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Zagreb Task Force

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WikiProject Zagreb is a WikiProject whose aim is to increase the quality of articles related to the city of Zagreb. It is chiefly designed to help users collaborate on articles, but also to resolve disputes, and to coordinate work on vandalism clean-up.


Announcements Announcements

  • October 2, 2008 — Zagreb task force is launched
  • October 2, 2008 — assessment of articles is available by adding |zagreb=yes to the WikiProject Croatia template.


How can I contribute to Wikipedia How can I contribute to Wikipedia?

If you have never used Wikipedia, please take the time to read these articles:

Principal advice

To maintain article quality, please follow these rules:

  • Provide sources for your edits. See also the Citations helpdesk below;
  • ALWAYS make sure images you upload are under proper license Image Copyrights;
  • Restrain the number of red links;
  • Ensure external links are active/not broken;
  • AVOID emotional arguments, statements about editors of other nationalities, name calling, and anything that is not perceived as constructive, source-backed argument;


How can I contribute to this project How can I contribute to this project?

  • Improve the Zagreb article.
  • Contribute and improve on the quality of other Zagreb-related articles.
  • Recognize and correct vandalism in all Zagreb-related articles.
  • Create requested articles.


To Do List To Do List

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Proposed deletions



Templates in Use Templates

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