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In order to expedite the work of WikiProject Theatre on articles relating to the Theatre, there is a need to have the project broken up into different, separate projects, each with smaller areas and smaller scopes. This project has been created to cover the Early-Modern English theatre, one of the most important eras of western theatre history. This covers the theatre and dramatic literature in Early-Modern England and Britain, from the years 1558 to 1642.

WikiProject Early modern Theatre (1558-1642)
Elizabeth I in coronation robes.jpg
Elizabeth R., Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland.
Swan Theatre.
The Swan Theatre, London.
Globe theatre london.jpg
Modern reconstruction of The Globe Theatre in London.
Ben Jonson.
Ben Jonson.
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare.
Christopher Marlowe.jpg
Christopher Marlowe.
Philip Sidney portrait.jpg
Sir Philip Sidney.
Richard Burbage Portrait at Dulwich Picture gallery.jpg
Richard Burbage.
Orsino and viola Frederick Richard Pickersgill.jpg
A 19th Century painting of Duke Orsino and Viola from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, or What You Will.
Spanish Tragedy.
Title page from a 1615 edition of The Spanish Tragedy, by Thomas Kyd.

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The scope of this project covered articles relating to the Theatre and dramatic literature in England, between the years 1558 and 1642, spanning the reigns of three princes and sovereigns on the thrones, sharing the crowns: Queen Elizabeth I, King James VI and I as well as King Charles I, for some 84 years; from the year 1558, the first year of Queen Elizabeth's reign, right until the year 1642, when Cromwellian Puritans and Parliamentarians of the Commonwealth and Protectorate in the Interregnum closed, and in some cases destroyed, the theatres of England and all those throughout the Realms of all of the Three Kingdoms. This era of theatrical history is amongst the most productive and influential in Western Theatre, and included such noted playwrights as William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe, Ben Jonson, John Marston, Thomas Middleton, Thomas Dekker and John Webster.


  1. To improve the quality of articles relating to the Elizabethan theatre eventually improving them to A-class status or Featured article status.
  2. To see that the Elizabethan era in theatre, one of the most important eras in Western theatre history, is covered comprehensively.

"We are merely the stars' tennis balls, struck and bandied
Which way please them."
John Webster
The Duchess of Malfi

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This project is descended from Wikipedia:WikiProject Theatre.

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Article assessment These pages list all articles associated with this project. The tables provide space to assess the quality of each article as well as providing suggestions as to what work still needs to be done on each article. If you work on an article, please re-assess it in this table.


  1. Ganymead
  2. The Dancing Badger - I have no spare time to make large-scale contributions but I (humbly) consider myself an expert in the field and I hope I may be a useful source of answers to tricky questions.
  3. AndyJones - I'm happy to be considered part of this project, since most of my Wikipedia contributions are already in this field.
  4. Isabella123-I love Elizabethan theatre!
  5. Wootking
  6. LynnMarie
  7. BetramMurgatroyd - I'm willing to contribute whatever knowledge i can, since i have studied the subject closely at degree level.
  8. FeanorStar7 - I also love Elizabethan theatre and have access to early editions where I work and have some contacts at the Folger; so hopefully I can make some contributions.
  9. Jrmccall– I'm not an expert, but have some detailed knowledge, from study and viewing, of many of Shakespeare's plays, and I won't quote a hawk and cite a handsaw!
  10. Editor at Large - I specialise in Shakespearean theatre and Elizabethean theatre construction. I haven't contributed much in this field as yet, but would certainly like to!
  11. Eupolis - one of my interests, and I'd be happy to contribute where I can.
  12. kbthompson - I contributed an article on York Mystery Plays (eh, banned by the Tudors ...). Have performed in Measure for Measure and Julius Caesar (literally as a spear carrier). Have contributed to Shoreditch and Hoxton; also interested in even earlier theatre - such as the Red Lion at Mile End (precedes The Theatre as a purposebuilt playhouse). Particularly interested in this time because it was when pageants became plays and the term theatre became both a generic description, and a mass entertainment.
  13. charmed4ever - I am a student who is studying many of the plays of this era.
  14. Loveliterature - An Oxford student studying this era for an English degree. Plan to write the article for Ulpian Fulwell (and others?), possibly in collaboration with my tutor. (Without being mean, I'd like to say to kbthompson that much of the York Mystery Plays article is speculative/disputed - which I intend to at least bring up in discussion soon - although well done for starting one :)). Happy to answer any questions.
  15. Erasmushead - I specialize in in early modern English drama. Please seem my page for a full list of contributions.
  16. Themis-Athena: Any- and everything William Shakespeare; especially so, any- and everything "Hamlet" (reception and interpretation, stage and screen history, sources, adaptations, parodies, younameit) and Shakespearean portraits (and their authentication or, for the most part, lack thereof). I'm new to Wikipedia, but since this is a major field of interest of mine, I do hope to be able to contribute here and there.
  17. Bajazeth: Oh, it's all about the Marlowe, the Shakespeare. I am currently applying to read English at university and this is an area of particular interest.
  18. LizLawson5062: I am currently a student studying English and taking a class centered around the literature of this period.

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Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more; it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing....
William Shakespeare
hi Macbeth

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