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Recent changes to dog articles
WikiProject Dogs
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This WikiProject is about canidae and dogs in general
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Here are some tasks you can do to help with WikiProject Dogs:


The goals of this project are to create, expand, and maintain articles related to Canidae and Dogs in general, and bring as many as we can up to either good article or featured article standard. To do this, we are developing a variety of departments, including:


The scope of this project is those articles contained in the Category:Canines, and any other articles which directly pertain to dogs.

Requested articles[edit]

Several red links exist in dog related articles, and there are also several other pages which have been requested to be created. They can be found at Wikipedia:WikiProject Dogs/Requested articles.


Stub dog articles can be found here.


  • Assessment - Our assessment department, where we assess the quality and importance of the dog-related articles in wikipedia.
  • Collaboration - A monthly nominated article.
  • Gallery - a collection of some of our best pictures.
  • Top-importance articles - Where all members should feel free to indicate which articles they think are of top importance to the project and thus the ones we might focus a significant part of our attention to improving in the short term.


Taskforces for specific groups of articles.

  • Dog breeds task force - has several years of intense activity recorded in various talk pages and subpages, originally intended for ensuring that all dog breed articles are consistent, but in fact has served the purpose of project:dogs for most of that time. Refer there specifically for details about breed articles and also for history of policies and decisions on dog-related articles in general.
  • Greyhound racing task force
  • Dog photos task force

Related projects[edit]

Parent project[edit]

See also: WikiProject Veterinary Medicine.

Recognized content[edit]

We want to make sure that everyone knows the Portal:Dogs is now officially recognized as a Featured portal. Thanks to Rfrisbie for his wonderful work, and let's all work to improve our articles to keep this portal one of the best in Wikipedia.

Featured articles[edit]

Former featured articles[edit]

Featured lists[edit]

Good articles[edit]

Former good articles[edit]

Did you know? articles[edit]

Featured pictures[edit]

Our featured pictures and featured picture candidates can be found in the Gallery.

Most popular articles[edit]

An automatically generated list of the most visited articles is generated here on a monthly basis: Wikipedia:WikiProject Dogs/Popular pages.

Article alerts[edit]

Categories for discussion
Redirects for discussion
Featured article candidates
Good article nominees

Open tasks[edit]

All members should always feel free to patrol the recent changes list to note improvements, other changes, or vandalism of articles within the scope of this project. Also, all new articles should be added to the page Wikipedia:WikiProject Dogs/Articles to ensure that they are included on the recent changes list.

  • Members can also check the Category:Dogs articles needing attention to see how these articles can be improved. Articles with one or more templates questioning the content on the article page itself should ever be placed in this category, and are placed in the category by adding "|attention=yes" to the project banner on the talk page.
  • A collaboration page for the project has been recently launched. It is located at Wikipedia:WikiProject Dogs/Collaboration. All editors can go along to see what the current project is and to nominate and vote for the following month's project.
  • Add sources to Unreferenced BLPs.

Cleanup listing[edit]

A cleanup listing for this WikiProject is available here.