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WikiProject Dravidian civilizations

Infoboxes Info[edit]

We are a WikiProject, a group of registered Wikipedians, who try to improve articles related to the Dravidian geographical areas of South Asia and the people's culture throughout this part of the world. Please feel free to join our WikiProject by posting your name in the participants and participating at your own pace. What is WikiProject? Wikipedia:WikiProjects, What is WikiProject best practices? Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.

What is Dravidian?[edit]

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Dravidian is a family of related ethnic and linguistic groups in South Asia. These ethno/linguistic areas of the Dravidians comprise of Southern and Central India, Northeastern Sri Lanka and parts of Pakistan & Bangladesh. In Southern India, the Dravidian areas are composed of four states namely Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. Within the four major Dravidian states are the Tuluvas and Kodavas, while in Central India are the Kolamis, Gonds, Gadaba, Kuis, Parjis, and Kurukhs. In Sri Lanka there are Tamils of Northeastern Sri Lanka, while in the Central part of the island are Tamils of Indian origins.more..

Nuvola apps kpdf.png Goals[edit]

Dravidische Sprachen.png WikiProject Dravidian civilizations
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  • To standardize the Dravidian related articles in Wikipedia.
  • To improve Wikipedia coverage of Dravidian related articles by adding, expanding and improving Dravidian related articles.
  • To serve as a central point of discussion for issues related to Dravidian related articles.

Divisions Scope[edit]

WikiProject Dravidian civilizations is a collaboration to create, improve, and expand articles related to Dravidian people, their history, languages, and culture.

All of these articles should be included in the following categories:

  • The project will cover all aspects of Dravidian related articles from India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.


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Assessment of articles[edit]

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Open tasks[edit]

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Here are some open tasks you can do:

  1. Maintain and improve the Dravidian civilizations Portal news section and DYKs.
  2. Redirect Martial arts of South India to Dravidian martial arts.
  3. Create Dravidian stubs.
  4. All articles should have the {{WPDRAVCIV}} banner added to their talk pages and be added to the Articles page.
  5. Observe improvements, other changes, and vandalism to these articles with the recent changes function.

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