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WikiProject Dams is a WikiProject formed to organize and improve articles related to dams.

Nuvola apps kview.pngProject[edit]

The project's aim is to create, expand, clean up, and organize existing or non-existing dam articles.

Nuvola apps personal.svg Parentage[edit]

The parent of this WikiProject is WikiProject Civil Engineering. No descendant WikiProjects have been defined.

Nuvola apps bookcase.svg Work areas[edit]

There are several main work areas, as well as some other topics that may be paid attention to:

  • Dam types. This probably is the one that will disappear first. Only several of these articles are left to create. However, many of these articles need expansion or improvement.
  • Particular dams. Creation/expansion/cleanup of articles describing particular dams, their history, structure and function.
  • Dam controversy. This is a smaller work area than the other two, particularly focusing on the negative environmental impacts of dams, mostly large dams like the Three Gorges and Glen Canyon Dams. Some dam articles also contain an undue amount of controversy coverage.
  • Reservoirs. This may fall under WikiProject Lakes but there is much room for improvement in reservoir-related articles.
  • Dam disasters. This may fall under WikiProject Disasters but again, there is much room for improvement in this topic.
  • Remaking dam redirects that lead to articles pertaining to reservoirs. Out there, in place of many dam articles, there are redirects to the article about their reservoir. One example is Flaming Gorge Dam, which sat unnoticed as a redirect for nearly three years.
  • List of reservoirs and dams ==> List of dams and reservoirs. Other alternative titles include List of dams and their reservoirs, List of dams and related reservoirs, ... Current discussion on project talk page.


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All articles GA, FA or FL class: 0.5% complete



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Page layout[edit]

For articles with less content, leave out or merge the sections that are left empty or near empty.

Nuvola apps kchart.svg Templates[edit]

Project banner[edit]

WikiProject Dams (Rated Project-class)
WikiProject iconThis page is within the scope of WikiProject Dams, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Dams on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
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Package-x-generic.svg Infobox dam[edit]

Grand Coulee Dam
Grand Coulee Dam.jpg
Location Grant / Okanogan counties, near Coulee Dam and Grand Coulee, Washington, US
Purpose Power, regulation, irrigation
Status Operational
Construction began July 16, 1933
Opening date June 1, 1942
Construction cost Original dam: $168 million
Third Powerplant: $730 million
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Concrete gravity
Impounds Columbia River
Height 550 ft (168 m)
Length 5,223 ft (1,592 m)
Width (crest) 30 ft (9 m)
Width (base) 500 ft (152 m)
Dam volume 11,975,520 cu yd (9,155,942 m3)
Spillway type Service, drum gate
Spillway capacity 1,000,000 cu ft/s (28,317 m3/s)
Creates Franklin Delano Roosevelt Lake
Banks Lake
Total capacity 9,562,000 acre⋅ft (12 km3)
Active capacity 5,185,400 acre⋅ft (6 km3)
Catchment area 74,100 sq mi (191,918 km2)
Surface area 125 sq mi (324 km2)
Power Station
Commission date 1941–1950 (Left/Right)
1975–1980 (Third)
1973–1984 (PS)
Type Conventional, pumped-storage
Hydraulic head 380 ft (116 m)
Turbines 33:
27 × Francis turbines
6 × pump-generators
Installed capacity 6,809 MW
Annual generation 21 billion KWh

The template {{Infobox dam}} provides an organized space for images and the basic statistics of a particular dam. See the example at right for the basic look of a dam infobox. The infobox at right lacks info in several fields. Put all the information you can into the infobox of the dam you are writing about if possible. Note that the infobox will override the dam name you put in its field; i.e. it will place the name of the article (or talk page or user subpage or whatever) there instead. Title the article with caution.

The Dam Barnstar[edit]

  • {{subst:The Dam Barnstar}} — The Dam Barnstar may be awarded to an editor who makes significant contributions to Dam-related articles whether improving on or expanding coverage of them.


An article can be rated by quality and importance; for example, using {{WikiProject Dams|class=Stub|importance=Low}}. For detailed instructions on quality grading and to see recently tagged articles, see: WikiProject Dams/Assessment. To help assess articles, please see Category:Unassessed Dam articles for the complete list.


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