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The following comments have been gathered from the members who chose to make initial comments at the point of joining WER. As we approach our second year, perhaps we should consider some task forces, teams. etc. in order to implement some of our early ideas.

  1. Particularly interested in supporting new contributors
  2. Particular interest is in maybe finding ways to bring editors who have left back
  3. Also interested in supporting our new editors.
  4. Not sure how I can help but I like the idea.
  5. Count me in!
  6. Worth a shot.
  7. Particularly interested in helping retain long term good faith editors who are suffering with burnout etc
  8. Count me in
  9. Absolutely!
  10. interested in retaining both good editors and editors who are also good Administrators
  11. Focusing specifically on bringing more women into our project, but also interested in creating a more inclusive and encompassing environment for all underrepresented groups and editors.
  12. Count me in. Best regards,
  13. Count me in
  14. I have suggested to bring a WikiProject like this to German Wikipedia
  15. I'm not really a project kinda guy, but this topic interests me, so I'm willing to give it a try.
  16. I'm in. I'm interested in retaining more women and LGBT editors. We need Wikipedia to be less beurocratic, less hostile, and less battleground-like to do this.
  17. Seems like a good try, to date has addressed issues I've long thought about, differently.
  18. We need to understand that this project may actually prove to be more significant than any of us could comprehend. 14:34, 15 August 2012 (UTC)
  19. While I'm not a "follow the leader" type in the sense of "joining" groups, in my own way I very much support this whole concept, and will do my best to advance the goals of this project.
  20. Sure.
  21. I'm particularly interested in retaining editors who are getting burned out.
  22. This is an important issue. Not sure I'm going to have time to help much.
  23. My apologies for any problems my over categorizations and I will subsist. However, in my defense, I am a librarian by training and we are taught to think of and record every possible way that people may look for information. Hence, I was endeavoring to help Wikipedia not make more work for people.
  24. Me Too
  25. I think reaching out to new editors is important. Particularly writing your own messages on their pages when issues do occur; rather than relying on pre-generated template spam; let them know a person is talking to them and not a bot.
  26. Not sure what I can contribute but I'm here to help.
  27. Somewhat of a formality for me at this point, given the fact that one of the things I'm most interested in doing for this site is building its community aspect, but I guess I'll add my name here as someone who supports the cause.
  28. Hope I can help in some way. Editor retention is critical.
  29. Like hosting at the Teahouse and watching the Moodbar Feedback, I'm always interested in finding ways to keep new editors coming back for more. Glad to join the initiative.
  30. Love to edit any kind of sports article.
  31. Yes, I do some of these things already.
  32. Particular interest in welcoming new editors.
  33. Why not?
  34. Retaining experienced (and less so) editors should be a top priority.
  35. We need to retain good editors and gain more of the same.
  36. I will help any way I can. Smile.svg
  37. I'll help however I can, particularly with newbies over at the Teahouse.
  38. I figure I've been stalking this page for long enough to add my name to it.
  39. I'll do anything I can, but especially Teahouse help and with editors who get tagged/warned and don't understand.
  40. Been thinking about this subject a lot lately, so I'd better join up!
  41. I spend a lot of time thinking about this, and I am happy to get involved.
  42. Need to retain new editors, not be trigger happy with them.
  43. Interested to support constructive dialogue and support, avoiding acerbic commentary.
  44. Yes.
  45. I'm in.
  46. Support goals and people, coming from WP:QAI/missed users
  47. It constantly strikes me how much more successful Wikipedia would be with just a little more encouragement between editors.
  48. I'm disappointed that I only just discovered that this exists.
  49. This is a great idea; I've been noticing lots of retired signs lately.
  50. Curious as to what this will bring.
  51. I'm glad that this is a thing that exists, now!
  52. Count me in.
  53. I accidentally noticed the Snuggle application, and am enjoying using it! Also, I want to encourage other women, especially any who are new to Wikipedia, to remain, rather than getting fed up and leaving.
  54. Sounds great! I'm kinda new, so this will be fun.Justaguy120 (talk) 21:44, 23 July 2013 (UTC)
  55. I recently gave some advice on malware, So Ii want to make it my goal to help out editors who are having some trouble.
  56. Dear new member, ask me anything you want to know!
  57. Particularly interested in helping new editors who are being bitten, want to give them comfortable space.
  58. I'm here too! Don't forget me

From Archive #1[edit]

  • "... this initiative is an attempt to keep good people involved in Wikipedia. It is equally important to make sure that reasonably new editors who show interest and ability are given the encouragement they need to continue working with us. I constantly see new editors frightened away by all the templates plastered on their initial attempts or indeed by good contributions being deleted on technical grounds (e.g. lack of properly presented references). Wikipedia's many bots are often play a part here. Now that young people are increasingly happy to spend their time on Facebook or Geocaching where they are likely to get immediate and usually positive responses to their contributions, Wikipedia by contrast often unintentionally creates a feeling of mistrust, incompetence and even hostility. This can lead to disputes which in turn provide grounds for blocking and then socking."
  • "... first, we change this goal to the more inclusive "Increase retention of competent editors at Wikipedia". Secondly, we attempt to base our work as far as possible on an objective, statistical analysis of who drops out, after what period of involvement and, if possible, for what particular reason(s). 09:35, 2 July 2012
  • "... that is the goal, to keep good people here and not scare away new users. Personally, I try using hand written warnings or notifications rather than templates in all but the most obvious cases for that reason. And I agree 100% that getting bogged with emotions should be avoided. We do need to objectively seek out the problems and we should calmly and steadily work toward real world solutions, not just complain about them. I like the idea of the project being a broad one, dealing with anything that is related to maintaining quality editors here, from rewards to removing abuses, and everything in between. I haven't seen a centralized project to deal with retention, a place to discuss policies before attempting an RFC (which often fail due to a lack of planning), and to learn what the real problems are so they can be addressed. 12:06, 2 July 2012
  • "... We still aren't sure what the solutions will be, but soon we can start compiling lists of editors who have left and perhaps we can contact to come back, editors at risk of leaving, and of course we can start working on policy ideas that will encourage people to stay. I've also made it a personal goal to try to find at least a couple of people, typically wikignomes, who have gone unnoticed and unrewarded, and give them a well deserved Barnstar for their specific contributions. All of this is within the goals of keeping great authors and editors here. 22:25, 6 July 2012
  • "... Helping here isn't about what we say here as much as what we do away from here. Lessening drama, getting involved with new editors is a great way to help, as is finding and recognizing ignored editors. 23:30, 6 July 2012
  • "... I'm seeing a lot of discussion in a lot of place regarding editor retention, but not a coordinated effort. This is that coordinated effort, a way for us to actually do something beside speak out in random venues. 15:10, 1 July 2012


  • "Council of Editors", "Co-ordinator", "Areas of Interest"