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The following system is proposed for use in the Wikiproject Ecuador, for assessing the topic, importance and quality of our articles by use of the {{WikiProject Ecuador}} tag in Ecuador-related articles' talk pages.

The importance system is divided in 4 levels, while the quality system is based on a 7 levels scheme which reflects principally how complete the article is, though the content and language quality are also factors. Once an article reaches the A-Class, it is considered "complete", although obviously edits will continue to be made.

It is critical that people not take these assessments personally. It is understood that we all have different priorities and different opinions about what makes a perfect article.

Quality scale[edit]

Pages progress grading scheme
Featured article Featured article Reserved exclusively for articles that have received "Featured article" status after peer review. Articles are placed in Category:FA-Class Ecuador articles.
A-Class article A The article provides a well-written and complete description of the topic, as described in How to write a Great Article. It includes a complete article and an appropriate series of headings to break up the article. It should have sufficient external reliable references, and properlly illustrated. It should be at the stage where it could at least be considered for featured article status. Articles are placed in Category:A-Class Ecuador articles.
GA Reserved exclusively for articles that have received Good Article status after peer review. Articles are placed in Category:GA-Class Ecuador articles.
B The article is "almost there" but it may be missing secondary information and details. Alternatively, the English may need a comprehensive rewrite to make it flow. Articles are palced in Category:B-Class Ecuador articles.
Start The article has a good amount of content, but it is still weak in certain areas. Articles are placed in Category:Start-Class Ecuador articles.
Stub The article is either a very short article or a stub that will need a lot of work to bring it to A-Class level, although there may be a significant amount of material in the article. Articles are placed in Category:Stub-Class Ecuador articles.

For further details, se Wikipedia:Version 1.0 Editorial Team/Assessment.

Importance scale[edit]

There are 4 grades for importance as defined in the WikiProject Ecuador article's importance. Please note that the importance of an article is independent from its quality.

Pages importance grading scheme
Top {{top-importance}} Subject is a must-have for a print encyclopedia. Articles are placed in Category:Top-importance Ecuador articles.
High {{high-importance}} Subject is exceptionally important. Articles are placed in Category:High-importance Ecuador articles.
Mid {{mid-importance}} Subject contributes a depth of knowledge. Articles are placed in Category:Mid-importance Ecuador articles.
Low {{low-importance}} Subject fills in important details. Articles are placed in Category:Low-importance Ecuador articles.


The following are a set of guidelines for the definition of an article's Importance for the clasification of Ecuadorian-related articles within the WikiProject Ecuador. If you disagree with them, please share your thought at the talk page.

Pages importance grading scheme
Top {{top-importance}} Subject is a must-have for a print encyclopedia.
High {{high-importance}} Subject is exceptionally important.
Mid {{mid-importance}} Subject contributes a depth of knowledge.
Low {{low-importance}} Subject fills in important details.

Top Importance[edit]


  • Articles relating to Ecuador on Wikipedia:Vital articles and Wikipedia:Core topics - 1,000 (3)
  • Country article
  • Core topics article as on topics navbox, plus any that are a defining characteristic of Ecuador not covered within the others [currently applies to biodiversity and some iconic cultural elements, especially where they appear on other regional WikiProjects' Top Importance lists]
  • Principal subnational entities and any iconic, internationally important regions [i.e. Patagonia]
  • Major historical events of global significance and interest
  • Biographies to be kept to absolute minimum; only those of global significance and interest




Global significance


Provinces, plus regions of international significance


Major impact on Ecuador, and global context

High Importance[edit]

Most important urban centres

Most imrpotant tourist cities, towns or neighbourhoods

Most important geographical topics

Main political articles and biographies

Most historically important articles

Most important sports articles

Most important culture articles and biographies

Main transport topics

Most important economy articles

  • Internationally known companies & media
  • Reserve Bank of Ecuador
  • Stock Exchange

Mid Importance[edit]

Probably the biggest group - where interest of editors might meet strictness of criteria above

  • Most former Presidents
  • Most international team sport esp. football players, etc. (not club level or equivalent) and most successful individual sports-people
  • Most sports clubs with record of success, ie top divisions
  • Musicians, writers of global interest or major national interest
  • Major music forms
  • Iconic facets of Ecuadorian culture
  • Major tourist attractions and national parks and monuments
  • Current provincial governors
  • Current cabinet ministers
  • Individual historical events of note
  • ...

Low Importance[edit]

  • Most biographies
  • Most settlements
  • Smaller sports clubs
  • Most films
  • Music groups, records
  • ...