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Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information in articles related to Contract bridge. This page and its subpages contain their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians.

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  1. To make Wikipedia a world-class reference on contract bridge


  1. To create comprehensive and current coverage on bidding and card play
  2. To achieve a uniformity of style in all articles
  3. To achieve the featured standard for all top importance bridge articles
  4. To achieve minimum GA-class quality standard in all high importance bridge articles
  5. To create biographies on all notable bridge players, writers and administrators
  6. To create records of achievement for bridge competitions and awards
  7. To create links and identify references to other bridge resources, including books and websites


  1. All forums and media
  2. All bridge topics on bidding and play
  3. All notable people, competitions and awards at the international (WBF) and national (zonal and country) level
  4. English language bridge literature and references; biographical information may be sourced in other languages



Please put your user name here, in alphabetical order, if you intend to collaborate in the Wikiproject


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User userboxes and categories[edit]

{{Template:User plays bridge}}
Anglo-American card suits.pngThis user plays bridge.
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Policies and practices[edit]


  • Wikipedia policies and guidelines apply; ensure you are familiar with:
  • Unless explicitly addressed in the Wiki Bridge Writing Manual of Style, the Wikipedia:Manual of Style governs matters of spelling and grammar. Use a formal style with a consistent theme for text, diagrams, tables and other bridge notations using the available templates. Do not italicize or bold words unless emphasis is explicitly intended.
  • The reading audience is the general public and not just bridge experts or enthusiasts. Each contract bridge related article stands on its own merits and should not depend upon or assume any prior knowledge of other articles nor an advanced knowledge of contract bridge or bridge in general.
  • All descriptions, symbols and notations are based upon use of the standard fifty-two card French deck.

Supplementary Manual of Style for Bridge Articles[edit]

See Manual of Style - Main Body

Article categorization[edit]

Article categories

The categorization of contract bridge articles should be hierarchical and entries as mutually exclusive as possible. Red-link categories should be created when there are sufficient member articles or subcategories created; until then, the article should remain in the parent category.

The table at right represents the proposed general scheme for the categories to be used internally for purpose of managing the contract bridge articles under this project. The titles in bold represent the comparable category names to be used externally for the readers, e.g. in the index of contract bridge articles. Accordingly, the primary categories should remain stable.

Administrative categories
  1. Category:Contract bridge stubs contains all stub articles, regardless of other categorization
  2. Category:Contract bridge templates contains all bridge related templates
Project pages
See also: List of project subpages

Quality and importance assessments[edit]

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Contract bridge/Assessment

Quality and importance parameter capability has been added to the {{WPCB}} banner but most articles have not been assessed in either parameter.

Consistent application of the grading criteria requires further support by more detailed descriptions of each classification in the context of 'contract bridge'.


Quality and importance[edit]


  • Project watchlist: summary of recent edits to all articles incorporating the WikiProject Contract bridge banner.

Current article counts by category[edit]

Template count history[edit]

Tasks to do[edit]

Policies requiring attention[edit]

In addition to all normal Wiki policy, these will guide how participants will govern themselves on this project.

Articles requiring attention[edit]

Priority Articles New Article Nominations Newest Articles Created or
Substantially Improved
The following are key articles nominated for improvement to featured article status. Another perspective may be gained by looking at the project's quality by importance matrix and intuitively sensing that the more important an article is the higher quality class it should likely be in. Click on a number in the matrix to see those articles. The following are nominations for new articles. No process or prior approval is required at the project level. Please add your considered opinion and nominate important new articles, and better yet, start to create the article yourself! Please list your new contract bridge-related articles here, newest at the top; articles which have recently received substantial improvement should also be added. This list may not represent all such articles because some editors may not have added his or her's to the list. The list serves to notify project participants of an opportunity to review and potentially improve and/or reassess the quality of these articles. See also the Project Watchlist.

Stubs requiring attention[edit]

See Category:Contract bridge stubs (156 articles) for the list of bridge articles designated as stubs. If they are, improve them and remove the tag; if they are not deemed a stub, remove the stub. Stub tags should be removed in accordance with Wiki policy.

Random articles that may require attention[edit]


Frequently used references[edit]

To avoid tedious text entry and ensure consistency, a template for the frequently used references of The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge is available and includes all seven American editions plus the International Edition. See {{OEB}}.

Other frequently used reference or bibliography citation templates include: (add others as appropriate)

  • "One author web citation". Missing or empty |url= (help)
  • "Two author web citation". Missing or empty |url= (help)
  • Blank book citation.
  • Blank two author book citation.
  • Blank journal citation. Missing or empty |title= (help)
  • Authormask emdash.
  • Authormask with.
  • Alphonse Moyse, Jr. (ed.). "Article Title". The Bridge World. New York: The Bridge World.
  • Jeff Rubens (ed.). "Article Title". The Bridge World. Scarsdale, NY: Bridge World Magazine Inc. ISSN 0006-9876.
  • Kearse, Amalya (1990). Bridge Conventions Complete (Revised and Expanded ed.). Louisville, KY: Devyn Press Inc. ISBN 0-910791-76-7. 1121 pages.
  • — (1990). Bridge Conventions Complete (Revised and Expanded ed.). Louisville, KY: Devyn Press Inc. ISBN 0-910791-76-7. 1121 pages.
  • with Someone, Else (1990). Bridge Conventions Complete (Revised and Expanded ed.). Louisville, KY: Devyn Press Inc. ISBN 0-910791-76-7. 1121 pages.
  • Brent Manley (ed.). "Article Title". Bridge Bulletin. Horn Lake, MS: American Contract Bridge League. ISSN 1089-6376.
  • Culbertson, Ely, Editor (1935). The Encyclopedia of Bridge. New York: The Bridge World, Inc.
  • Hasenson, Peter (2004). British Bridge Almanack. London: 77 Publishing. ISBN 0-9549241-0-X.
  • Bourke, Tim; Sugden, John (2010). Bridge Books in English 1886-2010: an annotated bibliography. Cheltenham, England: Bridge Book Buffs. ISBN 978-0-9566576-0-2.




  1. ^ a b c d e Updated 2014-10-28. The ACBL title "Life Master" was inaugurated by the American Bridge League in 1936 with a class of ten players ranked by their achievements in national competition (see David Burnstine#Notes). One of the 10 has no page here (Sam Fry #10); four pages were created October 2014 with little prose (Becker #6, Frey #8, Lightner #7, Von Zedtwitz #4).
  2. ^ a b c d e f g h Updated 2014-10-28. Women Stars at the WBF lists 18 stars with links to on-site biographies for 13 of them (all 8 past stars and 5 from a recent list of Top 10 grand masters). One of the 13 has no page here (Anna Valenti); seven pages were created October 2014 with little prose (Auken, Culbertson, Deas, Hawes, Kennedy, Meyers, Sanborn). The others have entries that may underuse or overlook their WBF biographies: *Fritzi Gordon, *Rixi Markus, *Helen Sobel Smith, *Dorothy Hayden Truscott; *Nicola Smith.

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