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The Doctor Who WikiProject is a WikiProject formed and developed to organize information in articles related to the 1963–present British science-fiction television series Doctor Who. We currently have 2089 articles under the scope of this project, which generally includes articles where Doctor Who is a relevant focus to the subject. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page, sign up on our list of participants, or just start editing.

A full list of pages in the WikiProject can be found here and recent changes to these pages can be seen here.

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Style guide

Our style page includes the following advice aimed to standardise Doctor Who articles:

  1. Adherence to the Wikipedia Manual of Style;
  2. Adherence to the Television WikiProject MoS;
  3. Adherence to the MoS with regard to fiction;
  4. Categorisation;
  5. Verification and citations;
  6. Organisation;
  7. Image usage;
  8. Geolocation;
  9. Terminology.


Task forces[edit]

There is presently one task force, the Torchwood taskforce. Possibilities for others are:

  • Doctor Who audio plays
  • Doctor Who novels
  • The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • K-9

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IRC channel[edit]

#wp-doctor-who on freenode

What do we include?

The main criteria for inclusion should be notability. That being said, to avoid clutter and confusion, we should note the following.


Illustrations for Doctor Who-related articles are typically taken from screen captures, publicity materials, magazine articles and websites. As such they're nearly all non-free and must only be used in conformance with the Non-free content criteria. Exceptions include pictures of people involved in the writing or production of Doctor Who and its spin-offs, which have been released under free licenses: licenses that allow third parties to modify images and use images commercially. Most non-free images currently in Doctor Who-related articles lack detailed or sufficient fair use rationales justifying their use in the articles. Such images are in danger of deletion; you can remedy this by writing better rationales.


To avoid the tricky issue of canonicity, we should identify the source of the information if it comes from anywhere else besides the television series. Televised episodes and specials (barring spoofs and specially-made episodes) are generally considered canon by the BBC and the vast majority of the Doctor Who fandom, while the Peter Cushing films of the 1960s are not. Everything else is of unclear canonicity, with opinion ranging from absolute canon to non-canon. In practice, anything from the televised stories need not be sourced or distinguished, although the relevant episodes should be referenced (with citations to the appropriate episodes or serials). We should also limit the non-television series material, where possible, to material officially licensed by the BBC. This excludes fan videos, but will include the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip, the Big Finish Productions audio plays and story collections, the Telos novellas and the Target Books, Virgin New Adventures and BBC Books novels and short stories. Book titles, like television serials, should be italicised, with individual episodes, chapters or short stories in quotation marks. Author credit should be given. The only exceptions to the "officially licensed" would be material from BBV, which is generally of a higher standard than typical fan productions. However, any notable creation may be included, but only if we are clear on its origin.

Minor topics[edit]

Some articles on what might be termed minor topics, e,g. monsters, villains, planets or devices which only appear in a single episode are better placed in a list. These are some of the lists available:

Articles can be de-merged if they grow very large. Some very minor characters are probably not worth writing about, and it would be preferable to write the plot synopsis of the episode in which they appear: for example, the article about the character Doctor Constantine redirects to the article about the episode "The Empty Child".


Articles with Good Article status[edit]

