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WikiProject Crime and Criminal Biography
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This WikiProject is about criminals and crime-related topics.
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Welcome to WikiProject Crime and Criminal Biography. This project needs the help of all of you here, who are interested in the history of crime and criminals, ranging from conspiratorial corporate crime to scary serial killers. Please help!


To improve the quality of articles related to subjects about crime.



This portion of the WikiProject focuses on criminology and a wide range of crime-related topics, verifying notability of articles, expanding stub-class crime related articles and writing specific contributions to requested crime articles.

Criminal biographies[edit]

In Wikipedia, the biography page of a criminal often uses the same style and form of other regular biographies. However, due to the sensitiveness and uniqueness of their biography, something different needs to be done.

Current development[edit]

Usage of infoboxes[edit]

  1. Use the exact infobox text below and add the information of the criminal, but do not insert any rows that do not appear below or change the text of any row, such as using "convicted of" instead of "charge". If you do, the information will not be displayed in the infobox.
  2. Link all possible information such as locations, charges, penalties, etc. Do not link dates, years or use flag icons in the infobox.

You are more than welcome to expand these infoboxes, but be careful when doing so, as editing a template may affect all articles using the template.

Serial Killer infobox[edit]

Copy the text below and fill in the information:

Attention: before using, please read the section on "Usage of infoboxes", located above.

{{Infobox serial killer
| name=
| image=
| caption=
| birthname=
| alias=
| birth=<!-- {{birth date|YYYY|MM|DD}} if still living, use {{birth date and age|YYYY|MM|DD}} -->
| location=
| death=<!-- {{death date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|YYYY|MM|DD}} death date is first, birth date is second -->
| deathplace =
| cause=
| nationality = 
| other_names = 
| citizenship =
| criminal_charge = 
| conviction_penalty = 
| conviction_status = 
| motive = 
| conviction = 
| states=
| beginyear=
| endyear=
| apprehended=
| weapons = 
| penalty=

Criminal Biography infobox[edit]

  • {{Infobox criminal}} - should be used for all criminal biographies that do not fit the above categories.

Copy the text below and fill in the information:

Attention: before using, please read the section on "Usage of infoboxes", located above.

{{Infobox criminal
| honorific_prefix = 
| name = 
| honorific_suffix = 
| native_name = 
| native_name_lang = 
| image = 
| image_upright = 
| image_size = 
| alt = 
| caption = 
| birth_name = 
| birth_date =     <!-- {{birth date|YYYY|MM|DD}} if dead;
                        {{birth date and age|yyyy|mm|dd|mf=yes}} if year, month and day known;
                        {{birth year and age|yyyy|mm}} if year and month known;
                        {{birth year and age|yyyy}} if only year known -->
| birth_place = 
| disappeared_date = 
| disappeared_place = 
| disappeared_status = 
| death_date =     <!-- {{death date and age|YYYY|MM|DD|YYYY|MM|DD}} (death date then birth date) -->
| death_place = 
| death_cause = 
| body_discovered = 
| resting_place = 
| resting_place_coordinates =
| monuments = 
| residence = 
| nationality = 
| other_names = 
| citizenship = 
| education = 
| alma_mater = 
| occupation = 
| years_active = 
| employer = 
| organization = 
| agent = 
| known_for = 
| notable_works = 
| style = 
| home_town = 
| salary = 
| net_worth = 
| height = 
| weight = 
| television = 
| title = 
| term = 
| predecessor = 
| successor = 
| party = 
| movement = 
| opponents = 
| boards = 
| criminal_charge = 
| conviction_penalty = 
| conviction_status = 
| spouse =         <!-- Do not include unless notable or relevant to the crime involved -->
| children =       <!-- (as above) -->
| parents =        <!-- (as above) -->
| relatives = 
| callsign = 
| awards = 
| website = 
| allegiance =     <!-- [[Lucchese crime family]] (only?) -->
| motive = 
| conviction = 
| trial =          <!-- Use this only if the trial is bluelinked, e.g. Mafia Commission Trial -->
| trial_start = 
| trial_end = 
| reward_amount = 
| capture_status = 
| wanted_by = 
| partners = 
| wanted_since = 
| time_at_large = 
| escaped = 
| escape_end = 
| comments = 
| victims = 
| date = 
| time = 
| beginyear = 
| endyear = 
| country = 
| states = 
| locations = 
| targets = 
| fatalities = 
| injuries = 
| weapons = 
| apprehended = 
| imprisoned = 
| module =
| signature =
| signature_size =
| signature_alt = 
| footnotes = 

Criminal Organization infobox[edit]

Copy the text below and fill in the information:

Attention: before using, please read the section on "Usage of infoboxes", located above.

