quality


The Esperanto task force covers:

  • Esperanto itself and its grammatical structure and makeup
  • The history of Esperanto
  • Esperanto culture
  • Esperanto organizations
  • The Esperanto movement
  • Key people in the Esperanto movement
  • All other articles that in some way pertain to Esperanto


The Esperanto task force is currently undertaking or preparing to undertake the following projects:

User talk pages[edit]

Add the template User ETF to your talk page:  
This user supports the Esperanto Task Force.
Ĉi tiu uzanto asistas la Esperanto-laborgrupon.