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The Environmental Record Task Force works to ensure that the environmental records of policymakers, corporations, and organizations are accurately and consistently represented throughout the encyclopedia.


We address entries for corporations, institutions, and other organizations having notable environmental impact, as well as for individuals whose activity in the political process has notable environmental impact.


  • Expand the category for notable environmental topics
  • Ensure that articles on environmental organizations are well written, well sourced, and encyclopedic
  • Ensure that NPOV is maintained

Related WikiProjects[edit]

How to write an Environmental record section[edit]

  1. Section title: Environmental record. Should be a top-level heading: ==Environmental record==
  2. Placement: try to place the section after the most important sections (those that directly describe the article subject), but before e.g. "criticism" or "trivia" sections (and before all other sections that describe what has been said or done about the subject of the article).
  3. Length: a good environmental record section should cite at least three reliable sources. See "resources" section below. The section should be at least 150 words, and it should make at least three main points about the environmental record of its subject. Without three main points, it is not long enough to stand on its own as a section.
  4. Content: transfer all relevant information from the resources below. The Environmental Record Task Force aims to represent all major aspects of a given corporation, organization, or policymaker's impact on the environment, whether that impact has been positive or negative.
  5. Citation: don't forget to cite the source for each fact you use. Make sure the citation in or directly after the sentence in which the fact is stated. Citations should be in footnote form. (<ref>...</ref>).
  6. Additional instruction: see Wikipedia:How to edit a page or wikipedia:tutorial.


Let's pool our knowledge to determine the most accurate and effective research methods for this project.

Corporate environmental records[edit]

  • PERI Toxic 100 — A list of the top 100 polluters in the U.S. Each of these corporations should have an environmental record section that cites the PERI study.
  • Forbes Global 2000 — A list of the world's largest businesses. Each company should have an article with an environmental record section.
  • Comprehensive pollution information site.
  • Clean Production Action publications — Factsheets, presentations and reports from Clean Production Action.
  • SourceWatch's portal on front groups — A front group is an organization that purports to represent one agenda while in reality it serves some other interest whose sponsorship is hidden or rarely mentioned -- typically, a corporate or government sponsor.

Environmental Protection Agency[edit]

Both sites above are reliable sources for information on corporate environmental policy. Use the search function on each page to research specific companies.

U.S. Policymakers[edit]

The following pages have assembled environmental ratings for United States politicians.

REP Congressional Scorecard 2006
REP Congressional Scorecard 2005
LCV National Environmental Scorecard 2006
LCV National Environmental Scorecard 2005

Google News[edit]

Google News is an excellent search engine for up-to-date information on environmental policy. Enter the article subject PLUS search terms such as environment, EPA, emissions, pollution, etc. As you research a given topic, you will discover more specific search terms to enter. If you were researching livestock, for example, you could search "cattle" PLUS deforestation or methane in Google News. Major newspapers make good reliable sources for Wikipedia articles.

Task Section[edit]

ERTF members and links to the environmental record sections they have added.













  1. Douglas County, Kansas(Completed)
  2. Safeway(Complete)
  3. Kroger(Complete)
  4. Union Pacific (Completed)


  1. PetroChina(Completed)
  2. Ford Motor Company (Completed)
  3. Volkswagen(Completed)
  4. IBM(Completed)
  5. Sinopec (Completed)
  6. CNOOC (Completed)
  7. Lenovo (Completed)



user:The Real Baby Ace[edit]

user:kind87me <completed>[edit]

















  • Samsung Electronics (restarted "Environmental record" section which was deleted before, starting with PVC and BFRs phase out status)


  • Panasonic Corporation ("Environmental record" section)
  • Fujitsu ("Environmental record" section)
  • Nokia ("Environmental record" section)
  • Motorola ("Environmental record" section)
  • LG Electronics ("Environmental record" section)
  • Sony (updated "Environmental record" section)
  • Lenovo (added "Environmental record" section)
  • Dell (added "Environmental record" section)
  • Toshiba (added to and updated "Environmental record" section)
  • Acer Inc (added "Environmental record" section)
  • Hewlett-Packard (added to "Corporate Social Responsibility")
  • Sony Ericsson (added "Environmental Record")
  • Apple Inc. (updated "Environmental Record" section)
  • Wipro (added "Environmental Record" section)
  • HCL Enterprise (started "Environmental Record" section)



