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The Green vehicle task force will focus on articles about green vehicles, i.e. vehicles which are deemed to be more environmentally-friendly —notable for alternative energy, fuel efficiency, or low-carbon emissions, and vehicle articles related to conservation, pollution and renewable energy.


See Category:Green vehicles and its sub-categories:


Please add your name and say a little about your interests:

  1. Johnfos (talk · contribs) -- Mainly interested in flexible-fuel vehicles and the commercialization of sustainable biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol.
  2. Ebikeguy (talk · contribs) (talk) 14:28, 24 January 2011 (UTC) -- Interested in bicycles and light electric vehicles (LEVs) as well as electric cars and plug-in hybrids.
  3. Stepho-wrs (talk · contribs) -- Interest in EVs, their history and how they evolved from oil burners.
  4. Mariordo (talk · contribs) -- Interest in alternative fuel vehicless, sustainable ethanol fuel, flexible-fuel vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles (both PHEVs and BEVs), hybrid electric vehicles, and other topics related to green vehicles in general, such us their history, environmental impact and their relationship to sustainable transport.
  5. Yegort (talk · contribs) -- Interest mainly in plug-in electric vehicles (both PHEVs and BEVs) and hybrid electric vehicles as a way of reducing oil consumption and air pollution.
  6. OhanaUnited (talk · contribs) -- Not an expert on vehicles, but I'll keep POV-pushers at bay.
  7. North wiki (talk · contribs) -- Interest mainly in HEVs and plug-in electric vehicles.
  8. Daniel J. Leivick (talk · contribs) -- interested in encyclopedic coverage of automotive topics including green vehicles.
  9. Jack Greenmaven (talk · contribs) -- 06:03, 9 December 2011 (UTC) -- Interested in why we need to reduce use of fossil fuels, not knowledgeable about cars or technology, willing to watch pages
  10. Jusdafax 17:10, 27 September 2012 (UTC) Interest in green vehicles in general. This topic has expanded as electric vehicles have entered the market recently.


Our aim is to create and improve encyclopedic articles related to green vehicles.

Recognized content[edit]

These are GA and FA articles:

All articles[edit]

See Category:Green vehicle task force articles


Article templates[edit]

To indicate that an article is part of WikiProject Environment / Green vehicle task force, please insert the following template into the article's talk page:

{{Environment|green vehicle=yes}}

If the article is already tagged as part of Wikiproject Environment, editors can simply insert "|green vehicle= yes" at the end of the Wikiproject Environment tag, just before the closing "}}".

The result:

WikiProject Environment / Green vehicle  (Rated Project-class)
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This page is supported by the Green vehicle task force.

Userbox templates[edit]

Nissan Leaf wind farm at sea.jpg This user is a member of the WikiProject Environment
Green vehicle task force

Feel free to add the task force user box to your user page: {{User Green vehicle task force}}

Wind-turbine-icon.svg This user supports
renewable energy

Feel free to add the renewable energy user box to your user page: {{User Renewable Energy}}

Stub templates[edit]


Note that new stub templates should be proposed before creation at WP:WSS/P.

To-do items[edit]

  • Find editors who have shown interest in this subject and ask them to take a look here
  • Identify articles for creation, including new production vehicles
  • Create sections in existing articles about vehicles
  • Tag related articles (see below)
  • Identify articles for improvement and update
  • Review quality of existing articles
  • Expand any green vehicle articles in Category:Electric vehicle stubs

and Category:Environment stubs


Read and edit transport in Wikinews

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