Symbol support vote.svg Jack Harkness  5 July 2007
Symbol support vote.svg The Girl in the Fireplace  21 January 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Invasion of the Bane  22 January 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (Torchwood)  10 February 2008
Symbol support vote.svg School Reunion (Doctor Who)  13 February 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Astrid Peth  14 February 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Army of Ghosts  15 February 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Dalek (Doctor Who episode)  15 March 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Hugh Grant  24 March 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Planet of the Ood  6 May 2008
Symbol support vote.svg The Fires of Pompeii  22 May 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Voyage of the Damned (Doctor Who)  18 June 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Jenny (Doctor Who)  5 July 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Music of the Spheres (Doctor Who)  21 August 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Time Crash  24 August 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Doctor Who Prom (2008)  7 October 2008
Symbol support vote.svg Steven Moffat  11 January 2009
Symbol support vote.svg David Morrissey  12 January 2009
Symbol support vote.svg Doctor Who campfire trailer  19 April 2009
Symbol support vote.svg Turn Left (Doctor Who)  17 May 2009
Symbol support vote.svg Matt Smith (actor)  9 June 2009
Symbol support vote.svg Planet of the Dead  12 June 2009
Symbol support vote.svg John Barrowman  7 January 2010
Symbol support vote.svg Ianto Jones  18 August 2010
Symbol support vote.svg Day One (Torchwood)  1 March 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Cyberwoman  4 March 2011
Symbol support vote.svg The Curse of the Black Spot  27 May 2011
Symbol support vote.svg The Impossible Astronaut  9 June 2011
Symbol support vote.svg The Time of Angels  21 October 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Amy's Choice (Doctor Who)  22 October 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Victory of the Daleks  3 December 2011
Symbol support vote.svg The Rebel Flesh  4 December 2011
Symbol support vote.svg The Beast Below  8 December 2011
Symbol support vote.svg The Hungry Earth  12 December 2011
Symbol support vote.svg The Lodger (Doctor Who)  18 December 2011
Symbol support vote.svg Flesh and Stone  19 December 2011
Symbol support vote.svg The Sarah Jane Adventures  1 January 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The Vampires of Venice  30 January 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Vincent and the Doctor  5 February 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The Pandorica Opens  19 February 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Cold Blood (Doctor Who)  23 February 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The Big Bang (Doctor Who)  17 March 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Gwen Cooper  18 March 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Fear Her  8 April 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The Eleventh Hour (Doctor Who)  8 April 2012
Symbol support vote.svg A Christmas Carol (Doctor Who)  8 April 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The God Complex  10 April 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The Girl Who Waited  27 April 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Adam Mitchell (Doctor Who)  3 May 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Day of the Moon  8 May 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The Almost People  9 May 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Rhys Williams (Torchwood)  10 May 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Night Terrors (Doctor Who)  10 May 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Something Borrowed (Torchwood)  24 May 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The Doctor's Wife  30 May 2012
Symbol support vote.svg A Good Man Goes to War  30 May 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Meat (Torchwood)  31 May 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Adrift (Torchwood)  5 June 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Doctor Who (series 5)  16 June 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Rose Tyler  23 June 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Ninth Doctor  8 July 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Oswald Danes  25 July 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Let's Kill Hitler  11 August 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe  13 August 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Closing Time (Doctor Who)  14 August 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Blink (Doctor Who)  16 August 2012
Symbol support vote.svg To the Last Man (Torchwood)  29 September 2012
Symbol support vote.svg A Town Called Mercy  18 October 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Esther Drummond  30 October 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The Power of Three (Doctor Who)  12 November 2012
Symbol support vote.svg Harriet Jones  13 November 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The Wedding of River Song  30 December 2012
Symbol support vote.svg The Angels Take Manhattan  29 January 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Dinosaurs on a Spaceship  10 February 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Genesis of the Daleks  23 February 2013
Symbol support vote.svg The Long Game  19 March 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Space / Time  5 April 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Captain John Hart (Torchwood)  6 April 2013
Symbol support vote.svg The Snowmen  23 April 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Asylum of the Daleks  9 May 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Enlightenment (Doctor Who)  7 July 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Cold War (Doctor Who)  13 July 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Gridlock (Doctor Who)  27 July 2013
Symbol support vote.svg The Unquiet Dead  22 August 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Love & Monsters  25 August 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Father's Day (Doctor Who)  13 October 2013
Symbol support vote.svg The Sontaran Stratagem  9 November 2013
Symbol support vote.svg City of Death  16 November 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Rose (Doctor Who)  28 November 2013
Symbol support vote.svg The Rescue (Doctor Who)  1 December 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Hide (Doctor Who)  7 December 2013
Symbol support vote.svg The Rings of Akhaten  18 December 2013
Symbol support vote.svg Boom Town (Doctor Who)  2 January 2014
Symbol support vote.svg Doctor Who (series 1)  15 May 2017
Symbol support vote.svg Doctor Who (series 2)  26 July 2017
Symbol support vote.svg The Daleks  28 February 2018

Articles selected for "Did You Know?"[edit]

Templates and categories

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Sample articles[edit]

Useful reference books[edit]

  • David J. Howe, Mark Stammers Doctor Who: Companions 1995 Virgin Publishing ISBN 1852275820
  • David J. Howe, Mark Stammers, Stephen James Walker Doctor Who Handbook: The Fourth Doctor 1992 Dr Who Handbooks ISBN 0426203690
  • David J. Howe, Mark Stammers, Stephen James Walker Doctor Who - The Handbook: The First Doctor: The William Hartnell Years 1963 - 1966 (1993) Dr Who Handbooks ISBN 0426204301
  • Haining, Peter Doctor Who: 25 Glorious Years (1988) ISBN 1852270217
  • Haining, Peter Doctor Who: The Key to Time A year by year record (1984) (ISBN 0-491-03283-8)

Useful reference websites[edit]

The following websites may be useful in referencing articles:

  1. The BBC Doctor Who microsite
  2. The BBC classic series episode guide
  3. Shannon Patrick Sullivan's "A Brief History of Time Travel", which contains a wealth of production information
  4. The Doctor Who Reference Guide, which primarily focuses on plot
  5. Outpost Gallifrey Episode Guide, which primarily focuses on plot but includes the entire production team and cast for episodes (defunct since 2007)
  6. Doctor Who Locations, for finding filming locations for the series
  7. Digital Spy's Doctor Who section, which includes news and reviews pursuant to the new series
  8. The Stage's TV Today blog, which nearly always reviews new series Doctor Who episodes after they have aired.
  9. SFX's section on Doctor Who, which is useful for finding news and reviews
  10. The Guardian's Doctor Who section, which is also useful for finding news and reviews
  11. The Doctor Who section on IGN, which has reviewed episodes since series 2 and also contains some news articles
  12. The A.V. Club's reviews of the new series (series 4-present) and the classic series (selected serials). Site also contains news and interviews.

Deletion discussions[edit]

Archived links to deletion discussions can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Doctor Who/Deletion discussion archive.

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