  1. OhanaUnited (talk · contribs) (Co-ordinator)
  2. Cyrusc (talk · contribs)
  3. hwalkeradams (talk · contribs)
  4. Benzocane (talk · contribs)
  5. Psdubow (talk · contribs)
  6. Mackabean (talk · contribs)
  7. Mazet (talk · contribs)
  8. Vortexrealm (talk · contribs)
  9. Totnesmartin (talk · contribs)
  10. Parmesan (talk · contribs)
  11. Wikidudeman (talk · contribs)
  12. William M. Connolley (talk · contribs)
  13. Adam Cuerden (talk · contribs)
  14. Bosniak (talk · contribs)
  15. Jensbn (talk · contribs)
  16. Cocoaguy (talk · contribs)
  17. Orcasgirl (talk · contribs)
  18. Nishspeak (talk · contribs)
  19. Envirocorrector (talk · contribs)
  20. Rejede (talk · contribs)
  21. ratnerd0 (talk · contribs)
  22. Chriswaterguy (talk · contribs)
  23. Monkwaugh (talk · contribs)
  24. Sea.wolf4 (talk · contribs)
  25. Count Iblis (talk · contribs)
  26. Odd nature (talk · contribs)
  27. keebee (talk · contribs)
  28. Nfrno Burns (talk · contribs)
  29. Shanejez (talk · contribs)
  30. Bdallman (talk · contribs)
  31. cdanger (talk · contribs)
  32. Phantomwolf13 (talk · contribs)
  33. Lmrife (talk · contribs)
  34. Ghogan (talk · contribs)
  35. Kazoozoo (talk · contribs)
  36. Natellia (talk · contribs)
  37. fallicarus (talk · contribs)
  38. calciumcarbonate (talk · contribs)
  39. SlashleyMA (talk · contribs)
  40. TWKOTB (talk · contribs)
  41. caitlinhalstead (talk · contribs)
  42. czsargo (talk · contribs)
  43. katesmithson (talk · contribs)
  44. Dkozlov (talk · contribs)
  45. Deirdre (talk · contribs)
  46. TayshaunPrince24 (talk · contribs)
  47. Hypothetic-Realist (talk · contribs)
  48. Kcandrsn (talk · contribs)
  49. ArtOfLife13 (talk · contribs)
  50. Sburns89 (talk · contribs)
  51. baconburger (talk · contribs)
  52. kflynn89 (talk · contribs)
  53. wbecker9 (talk · contribs)
  54. kcchiefs202 (talk · contribs)
  55. bradjaco (talk · contribs)
  56. lushanisenevi (talk · contribs)
  57. tbutz (talk · contribs)
  58. Toonami Reactor (talk · contribs)
  59. Slackr (talk · contribs)
  60. M3lm4tt (talk · contribs)
  61. HughD (talk · contribs)

The Environmental Barnstar will be awarded by the co-ordinator to those who contribute significantly to the task force.

Environment Barnstar.png The Environmental Barnstar
This will be presented to the barnstar recipient for their hard work to this task force OhanaUnitedTalk page

Completed articles[edit]

Elected officials / public figures[edit]

  1. Canada
    1. Canadian environmentalist David Suzuki: References added.
  2. United States
    1. Executive branch
      1. United States Republican Party: record added
      2. Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels: Record added.
      3. Missouri Governor Matt Blunt Added environmental record section.
    2. U.S. House of Representatives
      1. U.S. Representative Bobby Jindal: Record added.
      2. U.S. Representative Dan Boren: Record added.
      3. U.S. Representative Deborah Pryce: Record added.
      4. U.S. Representative Dennis Moore: Record added.
      5. U.S. Representative Duncan Hunter: Added record.
      6. U.S. Representative Heather Wilson: Record added.
      7. U.S. Representative Henry Cuellar: Record added.
      8. U.S. Representative Jerry Moran: Record added.
      9. U.S. Representative Joe Barton: Standardized, augmented record.
      10. U.S. Representative John Dingell: Record added.
      11. U.S. Representative John Peterson: Record added.
      12. U.S. Representative Nancy Boyda: Added brief record section.
      13. U.S. Representative Richard Pombo: Standardized environmental record section.
      14. U.S. House minority whip Roy Blunt: Record added.
      15. U.S. Representative Steve Chabot: Record added.
      16. U.S. Representative Todd Tiahrt: Record added.
    3. United States Senate
      1. U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe: Record added; substantial reorganization of "Views" section.
      2. U.S. Senator John Cornyn: Added paragraph on environmental record.
      3. U.S. Senator John E. Sununu: Record added.
      4. U.S. Senator Judd Gregg: Added record.
      5. U.S. Senator Kit Bond: Record added.
      6. U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski: Record added.
      7. U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell: Record added.
      8. U.S. Senator Pat Roberts: Record added.
      9. U.S. Senator Pete Domenici: Record added.
      10. U.S. Senator Sam Brownback: Record added.
      11. U.S. Senator Wayne Allard: Added record.
      12. Mark Rey: Added Record
    4. U.S. Cabinet
      1. Allan Fitzsimmons: record added.
  3. England
    1. London Mayor Ken Livingstone: Record added.
    2. Elliot Morley: Record added.


