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Welcome to the Global perspectives task force of the Countering systemic bias WikiProject!


This task force works to ensure that global perspectives are represented in key articles. As the community has often noted, Wikipedia has a systemic Western, 1st world bias due to the demographic of its editors. (Researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute have shown that both coverage[1] and participation[2][3] are strikingly geographically concentrated on Wikipedia.) This task force works to counteract that bias by identifying articles where adding coverage of global perspective is relevant and would bring needed balance.


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Systemic bias inevitably affects a great number of Wikipedia articles and thus must be addressed on a case-by-case basis. The global perspective task force of the Project on Countering Systemic Bias seeks to focus on articles where the lack of a global perspective is particularly glaring, and where expanding the viewpoints, sources, or commentary on an issue will greatly improve the article's inclusiveness. Categories of articles that may be particularly appropriate for work within this task force include:

  • International agreements and treaties
  • Current events
  • US foreign policy
  • Wars
  • Political philosophy
  • Diplomatic figures


There are a variety of strategies for improving the global perspective of an article. These include:

  • Eliminating the tacit identification of NPOV with a first world and/or Northern and/or U.S. POV
  • Revising an article's introduction to ensure global perspectives are not relegated to ancillary sections
  • Adding sources and external links from the international media

Tagging and assessment[edit]

Members of this task force can use the parent project's templates to mark articles or sections that are biased in some way. This is a simple way to alert readers that an article lacks a global perspective. When placing templates on article pages, please remember to make a note on the talk page about why the template was placed, and, if possible, offer suggestions about how to address the perspective problems.

Members who are working on an article under the auspices of this task force should also tag that article's talk page with our task force's template.

WikiProject Countering systemic bias/Global perspective task force
WikiProject iconThis page is under review by the Global Perspective Task Force, a collaborative effort to improve Wikipedia by ensuring that articles reflect a global perspective.
The Global Perspective Task Force is part of the Countering systemic bias WikiProject. If you would like to participate, please visit the task force and project pages, where you can join and see lists of open tasks.

The global perspectives task force template will alert other editors that a member of our task force is currently working on the article. As an ancillary benefit, this template can also help publicize our efforts.


Articles for review[edit]

The following sections are intended to help task force members collaborate effectively by creating an open process around identifying articles that need attention, working on those articles, and then moving them to the completed section.

War on Terrorism[edit]


Articles in progress[edit]

Task force[edit]

  • Create a userbox and link to it from the templates section (above)
  • Expand the scope section (above)
  • Add things to the resources section (below).
  • Assist parent project with additional supporting infrastructure (announcement lists, categories, other templates, etc.), then use them here.
  • Add more to-do items here!





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