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Certain subject titles should be formatted in italics (such as titles of major creative works and vessel names) or in quotation marks (such as titles of minor creative works). However, ambiguous subject titles are often followed by a term in parentheses to disambiguate them. When such articles are listed on a disambiguation page, this parenthesized term should be retained, but it should not be formatted along with the subject portion of the page title.

This can be accomplished with the use of link piping, or with the formatting templates {{fti}} and {{ftq}}. These templates must always be substituted. (Note: these templates are intended for disambiguation pages. Within articles, the parenthetical suffix is generally dropped, so formatting part of the displayed link is usually unnecessary.)



[[Titanic (1997 film)|''Titanic'' (1997 film)]]Titanic (1997 film)

Using template {{fti}}:

{{fti|Titanic (1997 film)}}Titanic (1997 film)

Quotation marks[edit]


[[Dream On (Aerosmith song)|"Dream On" (Aerosmith song)]]"Dream On" (Aerosmith song)

Using template {{ftq}}:

{{ftq|Dream On (Aerosmith song)}}"Dream On" (Aerosmith song)

Deprecated templates[edit]

The templates {{dab song}}, {{dab album}}, {{dab film}}, and {{dab italics}} may also be used to format article titles.