  1. AES Corporation: record added.
  2. AK Steel: Record added.
  3. Allegheny Technologies: Added environmental record section
  4. Allied Waste Industries: Added environmental record
  5. American Electric Power: Added record section.
  6. Anadarko Petroleum Corporation: Added environmental record section
  7. Anheuser-Busch: Environmental impact section added.
  8. Apple Inc.: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  9. Ashland Inc.: added record.
  10. Ball Corp.: record added.
  11. Becton Dickinson: record added.
  12. Berkshire Hathaway: Record added.
  13. BMW: Record added.
  14. Boeing: Record added.
  15. BP: Record added.
  16. BT Group: Added environmental record section.
  17. Burger King: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  18. Burger King: Added Clean Air-Cool planet report.
  19. Canon (company): Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  20. Caterpillar, Inc.: Separated Environment section; added consent decree/emissions info
  21. CBS: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  22. Cemex: Record added, UK info.
  23. Chevron Corporation: Record added.
  24. Cinergy: record added.
  25. Clorox: record added
  26. Colgate-Palmolive: Added environmental record section.
  27. ConocoPhillips: Record added.
  28. Constellation Energy: Record added.
  29. Continental Airlines: Record added.
  30. Danaher Corporation: Added environmental record section
  31. Delphi (auto parts): Added environmental record section
  32. Deere and Company: Record added.
  33. Dominion Resources: Record added.
  34. Dow Chemical Company: Record added.
  35. Duke Energy: record added.
  36. Eastman Chemical Company: Record added.
  37. Emerson Electric Company: record added.
  38. Engelhard Corporation: Added environmental record section.
  39. ExxonMobil: Record added.
  40. FirstEnergy: record added.
  41. Ford Motor Company: Record added.
  42. General Electric: Record added.
  43. General Motors: Record added
  44. Georgia-Pacific: Record added.
  45. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company: Added environmental record section
  46. Google: Record added.
  47. Harley-Davidson: Environmental Record Added
  48. Hewlett-Packard: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  49. Hitachi, Ltd.: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  50. Honeywell: Record added.
  51. IBM: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  52. International Paper Co.: Added environmental record section
  53. Kentucky Fried Chicken: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  54. Leggett & Platt: record added.
  55. Lyondell Chemical Company: added record.
  56. Macintosh: Environmental Record Added
  57. Macy's: added record.
  58. McDonald's: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report and Environmental Efforts section.
  59. MeadWestvaco: added record.
  60. Mirant: record added.
  61. Molson Coors: environmental record added
  62. Monsanto: Record added.
  63. Motorola: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  64. Nike, Inc.: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report. Added record section.
  65. Nokia: Record added.
  66. Northrop Grumman: Record added.
  67. Nucor: Record added.
  68. Occidental Petroleum: record added.
  69. Owens Corning: record added.
  70. Owens Corning: record added.
  71. Phelps Dodge Corp.: Added environmental record section
  72. Philadelphia Phillies: environmental record added
  73. Premcor: added record.
  74. Procter & Gamble: record added.
  75. Progress Energy Inc: Added environmental record section
  76. Public Service Electric and Gas Company: added record.
  77. Reliant Energy: record added.
  78. Samsung: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report. Added record section.
  79. Siemens AG: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  80. Smurfit-Stone Container: record added.
  81. Sony: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report. Added environmental record section.
  82. Southwest Airlines: record added.
  83. Starbucks: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  84. Sunoco: record added.
  85. Taco Bell: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  86. TECO Energy: record added.
  87. Tampa Bay Devil Rays: environmental record added
  88. Temple-Inland Inc.: Added environmental record section
  89. Tesoro Corp.: Added environmental record section
  90. Siemens AG: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet.
  91. Textron: record added.
  92. Time Warner: record added.
  93. Toshiba: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report. Added record section.
  94. Toyota: added environmental record
  95. United Technologies Corporation: record added.
  96. U.S. Steel: Record added.
  97. Valero Energy Corporation: Record added.
  98. Wendy's: Added Clean Air-Cool Planet report.
  99. Weyerhaeuser: record added.
  100. Yorkshire Water: Record added.


  1. Climate change denial: New article focuses on disinformation
  2. Climate change and agriculture: Added information about land use' role in climate change
  3. Attribution of recent climate change: Added information about causes to which climate change is attributed
  4. Cattle: Filled out and created own subject: environmental impact.
  5. Green Fleets: Added article
  6. Federal land use policy: An article including information on how Federal lands have been made available to energy companies is called for. This could be a new article and/or an expansion of Land use politics.

UK General[edit]

  • Parmesan works at ENDS, publishers of the British environmental business and policy journal The ENDS Report and has full access to the on-line journal at home. Happy to take requests for research on businesses and notable people in the UK.



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