{{Infobox criminal organization
| name              =  <!--(defaults to {{PAGENAME}})-->
| image             =  <!--(filename only)-->
| image_size        =  <!--(defaults to 220px)-->
| caption           = 
| founded           = 
| founder           =  <!--or | founders = -->
| named_after       = 
| founding_location = 
| years_active      = 
| territory         = 
| ethnicity         = 
| membership        = 
| leaders           = 
| activities        = 
| allies            = 
| rivals            = 
| notable_members   = 

Project templates[edit]

Other templates used by the project include:


This WikiProject was originally proposed by User:Remember in December 2006 (see [1]) which was eventually merged with the present biography project established by User:Wooyi in February 2007.

Task Forces[edit]

  1. Serial Killer Task Force
  2. Missing People Task Force


Biographies and other subjects generally follow standard Wikipedia "Manual of Style" formatting; however, there are a few exceptions, such as specialized formats established of criminal organizations (as seen in Bufalino crime family originally established by User:ExplorerCDT).

Hierarchy definition[edit]

Crime and criminology related subjects can range from specific areas, geographical locations, and historical periods as well as overlap with other subjects such as WikiProject Law and Law Enforcement.

The subjects, defined by crime and criminology, include people, events, and related information on:

  • True crime
  • Street gangs (from the early-19th century to present)
  • Mafia/Syndicate groups and members (particularly of the 20th century)
  • Criminal societies and similar organizations.

Open tasks[edit]

To-do list[edit]

Here are some tasks you can do to help with WikiProject Crime and Criminal Biography:

On-going tasks:

  • Improve references in articles.
  • Actively remove tangential "mentions" of article subjects from articles. The only valid mentions that might remain are specific and historically accurate depictions of subjects in film, music, etc.

Listing of pertinent articles and other entries that are being discussed for deletion[edit]

Articles that need expansion/improvement[edit]

Murders by Year[edit]

At present the category for Mass murders by year go back to Category:Mass murder in 1981, but for Murders by year only to 1999, e.g. Category:Murder in 1999, and also for 1993 and 1989. Hence I propose to finish the 1990s decade, and later the 1980s back to 1980. And to separate the American ones which only go back at present to Category:2005 murders in the United States.

Plus a need to add all murders to Category:Murder in 2002 and Category:Murder in 2003 (or the American subcategory) as they only have one in each year at present; and to check that individual Mass Murders are also included in the Murders in US by year category where appropriate. NB: for Category:Mass murderers the requirement is four at once or over a short period of time (though some mass murders have only three?). Hugo999 (talk) 00:07, 18 August 2010 (UTC)

Directory of Participants[edit]

This is a list of Wikipedians, who are committed to this WikiProject. Please, feel free to join, by clicking edit on the right and signing your name at the bottom of the list with four tildes (~~~~), with an optional comment. Also add this template to your user page, if you want to, type: {{User CB}} to produce:


Inactive members[edit]

Members who are currently inactive on Wikipedia.

Recognized content[edit]

Featured Articles[edit]

The following crime related articles are featured articles and contain significant contributions from project members:

Good Articles[edit]

The following crime-related articles are Good articles and contain significant contributions from project members; with some additional work they can be improved to Featured Article status.

A-Class Reviews[edit]

An A-Class review is a project-intern quality review similar to that of a featured article review or good article review; however it is conducted independently within the remit of a specific project among the project members themselves. It aims to be a rigorous quality assurance that nevertheless is a simple and self-contained process.

For more on this project's A-Class review see this page here.


The following articles were featured as part of Wikipedia's Did you know? program.

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