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Welcome to WikiProject Essays

WikiProject Essays

Information to help members collaborate, and other useful information about the project.


WikiProject Essays aims to categorize all Wikipedia essays, classify them, and raise awareness about Wikipedia essays to the larger Wikipedia community. With over 1,000 essays in Wikipedia space, it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to find relevant information, and for users to differentiate between essays that represent widely held beliefs and essays that represent only a few editors at best. WikiProject Essays seeks to aid such users.

WikiProject Essays is only concerned with essays in the Wikipedia namespace, not essays in user space.

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What has been done so far[edit]

  • This WikiProject has been resurrected
  • This project page has been overhauled
  • A project banner has been created: {{essaysort}}
    • Over 1000 essays have been tagged with this banner
  • An importance scale has been implemented
    • A bot has been tasked with crawling all essays and assigning an importance rating.
      • All essays have been rated.
  • Over a dozen categories have been created
  • Over 170 essays have been categorized into the new categories (about 900 more to go)

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