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This is a list of requested articles in the scope of WikiProject Dallas-Fort Worth. Please, if not already done so, create the category (e.g. Music, Business, Literature) in which the request would be best placed.



South Dallas Cultural Center

Landscape Architecture[edit]


  • Charles Blaylock, prominent Dallas Realtor, primarily in residential
  • Ron Chapman, long-time Dallas media personality at WFAA-TV, KVIL, et al.
  • M. Thomas Edgerton, noted Texas educator, founder of Oak Cliff College for Young Ladies
  • Harvey Goff, a Dallas character of the highest order who has/had a collection of military vehicles, including tanks that he used to drive in the Park Cities Fourth of July Parade (and the reason that the city started assessing a bond on floats/vehicles of a certain size ... the armory was tearing up the streets!)

Henry S. Miller, founder Henry S. Miller Company, "God's own Realtor"
Henry S. Miller, Jr. , former CEO Henry S. Miller Company


  • Casa Linda, Dallas, Texas, northeast Dallas neighborhood; adjoins Casa View, but has its own personality, shopping center and unique history
  • Hord's Ridge, settlement that preceded Oak Cliff



Secondary Schools[edit]

Garland ISD Evening School (on the campus of Garland High School, Garland)

Middle Schools[edit]

  1. Sam Houston Middle School (Garland)
  • 1992-93 National Blue Ribbon School[8]
  1. Memorial Preparatory School (Garland)
  2. Schrade Middle School (Rowlett)
  3. Sellers Middle School (Garland)

Elementary Schools[edit]

  • Luke & Betty Abbett Elementary School (Garland) (opened 1989)
  • Armstrong Elementary School (Sachse) (opened August 19, 2002)
  • James M. Back Elementary School (Rowlett)
  • Bradfield Elementary School (Garland)
  • Bullock Elementary School (Garland)
  • Randolph Caldwell Elementary School (Garland) (opened 1955)
  • George Washington Carver Elementary School (Garland) (opened 2007)
  • Centerville Elementary School (Garland)
  • Classical Center at Vial Elementary School (Garland)
  • Club Hill Elementary School (Garland)
  • Cooper Elementary School (Garland)
  • Couch Elementary School (Garland)
  • Daugherty Elementary School (Garland)
  • Davis Elementary School (Garland)
  • Dorsey Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened August 12, 1996)
  • Freeman Elementary School (Garland)
  • Joyce Giddens-Steadham Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened August 9, 1999)
  • Golden Meadows Elementary School (Garland)
  • Handley Elementary School (Garland)
  • Heather Glen Elementary School (Garland)
  • Carl L. Herfurth Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened 1988)
  • Hickman Elementary School (Garland)
  • Hillside Academy for Excellence (Garland)
  • Keeley Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened August 1991)
  • Kimberlin Academy for Excellence (Garland)
         o 1991-92, 1998-99 National Blue Ribbon School[8]
  • Lister Elementary School (Garland)
  • Luna Elementary School (Garland)
  • Montclair Elementary School (Garland)
  • Northlake Elementary School (Garland)
  • Park Crest Elementary School (Garland)
  • Nita Pearson Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened 2004)
  • Roach Elementary School (Garland)
         o 2006 National Blue Ribbon School[9]
  • Rowlett Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened 1979)
  • Sewell Elementary School (Sachse) (opened 1992)
  • Shorehaven Elementary School (Garland)
  • Shugart Elementary School (Garland)
  • Southgate Elementary School (Garland)
  • Spring Creek Elementary School (Garland)
  • Stephens Elementary School (Rowlett) (opened August 15, 1994)
  • Toler Elementary School (Garland) (1976)
  • Walnut Glen Academy for Excellence (Garland)
         o 1996-97, 2007 National Blue Ribbon School[8][9][10]
  • Watson Technology Center for Math and Science (Garland)
  • Weaver Elementary School (Garland)
  • Williams Elementary School (Garland)

Pre-Kindergarten schools[edit]

  • Gloria Cisneros PreKindergarten School

Notable Private Schools[edit]

  • All Saints' Episcopal School (Fort Worth) in Fort Worth, Texas, part of the Southwest Preparatory Conference
  • Blue Jean Kindergarten (defunct private school) in Garland, Texas
  • The Covenant School of Dallas in Dallas, Texas
  • Garland Christian Academy in Garland, Texas
  • Holy Cross Lutheran School (Dallas County)
  • Oakridge in Arlington, Texas, part of the Southwest Preparatory Conference
  • Pope John Paul II High School of Plano Texas located in Plano, TX
  • St. Philip's School & Community Center in Dallas Texas
  • Trinity Lutheran School (Dallas County)
  • West Plano Montessori School (Collin County)
  • The Winston School in Dallas, Texas
  • Zion Lutheran School (Dallas County)